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End To Interventions Doesn’t Make Sense

May 31, 2013

To the Readers’ Forum: Once again, Pat Buchanan, elder statesman, author and veteran columnist, has rendered us a valuable service....

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May-31-13 4:10 AM

Did someone get a thesaurus for Christmas?

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May-31-13 4:52 AM

The author writes, " Like it or not, we of the western world are engaged in a struggle for our very way of life." What ignorance! What is the 'western world'? What is 'our very way of life'? This has nothing to do with religion. Islam is but a feature of more than 30 countries spanning the globe. The author should be admonished for wrapping a religious stance around a political issue. I do hope the author is approached by community members to address his xenophobia.

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May-31-13 5:43 AM

I'm sure many will jump at the chance to scream racism or whatever phobia, but regardless this problem is real in Europe. While Muslim families are producing loads of children, typical European couples are having less children or sometimes none. It's not just an issue of culture but one of population control.

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May-31-13 6:28 AM

Waldo, is population control such a BAD thing? Over here in America we have women producing like crazy for a little known benefit called welfare. Ever hear of it? The ones more than likely to reproduce are the Latinos and blacks.

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May-31-13 6:54 AM

Is that you Henry Hussein? Islam is but a feature? No religious stance there, eh? Hey wahwah...did you just say blacks and Latinos produce for welfare?

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May-31-13 6:56 AM

YOu want population control, stop allowing millions to immigrate. Start with 500,000 anchors a year bringing their families. Let their own countries pay for over population.

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May-31-13 8:05 AM

Mr. Harte is being realistic. I have several friends who are devoted followers of Islam. They immigrated here from Somalia. They have personally, to a man, told me that it is preferred that a true follower have at least a dozen children for there is no better way to expand the Islamic influence. Supporting a large family is made much easier by them taking advantage of the government subsidies, which in totality exceed $50K a year. I have no trouble with programs that help the truly needy but when I see them traveling around the U.S. it makes me question the necessity of all of these generous govt. programs. I see parents in my community complaining about taxes, not enough money spent educating their children yet they keep voting for the politicians who can't give it away fast enough to non-citizens.

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May-31-13 8:20 AM

Pat Buchanan and Tom Harte are at the "Top of the Food Chain" as the headline reads in todays paper. Mr. Harte didn't need a thesaurus when he was our History teacher years ago and he doesn't need one now. Maddog80, HenryH, you are "up in your night shirts" again as the old folks use to say, and should be "admonished" for your total lack of respect for opinions other than your own. Are you capable of presenting your side of an argument without disparaging remarks?

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May-31-13 8:40 AM

My comment was not meant to be disparaging, it was a quip based on the fact that there were a lot of words in the article not used in most peoples daily speech.

As for my opinion, I think the author is making a large assumption that the western way of life is solely Christian. It is also an assumption that Muslims only target Christians and that there is nothing political about their intended targets. I do agree that simple ignoring the problem will not make it go away ie. ending the interventions. But fighting against a religion as opposed to a political entity has, throughout history, always been a losing battle.

As for my nightshirt, I have 2 small children to I wake up very early to workout while they are asleep so that I can have more time with my family later in the day.

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May-31-13 9:31 AM

Mr. Hart was not only a gifted teacher but a Co. Legislator as well. He had (unlike today) a vision and a sense of public service for all... what happened to men like him?

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May-31-13 10:43 AM

Sorry maddog80 if I misunderstood your blog. I must have been on the defensive for Mr. Harte who was not only a great and caring teacher but someone who served his community well. (I didn't really think someone with a blog name like Maddog slept in a nightshirt.) It's just an expression my Grandmother used all the time when she thought we were cranky for no good reason. Sorry :)

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May-31-13 11:00 AM

No problem carlaw, I appreciate good teachers and respect your position of defending him.

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May-31-13 12:55 PM

OMG! What educated adult today doesn't know the difference between East and West cultures and how religion effected both whether you are a believer or not?

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May-31-13 1:07 PM

No doubt the militant Muslims attack their own who are less militant. So far the only place Islamic attacks haven't taken place is China. And we can't be sure of that. Our religious leaders are so weak in the political arena, we can't possibly be a danger to the world nation of Islam. It's people like Henry H who will feel the sword and be astonished that no litmus test was offered to check his non-religious status to save his open minded head.

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May-31-13 3:59 PM

An editorial in the hallowed Jamestown Post Journal is a great way to get you worldly ideas out there. I’m glad were on the edge.

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May-31-13 7:12 PM

They got nothing loner. They just hit disagree every time they see your name.

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May-31-13 9:50 PM

I'm sick of hearing how only a few of the 1.6 billion Muslims wish us ill. How many does that make? 100 million or so? And people who allude that Western culture was not born of Christendom re rewriting history. Furthermore, it isn't the pushing of Christian doctrine that irritates the Muslims as much as the debauchery that has come with the loss of traditional conduct.

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Jun-01-13 10:22 PM

Your right on the money 50's but I see the Christian hating left has been active giving you thumbs down. It is the lack of morality that the left pushes that is hated most by the terrorist muslims ( which doesn't mean all muslims are terrorists).

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Jun-02-13 4:46 AM

I have to slightly disagree with you 50's as to why so many Muslims hate the West. It isn't just the West, a radical minority detest anyone who isn't a Muslim. Look at India, the Philippines, Africa and the Middle East as well as the West. There is persecution going on against all other faiths. Any proclaimed outrage against moral decay in non-Muslim societies is just another excuse they use to perpetrate atrocities against those of other faiths.

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Jun-02-13 8:49 AM

Point made fedup. Contrived or not, the blood and guts are real enough. The West has a weakness that cannot win against the onslaught on all fronts by Islam. All of the American colonists weren't bloodthirsty killers either. That didn't help the natives. They din't unite. We won't unite. Stupid.

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Jun-03-13 6:34 AM

May I add...they like killing. If they can't find an infidel, some fashion faux pax or alleged sex crime like being seen in public with a man other than family will do. Of course it's not nice to kill a virgin, so she has to be raped first. That is a culture. It is not a Western culture. It's a primitive one of the East.

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Jun-03-13 8:10 AM

After debating whether I should mention something anecdotal, I've decided to share this with you. I had Mr. Harte many years ago when he taught at Washington Junior High School. I enjoyed his classes and have always had a high regard for his insight. What I will always remember is that my mother, based on Parent-Teacher meetings, spoke more highly of Mr. Harte than any other teacher she had conferenced with throughout my public education years.

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Jun-03-13 11:24 AM

RE: 50s4ever May-31-13 9:50 PM post. "And people who allude that Western culture was not born of Christendom re rewriting history." They ignore the FACTS that the Ten Commandments and Bible quotes are found all over our gov't buildings in Washington and elsewhere. They ignore our national motto: "In God We Trust" found on all currency. They ignore the aluminum cap on the Washington monument's east face which states, "Laus Deo" (Praise God). We were founded on Judeo-Christian principals by (mostly) Christian men. We have, however, been overrun by atheists and non-Christian leaders and are no longer a Christian nation, as Mr Obama so eloquently announced to the world a few years ago. I really don't believe that the Muslims will take over our country as we will most certainly self-destruct before they can do so, and they won't want what's left. (Immorality, chaos and insurmountable debt)

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Jun-03-13 4:24 PM

The East believes ideas are something to kill or die for, the West believes ideas are something to discuss in a civilized forum. We're bringing a mouth to a gun fight. Trying to reason with rabid dogs. Letting a terrorist have his Koran at all times is like giving a burglar his tools. It's the book that got him into Gitmo, and should not be allowed on the premises.

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Jun-04-13 8:49 AM

Come on LR, we all know that this wasn't terrorism, just "workplace violence". Remember, he is still getting full pay and benefits, having accrued over $300k since being held for trial. No wonder the terrorists love us!

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