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Can The Real Tom Reed Please Stand Up?

May 30, 2013

To The Readers' Forum: Every time Congressman Tom Reed comes home to his district and holds town meetings or addresses his constituents in other forums, he speaks, with great apparent sincerity,......

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May-30-13 4:10 AM

Community Health Consultant sounds like one who's joined at the hip with a Community Organizer. Rather than obsess about how many times the House has passed a "Repeal Obamacare" bill, why don't you ask yourself why Harry Reid has never had the nerve to bring it up for a vote, not once, in the Senate. If Obamacare is so wonderful, the Democrats should bring it up for a vote so they could publicly affirm what a wonderful thing they've done for America. The author knows why but conveniently ignores the answer. She should be asking why all of those Dems who voted for Obamacare don't stand up and publicly and repeatedly take credit for Obamacare. Trouble is, I don't remember a single Democrat who publicly campaigned while taking credit for Obamacare except for Pelosi when she addressed the outer fringe in San Fran.

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May-30-13 5:32 AM

  The Constitution of the United States of America is very well written and thought out.  Yet, we have Chief Justice Roberts saying that Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) is Constitutional as a tax when the Constitution clearly states that all taxes must originate in the House of Representatives notwithstanding that the Obamacre bill originated in the Senate!  Never mind that President Barack Obama and his minions stated repeatedly that Obamacare was not a tax!  Need I say more? The whole Obamacare concept is unconstitutional and John Robert's elevator does not go to the top floor. It is every representative's duty, not just Republican, to vote against it at every opportunity. Bravo Tom Reed!

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May-30-13 7:37 AM

Carlaw, I just wonder where do you get your ego from? Now you are declaring you know more about the constitution and law in this country than the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Outrageous. You would be wise and sound less ridiculous by just saying you disagree with his decision and end it.

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May-30-13 7:55 AM

News Flash ALL POLITICIANS ARE LIARS, does not matter what party they are from, they do or say whatever needed to keep their jobs, Which by the way includes free health care for life.

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May-30-13 8:35 AM

FedUpL8ly, Asking the Senate to re-vote on Obamacare? Very over the edge. Maybe they should go back and re-vote the Iraq war while they are at it. Absurd.

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May-30-13 8:37 AM

To answer your question Natalie, Reed is a rabid, hard right party loyalist. Simple as that.

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May-30-13 10:29 AM

He needs to bring jobs to this area!!! All these politicians are worthless.

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May-30-13 1:07 PM

Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy, and a few others are fantistic! It sure is better to have Tom reed than Brian Higgins. Higgins was on the 8 worst list for the House of Representatives according to Freedomworks, which tells you that Higgins was on the opposite of freedom, liberty and constitutional government.

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May-30-13 1:58 PM

If you want a functional Congress then get private funding out of the election process. Tom Reed doesn't care about the people in his "safe Republican" district, he cares about the people who will donate money to his next campaign. Stop kidding yourself if you think Tom Reed cares about anybody back home except the people with money to spare.

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May-30-13 2:48 PM

What do we really know about people in charge? Article on Tom Atwell states he is an EMT, he is not. What does he do for free? Fund raiser was headed up for Fransen by Truax beginning the fund raiser. Hype, not truth.

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May-30-13 4:12 PM

madman, actually carlaw is saying exactly what many constitutional scholars have already maintained concerning Roberts' tortured reasoning on Obamacare. Despite the fact that Roberts knows more about the law than carlaw, I have absolutely know doubt that many of the scholars who disagreed with Roberts DO KNOW more about the law than Roberts. Ego has nothing to do with it.

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May-30-13 4:19 PM

Howard, going to Iraq was widely bi-partisan, unlike Obamacare. How is having the Senate, which has many new members since the bunch that voted for Obamacare, over the edge. One of the prime movers of Obamacare is Max Baucus (D-MT) who has referred to Obamacare as an impending train wreck. He is retiring due in no small part to his part in passing Obamacare. Like Nancy Pelosi said, you have to pass it to find out what is in it. I think it would be very useful to find out how many who originally voted for it would now vote to repeal Obamacare. How is that over the edge, Howard? Howard? HOWARD?

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May-30-13 4:43 PM

Howard could be one of those 23-25% who are OK with anything Obama has done. Perhaps Howard is unaware that Obamacare funds community activists to enroll people into Obamacare. Howard should ask himself why this is going to be done by community activists like Acorn off-shoots instead of government employees. One simple answer is that government employees would not be able to hand out voter registration forms which the community activists would be able to do. Just one more way your healthcare premiums will go to register more Democrats. Have at it all you donkey party loyalists and try to tell me it's a conspiracy theory. Not a theory, just connecting a couple of obvious dots.

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May-30-13 7:39 PM

Sen. Max Baucus who authored a great portion of Obamacare has called it...a train wreck... and Rep. Steny Hoyer the number 2 Democrat in the House is backing away from the bill. If 'Dingy' Harry Reid allowed a vote in the Senate to repeal Obamacare- it would be history!

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May-31-13 6:56 AM

Come on Madman don't attack someone for having an opinion. You don't have to be a "Constitutional Scholar" to see through this one!

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May-31-13 7:55 AM

Carlaw, you stated Roberts decision was wrong based on the constitution. That is not an opinion. An opinion would have been you disagree with his decision. Your statement makes it sound like you are more of an authority on the constitution than the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. WRONG! FedUp, get real. This has everything to do with ego. Had Roberts decision gone the other way, you would be touting him as a genius. You still don't get it. This is the problem with your party. If anyone, including a party memember, disagrees with your agenda or way of thinking , they are wrong. Your party encourages wackos like Palin and Bachman, and chastises people like Christie, Roberts, Snow, and Colin Powell. And this way of thinking is the reason your party will continue to lose elections. Ridiculous.

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May-31-13 8:52 AM

Seadog says "Also Howie and the Community Health Consultant, have you ever heard about a representative voting the way his district's people want him too?" This is so funny and ironic considering the overwhelming percentage of constituents in hundreds of districts that were 75% to 95% in favor of the gun background legislation but all of those republicans voted against it. You better not ever use an example like that again, Seapuppy.

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May-31-13 9:04 AM

FedUpL8ly, FedUpL8ly, FedUpL8ly, I have a better idea! Let's go back and re-vote on every legislation that has ever been passed since the beginning of Congress! That should take up enough time in Congress for the next 10 to 20 years so nothing else gets done as is happening now. Also, I find it quite amusing when you right wing extremists tout that going to Iraq was widely bipartisan. Yes, bipartisan based on lies, lies, LIES!

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May-31-13 9:58 AM

I'm Proud to have Tom Reed representing us,he's a defender of the 2nd Amendment.Also the 75-90% that want gun registration is BS.Honest polls are the opposite.The Hero's that help protect us(Police)are 90% in favor of Tom Reeds vote against gun control.A poll done by PBS was even higher.loneriderr1 or Seadog can give you the precise figures as I don't have them handy.

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Jun-01-13 8:30 AM

loneriderrr1, those figures for background checks are absurd. I'm just talking background checks here. Why must you lie and spin those figures? Does it really make you feel like somebody's hero to lie like that?

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Jun-01-13 6:13 PM

I'm the idiot? What kind of tangent are you on? I only said that the majority of the house voted AGAINST their constituents by a HUGE margin on the legislation for BACKGROUND checks to purchase firearms. I can name 100 or more that voted against this legislation while their constituents were in favor of background checks of OVER 70%! Also, your "trifecta of scandals" will be proven not as "scandalous" as you believe. Only the IRS has merit and this has been going on since the inception of the IRS. We shall see how it turns out but to call these a huge scandal will only make you look like a fool later.

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Jun-01-13 6:37 PM

LOL - I just went to your "poll." Those that voted were right wing nuts that commented the usual "you aren't taking my guns away from me!" How typical. My polls state that various senators who voted against the background checks said their constituents told them to do so—despite nationwide surveys in the past few months indicating that roughly 90 percent of the nation favors background checks. How about that loner? I can give you 25 senators that voted against it where their state polling for it was 70% or more - majority of them were 85 - 90%. These same 25 have a B to A+ rating with the NRA! I expect that will put you in your place, loner.

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Jun-02-13 10:11 AM

"And the senators voted just they way their constituents wanted." Loner, you live in a world all your own. Many districts are 90% in favor of better background checks. Tell me Loner, why are you not in favor of them? You wouldn't be able to get any more guns if they ran your name? That cam be the only logical reason.

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Jun-02-13 10:20 AM

bluesman, it did start in Cincinnati as far as we can tell so far. Everything has to start somewhere. The IRS has targeted those not wishing to pay taxes since their inception, as well as they should be. This particular "man hunt" came about because of Carl Rove bragging on how much tax free money he had to spend on political campaigns. He wanted this investigation to stir things up, to make the Obama administration look bad. After all, with the economy getting so much better, the wars winding down, the righties need something for their talking points so they go after what they can. You think this will be an Iran-Contra? LOL - you wish.

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Jun-02-13 7:21 PM

Fed-up, I am fed-up to the gills with the total lunacy that spues from the venomous mouths and bill signings of the wash DC knuckleheads!!!! They are supposed to defend the borders and print the money....they only do ONE of these; and nosey-in on a million things they have NO business doing. Oh, well.....take a pill Natalie.

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