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Senate Needs To Continue To Defeat Farmworker Act

May 29, 2013

For farmers, a farm worker labor bill is as much a rite of spring as plowing their fields. Sure enough, the state Assembly recently approved the Farmworkers Fair Labor Act....

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May-31-13 6:50 AM

more government is control over everyone's life. Wake up life isn't fair and we are not all equal on our abilities. I f you don't like the job do something else or get an education. Ignorance doesn't make an excuse for fairness or equality. Less government and control equals FREEDOM!!

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May-30-13 1:45 PM

Both my husband and I are upstate, rural Democrats with farming backgrounds and we support the Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act. An industry is only as strong as its labor force. Passage of the bill would end the exclusion of NYS farmworkers from such rights and protections as a day of rest per week, overtime pay, disability insurance and collective bargaining protections. The bill certainly wouldn’t limit the number of working hours, just offer fair compensation for overtime.

The farming industry has inherited the privilege to profit from legally exploiting their workers. Not all farmers do so, but the industry’s labor force needs to be protected from those who do. Offering the same rights and protections granted other workers might well enhance the numbers of a critically needed labor pool. It is time for the Senate to shine a light on the injustices born of a Jim-Crow era legislative compromise and pass the Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act.

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May-29-13 6:38 PM

The NY Senate needs to pass the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act to ensure all, and not some, NYS farmworkers receive basic workers rights and guaranteed protections under the law just like our kids who work in the pizza parlor. They have restrooms, drinking water, a/c, etc, their workplace like the rest of us have. Farmworkers, who do back-breaking work for extended hours in all kinds of weather deserve no less. It's the same old thing with the Farm Bureau...whine, whine, whine... profit is their bottom line. How about making humanity your bottom line. This exploitation is immoral and must stop. California has survived for 40 years by provide rights to their farmworkers, I'm sure our NYS farmers will survive as well with passage of this bill. I didn't have to set foot on a plantation to know there was injustice there, I didn't have to work in a factory at the turn of the century to know there was injustice there, etc. This law will protect children. Pass the bill.

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May-29-13 9:39 AM

Farmers do get some breaks with Govt, subsidy s at times.. so not all Govt. intervention is bad.. However, in this particular case it is clear that this bill is not very well thought out and should be defeated.

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May-29-13 4:36 AM

Just another example of Democrats in action. Just like the Obama EPA appointees tried to push through "dust pollution standards" that would have caused farmers to break the law when they plowed fields in order to plant. Just like the Pelosi Democratic majority tried to make it illegal for a 15 year old family member to drive a tractor on the farm in addition to all kinds of other stupid rules that would have put a lot of family farms out of business.

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May-29-13 4:02 AM

You are right about them never setting on a farm. This is just nys trying to kill another industry through micromanagement and over regulation. When will these "leaders" start to realize that just because you work in Albany doesn't mean you have to spend your day making up assinine laws that do little good for the state. They all just try to pass new unnecessary laws to pad their resume on their way to DC.

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