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Intimidation Should Not Be Tolerated

May 16, 2013

Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress seem upset about revelations the Internal Revenue Service focused enforcement actions on conservative political groups during the election campaign last......

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May-16-13 4:24 AM

Finally people are seeing obamas true colors. How can you trust your govt when things like this happen? That man is either a liar and a criminal or he surrounds himself with liars and criminals. Either way, this country needs a drastic reduction in govt.

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May-16-13 5:48 AM

The IRS SHOULD be checking all applications from not-for-profit groups. If they don't pay taxes, we pay additional taxes. Also heard complaints about auditing higher income filers. Reports stated that the average amount underpaid by the number of audits that they did do was $114,000 for each filer, for a total of I believe $5.8 Billion. Now that's worth auditing them in my mind!

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May-16-13 6:12 AM

This is only the beginning. The IRS is hiring thousands of workers to implement ObamaCare. Will they do the same thing and check my political affiliation before putting me on a transplant list? I guess I'm doomed. I am old and conservative, a double whammy!

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May-16-13 7:02 AM

When you realize that it wasn't just TEA Party-type groups but groups that were opposed to a variety of Obama's policies, you know that the intimidation was sanctioned by those very close to Obama. But don't be too impressed by Democrats saying they're outraged. Two Dem senators are on the record in 2011 calling for "special scrutiny" of TEA Party groups and the two, Levin-Mich. and you can easily guess who from NY, were hypocritically claiming outrage in front of the cameras this week.

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May-16-13 7:35 AM

Obama and his gang are thugs. This is how they operate. They could not conceive of anything different. The IRS demanded reams of irrelevant personal information and passed it to their leftist thug friends who will now smear, blackmail, hack, scam, and intimidate the targets in the shadows while the big Dems cry crocodile tears in the spotlight.

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May-16-13 7:41 AM

Where were all you whiners when the previous administration insisted Iraq had WMD resulting in this country being in 2 wars lasting over 10 years. Not to mention the number of lives lost and the monetary cost to the country. Should heads roll on this IRS issue, ABSOLUTELY. The assistant director of the IRS has already been fired, and I am sure more will follow. As for Bengazi, another tragedy, but this event has totally turned political as the republicans are doing everything they can to discredit Hilary Clinton. And why, because they know she could be next president. Shameful.

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May-16-13 7:41 AM

I don't imagine the author of the 7:35am contribution can prove any of his accusations with examples---same old, same old.

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May-16-13 7:43 AM

I agree with the letter, I would make one addition however--not only were conservative groups seeking tax exempt status targeted, but also liberal groups........

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May-16-13 7:46 AM

Or maybe because they think a woman who would lie and contort that badly to cover for enemy murders on top of a long low class dishonest history might make her the second worst president in U. S. history.

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May-16-13 8:44 AM

It's worse than it looks. Holder is a poster boy for the Obama admin. As for the old wmd Iraq whining...I think Ted Kennedy was the only one against it, and Clinton/Gore already stated it. Give it a rest. Bugging the cloak room of thr House of Representatives? So that's what? Cloakgate? This is what you get with an unimpeachable President.

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May-16-13 9:23 AM

To me, it sounds like a low level IRS staff person was doing her job. As usual, someone didn't like the result and made this a personal issue.

I can't believe that someone from the top would actually trigger this. There are too many levels of management for this to happen. Also there are too many free rides for tax exempt organizations.

It will come out that this person or persons were just doing their job!

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May-16-13 9:27 AM

The relevance, seadog, is that the IRS has been doing this from the beginning. Every administration, republican or democrat. The righties just have to make a bigger stink about it as they are fearing another national presidential loss. Benghazi is 100% political. What needs to be looked at is the phone wiretapping. Too bad Bush made that so easy to do.

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May-16-13 10:29 AM

do not--do not under any circumstance bring the precedents established under the gwb administration[ IRS targeting-AP problems] into the discussion--the righties don't like it--and they don't know about them, anyway--yet. LUNACY......

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May-16-13 10:32 AM

trog, sir--this is a forum for an exchange of opinions, and honest intelligent debate, based on facts---why are YOU here?

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May-16-13 10:54 AM

Everyone know when Bush was confronted by hecklers or even shoe throwers he commented that they were just exercising their freedoms. Throw anything but kisses at Obama and see what you get.

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May-16-13 10:57 AM

Trog thank you for giving gio another reason to live. Bengazi is about dereliction and incompetence at best, lying with power of the office at worst.

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May-16-13 1:52 PM

P-W-U believes it was a single, lonely, low-level IRS employee responsible for discriminating against groups that oppose Obama's policies. If you listened to Obama's answer to a point-blank question, asked this A.M., "if anyone in the White House knew about the IRS actions" he ducked the question by referring to an IG report. Legal experts watching said this was a non-responsive answer and in a courtroom the judge would have ordered him to answer the question. More importantly, by ducking the question any objective person would and could conclude that his non-answer was, in effect, implied admission. Then, the AP reported that Obama assures us that he knew nothing. Yeah, he knew nothing about the IG report. This is the way the party faithful swallow all the lame claims that critics are right-wing political enemies. Yeah, PLEASE WAKE UP!

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May-16-13 2:21 PM

The IRS is pretty horrible. They use terrible tactics on a normal, non-controversial business day. There is a lot to debate about here, but it's all clouded by the fact that the IRS is involved.

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May-16-13 2:40 PM

May I suggest that you listen to the "The Wall Street Journal, This Morning" from yesterday 5/15/13.

"IRS Official Thrust into the Limelight"


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May-16-13 3:24 PM

NAACP is an acronym that has become an anachronism. Bond has been a has been for decades.

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May-16-13 3:30 PM

Somebody help an opinion required to be a fact backed up with a quote from someone who had a similar opinion, which in your opinion was correct, therefore, it's intelligent debate and opposing opinions don't count? Im in the wrong place, I guess. But that's just gio's opinion.

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May-16-13 5:33 PM

I think it's refreshing when some of the more uninformed on the right "borrow" someones's opinion word for word and repost that comment as their own-------I for one don't object at all.......

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May-16-13 5:38 PM

50's sir, you can never be accused of a differing opinion--unless insults and baseless accusations can be defined as "opinions......

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May-16-13 6:14 PM

Is anyone surprised? When the power of the government is used against its people for political gain, people need to go prison for a long time. How sad for Americans.

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May-16-13 6:22 PM

gio when you say "sir" it sounds like that slimy "no human is illegal" congressman Guiterrez from Illinois.

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