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Education Isn’t Sustainable In Its Current Form

May 15, 2013

Music teachers, both locally and across the country, are caught between a rock and a hard place....

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May-15-13 6:10 AM

In many other countries music art and sports are very important but are paid for by parents and not part of the school program. Students get out of school earlier for these activities. There may be scholarships for talented children.

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May-15-13 6:49 AM

When sports programs get cut, parents come together and raise the funds needed for the program. Perhaps this is what parents of music students should do.

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May-15-13 6:54 AM

I believe nothing that comes from the National Endowment of the Arts. They brought us the*****christ and desecration of the national colors.

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May-15-13 6:58 AM

more begging in front of wal-mart like homeless people.

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May-15-13 7:08 AM

Carlaw, the parents that can afford music lessons will do so. The kids that come from families that can't afford it will be left out. I loved being in band and chorus. It motivated me. However I was far from talented. I never would have gotten a scholarship.

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May-15-13 8:33 AM

I don't think the taxpayer should have to support anything more than the 3 r's.

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May-15-13 12:18 PM

As long as our government prioritizes things like corporate welfare and low property taxes above our kids' education we'll have problems like this. The PJ's call for music educators to "find a new approach that provides an acceptable level of exposure to the arts at a cost that fits within districts' budgets and the educational restraints determined by the state," is a cop out. "Taxed Enough Already" and "reward the job creators" attitudes have swung too far from sense and into harm for our children.

I agree that education needs systemic reform but that reform needs to be addressed by looking at the strings attached to funding from the federal and state governments but that won't be enough.

Reform tax and spending policies to go to our most precious resources, our future embodied by our children. Don't blame the victims of our misplaced priorities.

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May-15-13 9:38 PM

Just look at what some of these small schools pay for a music program. At least 3 teachers with benefits. Cha Ching! That over 200 grand per year. Over ten years that's 2 mil folks. How many kids over this ten years will make music a career maybe 2 or 3. Music programs should be run through BOCES for the few who would benefit. Think about those millions.

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May-15-13 9:39 PM

Cut the program. It isn't an equal outcome inclusive entity.

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May-15-13 11:40 PM

Two words in this editorial should send chills down your spines: Common Core. Educate yourself on this program. Then get together with like-minded people, start a charter school, where your children will truly be educated. Public school no longer stimulates learning, it teaches to standardized tests. The results: a large percentage of graduates cannot problem solve or think things through.

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May-16-13 7:45 AM

Does anyone ever ask what has happened to all of the Lotto money that was supposed to go to education only? The sales on Lotto has never been higher. My guess, this state is using that money like they do tolls revenue to fund stupid pet projects and they leave IOUs that never get repaid.

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May-22-13 11:12 AM

carlaw - following your logic = Remove all music from the schools because you cannot get FEDERAL or STATE money for them programs.


Let the RICH pay for it if they want it.

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May-22-13 11:14 AM

50s4ever I don't think the taxpayer should have to support anything more than the 3 r's.

Your sick and in need of some counseling. You must be a Liberal.

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May-22-13 11:20 AM


You make some valid points about the Department of Education that CARTER brought into being. Obama is fulfilling Carter's plan and were seeing some of the bullying power of MONEY with COMPLIANCE.

If the School taxed more they could tell the feds to GET out of their HALLOWED HALLS.

The way to do that is to cut the waste of Big Government. To say the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party hurts our kids is a to politicize our children.

What the TEA is doing is saying, you HAVE enough money already. Stop wasting it on 15 MILLION DOLLAR jets to LIBYA and Billions to the UN or to Saudi Arabia (don't they have enough money?)

Start to focus on our kids, on our needs on OUR PEOPLE. That would truly be music to all our ears.

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May-22-13 11:27 AM

MacKenzie is right. Common Core is like Collective Salvation...BAD, LIES and GREED.

That is why SCOUTING is so important to Conservatives. It teaches always be prepared, no one left behind, Helping your neighbor is helping yourself.

As a parent of young man, why in the WORLD would I let a GAY - HOMOsexual - have access to my child IN A TENT in the WOODS by HIMSELF?

Isn't that like the Military putting Sexual Predators in change of treating Sexual Assault Victims? (This story is breaking news now by the way.)

The Predator is put in charge of the HEN HOUSE!!!

In this case The Predator is the Government and they are raping the arts and calling it "COMMON CORE"

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