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Reed Sees Potential For Manufacturing Renaissance In Jamestown, County

May 7, 2013

Days after his trip to Jamestown, U.S. Rep. Tom Reed is calling for the 23rd Congressional District to become a manufacturing hotbed....

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May-07-13 9:49 PM

It's unfortunate the NYS dept of Education is all in with the Common Core. It means teaching to a test with little to no creative thinking or problem solving. When going to BOCES or JCC to learn a needed trade isn't frowned upon because it could effect test scores, then Reed may be on to something.

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May-07-13 9:40 PM

Have to disagree this country still makes plenty of widgets just not in Jamestown anymore.

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May-07-13 9:33 PM

In other words, we should be challenging and encouraging younger generations & schools to bring back mfg., rather than tell them it's dead, rather than having students taking on enormous debt to pursue a degree with little value.

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May-07-13 1:01 PM

Linda, I see what you're saying but I partly disagree. The US can become competitive with mfg., it can return here and there already is a slight trend in that direction. Working as mfg. did in the past I agree will never work again, and rightly so. Instead, mfg. needs to be hi-tech, ultra-lean, ultra-efficient, and with motivated, skilled, dedicated, team-oriented workers... that's why schools like JCC are so important.

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May-07-13 11:15 AM

Ad a young man I worked at Blackstone during summers while in College. In those days a man could make a decent living by moving boxes of parts from one end of the plant to the other. here was also jobs where you sat on a stool and pulled defective radiators off the line and threw them on the floor. People... these days are long gone. The Govt. is not going to help you. These NYS "programs" are not going to help you. The formula is simple: acquire a marketable skill that you enjoy. RELAX.. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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May-07-13 11:12 AM

The world has changed, and unfortunately, Reed doesn't recognize that. When I was a teenager in the 1960s, towns like Gowanda, Cattaraugus, Randolph, Springville, etc all had small manufacturing plants that employed dozens to hundreds of workers. Between consolidation and automation, most if not all of those jobs have disappeared.

It has NOTHING to the business climate or workforce or taxes or unions or regulations but with a changing economy. It has happened ALL OVER THE US, from the highly paid/highly unionized auto and steel industries in the East and Midwest to the poorly paid/non-unionized textile and food processing industries in the South.

Reed is simply peddling a pipe dream. Manufacturing is NEVER going to produce lots of decent paying jobs for unskilled workers in this area again -- or in any other area of the country either.

If you want a good job, then you need to get an education that prepares you for a career or learn a skill that's in demand. That's real

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May-07-13 7:59 AM

blowing smoke to pull the wool over the voters eyes. No real plan = no success.

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May-07-13 7:49 AM

Just a bunch of hype with no plan. You see how easily Reed falls to the pressure of Albany instead of ideas on how to change it. I disagree on the workforce the rest of you are talking about. We would be able to keep many good workers, both blue and white collars, if the opportunities presented themselves, but like I said there is no plan.

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May-07-13 7:37 AM

Most New York State residents are unable to eat potential. New York State has never met a business that they could not tax out of existence for decades with the present result. Quality employment is a ghost in New York State for that predominant one reason with the end result being good people, but they are poor. Duh! NYS Government at work.

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May-07-13 7:37 AM

Couldn't agree with you more Renalo. if this area were so beneficial, you would get manufacturing companies to come. The day of factories needing "widget" workers is done. Manufacturers need workers who can work computerized equipment, and have some gneral knowledge of technology. That is not workers in Jamestown.

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May-07-13 6:01 AM

No incentive for private businesses. 75 miles from the nearest small-city metro area. No skill set among the local population.

This area is good for nothing but the service sector of elderly care. At least be honest concerning our true strengths.

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May-07-13 5:11 AM

Would love to see it happen, but he must understand reality or be honest with the "best workforce in America" comment. There are good people here but generally the workforce here is poor, though maybe JCC can help turn that around. This combined with NYS taxes means that it makes little sense for a mfg. to locate here.

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