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History Lesson

County Jail’s Past Spans More Than A Century, Multiple Expansions

May 5, 2013

MAYVILLE — “More walls. More bars. More guards.” It’s not just a line from the under-appreciated prison flick, “The Shawshank Redemptio....

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May-08-13 12:13 AM


You received disagrees because of your attempt to claim that punishments in other countries do not deter crime more effectively than punishments in America. I lived in Kuwait for 6 years. In Kuwait, if you go to prison, you will know what punishment is. There is absolutely no entertainment or education. Your family or your embassy is responsible for bringing you your daily meals. You do not even get the luxury of having toilet paper there. Also, yes, capital punishment is effective. Kuwait still has public hangings for drug traffickers and you can be sure that is a big reason why drugs are less prevalent in Kuwait than in America.

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May-05-13 7:47 PM

They've got AK 47s strapped to their backs? I thought they were legal. They'll pry MY AK 47 from my cold dead hands.

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May-05-13 7:43 PM

I say, let's kill them all. No trial, no presumed innocent. They're all illegal scum, so let's just electrocute them all and be done with it. I'm not going to pay taxes to keep them in the cushy jail.

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May-05-13 7:29 PM

60 minutes just had an exposure of the gangs (youngster l5 & up) terrorizing Springfield, Mass. by riding their motorcycles with AKs strapped on their backs. We have spent too much on making them feel equal and not deprived. We have trained them to demand everything without working for it. Time to rework the thinking.

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May-05-13 6:53 PM

Take a holiday from our justice system. No cops, no lawyers, no judges. Let the people decide who they want living among them. When the smoke clears, we will have saved millions and millions of dollars and unglutted the system. Not to mention given the scum reason for going straight. Imagine the looks on the faces of the gang bangers when they face drive bys daily from grandmas armed with AR's. Burn the crack houses, and hang the bodies on street poles. All this and for retirement package, or union to deal with.

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May-05-13 4:08 PM

How long before the Sheriff is asking to build an entirely new facility.

This "old" jail just wont cut it much longer.

Sounds like an article to soften up the masses for a whole new jail to me.

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May-05-13 1:27 PM

Wow ! I have 2 disagrees on my comment already! What does it say about the mindset of people that can disagree with FACTS? I guess its easier for some people to just keep their heads in the sand !

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May-05-13 1:19 PM

Heres a lil thought... Re-instate the death penalty, and offer it as an option to any other long term prison residents as well!

We need to take our country back! Why do we live in fear of gang violence, sex preditors, a drugs?

BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT MAKES US! Not only that but they want to limit what type of firearm you can use to defend yourself and family.

We just need to sit back and think. Was it really bad back in the old times? Was it really bad to be able to let your kids go play without worry of abduction?

Just sayin.

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May-05-13 11:10 AM

Yep, we do love jail. Hiring more and more cops, buying more and more police cars, etc.. There are bad people out there no doubt, but there are also a lot of sick people too. I'm sure all of the hard core thugs in jail are giving the sick people all the corrective treatment that is needed to turn their lives around.In jail for pot? Dumb, money maker.Tax the*****out of it, keep recreational users out of the jails, and keep the thieves, women beaters, assaulters, and hard core drugs dealers in. Hire all the cops and buy all the cars you want. With the pot tax, you will be good to go. And i don't smoke pot.

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May-05-13 10:57 AM

The United States of America has 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the worlds prison population! We must have the most evil people in the world, or something is seriously wrong with our justice system in this "land of the free" that we live in! Some people say that in other countries they just kill people instead of jailing them, but does that really account for 5 times the rate of incarceration in the world?

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May-05-13 9:38 AM

The more illegals and drugs we have in our county, the more cells the jails will need. How quick will this comment be removed?

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May-05-13 9:29 AM

No capital punishment is killing the honest people. Why do we have to put up with those who refuse to conform to the rules of society? Now because of overcrowding, California wants to let thousands of inmates loose. Bizarro world.

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May-05-13 8:32 AM

we are in love with jail ( one percent of the entire population) this is the highest in the world... hey.. why stop now...there is a lot of money to make here

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May-05-13 7:47 AM

Jail use to be punishment. T.V. , Pods, ECT,ECT. what ever happened to bread and water ? Truly punishment that enforces behavior not reward / reoffend. It's a wonder there aren't more people housed at Mayville Hilton?

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