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McKinley-Kaptur Bill Must Be Approved

April 29, 2013

While President Barack Obama and most members of Congress have seemed preoccupied with proposals for new limits on gun ownership since the school massacre in Newtown, Conn....

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May-02-13 10:31 AM

All illegal immigrants are lawbreakers. Period. They fit right in with the administration in power.

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May-02-13 8:46 AM

Rioght Em. They label them Tea Partiers, homophobes, bigots, racists, xenophobes, and right wing conspiracy nuts. That justifies treating them without dignity or civility let alone respect.

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May-01-13 9:24 PM

I know Monkey, you are right. It's a terrible way to feel but I can't help it. We are not getting the best and the brightest most of the time. These two brothers are not a very rare exception. talk to people who live in the southwest border states. Things have gotten way out of hand and are getting worse. With out borders you don't have a country. We should have a right to the same respect other countries get with regard to our borders. It's not happening.

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May-01-13 12:11 PM

While I agree that our country needs to do a lot more than it has in making sure mentally ill people get the help they need I can't agree that this bill would have anything to do with terrorism, foreign or domestic. The conflation of these two issues is ridiculous.

People justify murder and torture by dehumanizing their victims. This is nothing new. Be it German and Polish concentration camp guards or radical religious extremists, the common denominator is that they diminish their victims' humanity into an abstraction, making it easier to torture and kill. Instead of fellow human beings, they look at their victims as infidels, or ni**ers, or tra**ies, or subhumans.

Hate almost always contains a healthy bit of irrationality but this is not really a mental illness. To call it an illness is to remove responsibility from the perpetrator of the hatred. I agree that we should do more for the mentally ill in this country. I disagree that it has anything to do with politicalterror

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May-01-13 5:45 AM

They don't work that cheap. The problem is they are willing to work.

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Apr-30-13 5:14 PM

start addressing the problem by addressing those who hire these people, for pennies....

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Apr-30-13 1:02 PM

What we need is millions of people who scoffed at our laws comng in, all the time they have been here,don't care about waiting n line.. and demand better treatment....that will make us a better country. uh huh. little Somalia, Mexico North, etc. They have such a wonderful grasp for what a nation of laws locusts.

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Apr-30-13 12:59 PM

right..not to mention a third of our prison population.

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Apr-29-13 11:28 AM

"Anyone on any given day can lose it. Not a single one of US, can say that we haven't considered something at one time in our lives."

Do we need to alert the FBI? Kind of reminds me of the movie "minority report" where if you think about committing a crime, you get arrested. are assuming that when crackpots go over the edge, they can only use a gun. Several names/groups on that list have used other means to carry out a deranged plot. Psychopaths will always find a way. This deranged behavior should have warning signs at a young age and parents and doctors need to step up.

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Apr-29-13 11:09 AM

I agree with askwhy.

How would the definition fit?

Anyone on any given day can lose it. Not a single one of US, can say that we haven't considered something at one time in our lives.

Maybe, instead of attacking people, WE find away to provide open arms to all people.

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Apr-29-13 9:30 AM did I misspell that to get it blanked out??

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Apr-29-13 9:28 AM

Who did McVey shoot? Who did NRA members shoot? Who do tree huggers shoot? Who do green peace members shoot? Not common at all. So in your theory because drunk drivers kill people and so do many car accidents with distracted drivers texting...****mon denominator is cars....lets get rid of them. Silly at best

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Apr-29-13 8:42 AM

How will one decide what is sign of menal illness or just extrem views? Lanza, Tim McVey, Boston Bombers, Militias, Cults, Anti Abortionists, NRA members, Tea Party, Tree Huggers, Green Peace? Seems it is easier to just remove the common denominator when these crackpots finally go over the edge and use a gun to commit murder. What is that common denominator?

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Apr-29-13 8:28 AM

The tea party will be the first rounded up. The Jihadi will be protected by the diversity crowd.

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Apr-29-13 6:20 AM

These two brothers were losers who's families came to America because the "Streets were paved with gold". When they were supported and given opportunities to work for the American dream, they resented the work part of it. Not having immediate satisfaction produced bitterness and resentment. Religion was just an excuse. They were lazy, low achieving pot heads who wanted expensive cars and things that others have worked generations to achieve. Politicians are about to invite 11 to 33 or more million people just like that into our country. Maybe not all, but most. A bit of a strain on our already struggling country, don't you think?

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Apr-29-13 5:40 AM

So the PJ is equating religious fundamentalism with mental illness? Wonder what Rev. Mel thinks about that.

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Apr-29-13 2:51 AM

I disagree with the statement that anyone capable of an incident like the Boston bombing is "mentally ill" as defined by a common definition. Would the author call Barack Obama "mentally ill" when he authorizes a drone strike knowing full well that it could result in the killing of nearby innocents. Don't confuse the mentally ill with those who are at war with America. If Congress was truly concerned with our safety, they would deport illegal immigrants that have been detained on criminal charges rather than turning them loose on the streets.

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