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Melting Pot

Eight Area Organizations Collaborate For Festival Of Pride

April 27, 2013

Area residents joined representatives from eight local organizations on Friday for a festival that celebrated differences and mutual respect....

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May-05-13 4:48 PM

Wrong again, 50s4ever. Straight people do the same things, sexually, as gay people. The only differences is with whom they do them which, of course, is nobody's business as long as we're talking about consenting adults.

Differences are what make people unique and what bring vibrancy and vitality to culture and society. Supressing differences just leads to boredom and oppression.

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May-01-13 4:37 PM

"celebrate differences" PFLAG participant. The difference is your sexual practice preferences. Read it again.

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May-01-13 1:57 PM

I read this article more than once, oldlady, and still haven;t found anything that talked about celebrating sexual desires. Did you somehow get a different article from the one I'm reading?

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May-01-13 11:44 AM

The point of this occasion was to foster cooperation between social service groups in Jamestown in the fight against racism and the mindset that it comes from which also contributes to homo/transphobia and other manifestations of irrational prejudice and harmful, unfair, discrimination. I think the YWCA and Mr Martin should be commended for organizing this gathering.

Our society hurts itself when it marginalizes people on the basis of fear and ignorance. People who could provide a real contribution are pushed to the side and denied opportunities to work for the greater good. The prejudice and negative judgment that is displayed far too often in these discussion threads harms our community and should be condemned.

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Apr-30-13 7:19 PM

monkeyboy. yep. that fits you perfectly.

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Apr-30-13 2:59 PM

The article was including gays. If you could get out of our fantasy world and read, you could contribute something worthy. Stop pulling posts after insulting people, and you might do better. Of course I wouldn't want to shove anything down your throat, like you say.

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Apr-30-13 2:52 PM

You seem to be in complete denial, and hopeful I am gay. You're going to be disapponted in both counts. Stop fantasizing about me sweetie.

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Apr-29-13 6:28 AM

monkey-what was PFLAG again? Learn to read.

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Apr-27-13 8:38 PM

oldlady-it's the ones who introduce as bi-sexual open minded, free spirits you have to watch out for. ;)

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Apr-27-13 4:52 PM

I will never "celebrate" anyone's sexual desires, preferences,relationships or anything about a person's sexual life. This entire need to be recognized based on who a person wants to bed down with is the most gigantic invasion of privacy that has ever existed. I don't want to be shaking someone's hand because they are advertising their desires to the world. It is such an invasion of privacy and low class. I, as a woman in a professional setting, would not want to be introduced to a man and have it announced to me that he is a heterosexual male and what should I do? Cheer? Same for a homosexual male or female. It is the same as someone walking around naked in public. Don't need to see it.

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Apr-27-13 1:57 PM

The third comment shows how prog things like this take place. Leave people the*****alone and they can be accepted on a one to one basis depending solely on their behavior. That's how things really work.

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Apr-27-13 10:17 AM


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Apr-27-13 6:19 AM

It's a little light in there, isn't it?

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