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Murder Suspects Arraigned In County Court

April 26, 2013

MAYVILLE — The four men charged in connection with the deaths of Frewsburg residents Gordon and Joyce Skinner were arraigned in Chautauqua County Court on Friday morning after being indicted by a......

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Apr-27-13 8:39 AM

In the Taglianetti case, he drove from Virginia, went to the school looking for Reed, then murdered him after waiting at his house for him to come home. If that is not premeditated, what is it?

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Apr-27-13 12:32 AM

In response to mrinbetween. 1st degree murder is reserved to killing a police officer and premeditating a murder. The planning can simply be minutes before the killings. The younger ones will give statements and testify. They'll get 18 to life. The other 2 will go to trial and get life with no parole.

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Apr-26-13 8:46 PM

REading these comments makes me wonder what goes through so many minds. Oldlady - is right on with her comment. Khulumzurug - Im not sure what mentally ill looks like but remember you stated ill - I am thankful we don't execute all of our ill people. Our justice system doesn't always work as we want it but it is the best for individual rights which so many in here seem to argue for. Our laws are what controls the charges and even when people can go to trial - the Sheffield case was different in that I believe he was willing to plea to the charge.

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Apr-26-13 8:06 PM

Another question. The case where the guy killed the woman from Sheffield last November. That trial has been held and the killer was convicted. Yet a murder in Chautauqua County that happened 2 months earlier (Reed murder in September) still won't get to trial until September 2013, a whole year later. What's up with that?

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Apr-26-13 8:02 PM

I have a question. Two of these murderers were charged with first degree murder. Yet Anthony Taglianetti, who still hasn't come to trial, was charged with only 2nd degree murder. I was told at the time that first degree murder in NY only exists when a law enforcement officer is killed. So what is the explanation in these 2 cases?

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Apr-26-13 7:23 PM

I have to comment on the people that are attacking the character of the defense lawyers. Number one these lawyers were appointed. it is their DUTY to represent evn the most repugnant because our constitution requires it. Just like our rights to free speech and arms and press we have a right to due process under the law. that protects us all. Yes these guys are evil and yes they have violated our laws and will pay dearly I hope. But the fact is they must be represented and they must be brought to justice . Gordy was a United States Marine he protected those rights even the rights of his own murderer. No greater love does a man have than he who will lay down his life for a friend. Well take that up a notch to protecting even the worst so that the best will be preserved.

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Apr-26-13 6:20 PM

To the Skinner family... My deepest, sincere thoughts and prayers are with you every day. For the EVIL people pretenders, God saw what you have done. Your souls will burn for eternity. There is a heaven as Gordon's are witnessing now. I've asked my son to find them and be a part of welcoming them to the place where there is only love and peace... The Justice system.... Hmmm.. I pray for Dave Foley.. He's. up to his eyeballs in murders and crime. It already sounds like acouple of them don't have the same charges.? It should be straight across the board!! They all were a part in it!! Don't matter to what degree!!!! And to the "appointed" attorneys... Don't know how you can EVER go home at the end if the day and feel good about what you do for a living!! Don't any of you have children or families? HOW can you represent such evil and believe in God??? All to experienced with the judical system, keep the fight for justice as hard as you can! True JUSTICE!!

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Apr-26-13 4:57 PM

There was one small blessing. Their beautiful dog survived. She will be cared for and loved and I am sure that it will be a small comfort to the one's who took her in. God Bless them and the man that saw and reported the car and the person who reported the fire and all the fireman, cops and the Patriot Guard and so many others.

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Apr-26-13 4:20 PM

My personal thoughts about punishment for these 4 cold blooded killers is this: They should all be sent to different maximum security prisons so they can't run to one another for solace.Let the prisons be the worst prisons within NY State.House each one with the most dangerous dominant evil person within those prison walls someone who don't give a rats as- about prison rules & regulations. Let these 4 wake up for the rest of their natural life day after day reliving the horror they brought to the Skinners. They will be man handled- be someones bitc-,sex slave-dress like a female- cook,clean,wash clothes for their "new man"-their owner.If they run to PC(protective custody)**** happens their also.They can run but they won't be able to hide.Mentally they will break down & I believe the younger ones will try to hang up somewhere.They are not prison material.I don't feel any sympathy for them..ROT IN PRISON TIL YOU DECOMPOSE.THEN BURN IN*****

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Apr-26-13 2:12 PM

As a Patriot Guard Rider standing flag line yesterday, it broke my heart to watch the community so devestated by the loss of two valuable people in society. Older gentlemen and Veterans coming out crying hurt me beyond words of description here. These four, whether they actually committed the act or not do NOT deserve to be fed, housed and clothed by taxpayers dollars. Send them to the next world; let God sort it out.

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Apr-26-13 1:41 PM

As for the issue of having access to a gun, it may no have helped in this situationd because of Cuomo's un-SAFE Act legislation. As of 4/15/13 a law abiding citizen with a permit can only have 7 bullets in their magazine. With four perpetrators, that is less than one bullet per bad guy.

God rest the Skinners' souls and may justice in this case bring some peace to their family and friends.

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Apr-26-13 1:37 PM

They should never see the light of day again

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Apr-26-13 1:35 PM

There is no punishment severe enough for these murderers. I hope and pray that the DA's office doesn't get weak-in-the-knees and plea bargain anything for any one of them. They need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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Apr-26-13 1:04 PM

I agree with the need for a gun in your home but along with it comes access ability to the weapon. Familiarity with its operation. Responsibility for its placement and a plan for its use. Never pull a gun unless you Plan to use it

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Apr-26-13 12:36 PM

That's why everyone should have a GUN in their home.

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Apr-26-13 11:59 AM

Gordie is a us marine. There is a code of conduct and unspoken rules associated with the marines. These 4 dirtballs will never be safe and will receive the ultimate punishment. Probably behind bars. The dirt balls are sporting targets on there backs 24 7. Semper fi

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Apr-26-13 11:50 AM

I understand it's the jobs of our local attorneys appointed by the courts to represent these dirtballs how can any self respecting human being represent these things. I couldn't and wouldn't represent any of them for any sum of money. That's what the dirt balls were after and Joyce and Gordie lost there life's over money

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Apr-26-13 11:37 AM

I'm thinking the county wants these dirt balls. Let's hope there are no mistakes made in the process. That's what meth looks like. People think meth and meth labs are someone else's problem. Joyce and Gordie were the innocent results of this crap. The wonderful boys in Jamestown who just had there chemistry set taken from them should also be staring down the barrel of life sentences. Let the four aholes loose on the steps of frewsburg town hall. We will show them how small town justice works. Got a few farmboys looking for justice

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Apr-26-13 11:24 AM

execute them in public, i will be happy to target practice. they all look mentally ill.

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