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SAFE Act Stretches County

Legislation Adds Work For New Part-Time Employee, Student Intern, Light-Duty Police Officers

April 21, 2013

It is too early to tell the kind of impact the NY SAFE Act will have on the Chautauqua County budget....

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Apr-22-13 7:23 AM

I dont believe we are going to be able to repeal the safe act. This country is already a police state. National Defense Authorization Act, Patriot Act, FEMA, Dept. of Homeland Security, and many other acts by congress have eroded the constitution and bill of rights to the point that they no longer preestablish the rights of free people but merely suggest favorable but unattainable privileges.

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Apr-21-13 7:28 PM

The SAFE Act is the worst piece of legislation since Obamacare. I suppose Cuomo thinks this puts him on the inside track to the 2016 Democratic nomination for Pres. When I look around the country at the Dems holding office, maybe he's right. The dumber the laws they pass, the bigger the mess they create, the more headlines they create and they get voted into office by notoriety rather than substance. If they've got a "D" by their name and it's one the average lazy voter has heard before, they'll vote for that person.

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Apr-21-13 7:13 PM

While the bombing suspect Tsarnaev should be tortured and killed for what he has done, I didn't realize that the Patriot Act also took away our Miranda rights!

"Authorities have told NBC News that a special high value detainee interrogation team will question Tsarnaev without advising him of his Miranda rights. They are omitting advising him of his right to remain silent and to have an attorney present during questioning under a “public safety exemption” that allows investigators to question a suspect when it is thought that he or she might have vital information about a threat against public safety."

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Apr-21-13 12:46 PM

"The SAFE Act stops criminals..." cuomo actually thinks this??? what an idiot!!!!!!!!!! Be at the Lakewood Legion on Tuesday 4/23 to hear from the chairman of S.C.O.P.E. This bili illegal and pathetic. I will abide by the 2nd A. I will NOT do as cuomo says.............

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Apr-21-13 12:12 PM

Laws only dish out punishment after the fact. They cannot prevent something from happening. The Boston bombing is a perfect example. We spent billions on Homeland Security (or is that FatherLand?), we put up with the ineffective dog and pony show at the airports, and we gave up many rights in the name of security. Did any of that stop the bombs from going off?

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Apr-21-13 12:01 PM

If "ALL" the citizens from the 90% of the state that hate what Cuomo and Bloomberg are doing just "VOTED" they could overcome the New York city population and get someone in office that would listen to them. As it stands now with Ultra liberals like Schumer, Bloomberg, and Cuomo running the state you might as well learn to sit up and eat your spinach and no soft drinks or fried food. Throw those baby bottles away also, mother Bloomberg knows best. Anyone care to bet on that 40 million cost turning into 400 million with no benefit at all?

The safe act sure kept the mother from getting killed and her 10yo daughter being raped by a man with a knife near the state capitol.

Didn't keep the couple from Frewsburg very safe either. Face the facts, don't worry about guns, do something about the bad people that do bad things with or without guns.

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Apr-21-13 11:30 AM

The sheep herding clan would love to disarm America. Must NEVER let it happen. As has been said : do not get on the trains.

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Apr-21-13 10:37 AM

Hey, the gun phobs are happy...

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Apr-21-13 9:14 AM

It's amazing how large the documented opposition to NY SAFE Act has snowballed. The website "nysaferesolutions" has been monitoring daily the number of counties and towns that have been introducing and passing resolutions against the NY SAFE Act. There is also has a Facebook presence.. "NY Safe Act Resolutions"

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Apr-21-13 8:35 AM

How are they going to convince the criminals to fill out the paper work for permits and to purchase illegal guns? Are they going to add a couple of years to their life sentence for killing someone? That would really have them scared!!!!

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Apr-21-13 8:09 AM

The backlog is coming from all those new people moving to NY to take advantage of the new, enticing business climate and lower taxes. I know, I saw it on TV.

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Apr-21-13 8:02 AM

Just a continuing snowball of BS.

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Apr-21-13 8:02 AM

Our pistol permits already say for life, so that should mean if that states that, they are grandfathered in and Cuomo gun grab does not apply.

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Apr-21-13 7:52 AM

FROM: Albany Police Officers Union, local 2841, Council 82, AFSCME, AFI-CIO, P.O BOX 6567, ALBANY, NEW YORK 12206 (518) 438-9422 To: Andrew M. Cuomo / Dean G. Skelos / Neil D. Breslin / John T- McDonald III / Phil Steck / Sheldon Silver / Jeffrey D. Klein / Cecilia Tkaczyk / Patricia Fahy

April 15,2013

Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Albany Police Officers Union condemns and opposes the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act (the SAFE Act). Substantively, we believe that it violates fundamental constitutional rights, that it is unduly and purposely burdensome on law-abiding citizens, and” that it will not deter criminals or menially ill individuals from plotting and carrying out bloodshed and violence. Procedurally, we believe that the way in which the bill was rammed into law via an unjustified and expedient “message of necessity”, which circumvents the right and the ability of the citizens of this State to voice their concerns about the bill and have th

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Apr-21-13 7:44 AM

But, but, but, isn't this supposed to be for the good of the people? So adding $40 million to the budget which will obviously raise taxes (again) just can't be a bad thing can it? I am sure Papa Cuomo was only thinking of his NY State children when he signed this SAFE ACT into law, in the dead of night behind closed doors. Because, we aren't smart enough to think for ourselves are we. We need him and his new law to protect us from the criminals who would buy the bad naughty guns without him. Right?

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Apr-21-13 3:49 AM

The SAFE act is supposed to cost the state $40 million. It's just starting, folks. Hold tight.

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