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Learning From The Darkness That Lies Behind Us

April 13, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: The recent Letter To the Editor entitled Boy Scouts Bullied By Gay Activists contains the misguided, hurtful, and incredibly naive statement “Gay marriage was never really......

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Apr-13-13 2:19 AM

Strange to see a coherent and well-written letter in this section of the PJ!

Thank You!

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Apr-13-13 7:03 AM

Thoughtful letter and I like the lack of politics and lack of personal attack. As to being gay, I sure feel like I cannot change the attraction and excitement I feel in the presence of and in observation of the physical features of a woman... so it's awfully hard to believe there is choice in this matter. But the brain is so complicated, maybe there are ways it can be somewhat of a subconscious choice. In the end, I don't care and I don't see how it matters. All people deserve the opportunity to pursue happiness.

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Apr-13-13 7:48 AM

Here we go again and again and again.

Having sex with another woman is not for me.

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Apr-13-13 8:00 AM

God Bless you Ralph! Well explained and a reasonable defense of our GREAT NATION!

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Apr-13-13 8:21 AM

I always though having kids was a form of beast-iality..?

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Apr-13-13 8:37 AM

Oh yes it is about transforming society. The issue is never the issue - Alinsky.To the left lies are a tool, a virtue, a weapon. That is no secret except to the willingly blind. We have every right to discriminate on the basis of behavior. That is what life in society is. Are we not to discriminate against other perverts, criminals, fools, incompetents, drunks? Do we really want to treat everyone the same? Does sufficient contribution to the Democratic party elevate you above all moral judgement? The letter is golden propaganda and utter nonsense.

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Apr-13-13 8:54 AM

Do we discriminate against criminals? They make a choice that could hurt members of society. Who is hurt in a gay marriage? Do we discriminate against fools? Many of you are allowed to post on this website. Great letter.

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Apr-13-13 9:34 AM

Jazzie in your case............

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Apr-13-13 9:47 AM

Look pumpkin I'm back in the paper again this morning. I'm somebody. Ralph I love my sister she is smoking hot. No person on earth have I had better times with. Our morals and habits are almost identical. It's weird it's like we grew up together. She's done well for herself over the years. She's loaded with no kids. We even look a lot the same. Can we get married. Can we Ralph. Oh great leader of the moral compos. Big differance between racial merrage. And same sex. Ralph is it ok if I marry my sista. We have a lot in common. Willing to bet your siblings don't acknowledge you exist

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Apr-13-13 9:50 AM

Why does the government prohibit multiple wives and one man who love one another to marry, Wheres the harm to others?

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Apr-13-13 9:53 AM

norman--do you ever have anything of value to add to these discussions--just more of your "innumerable lies."

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Apr-13-13 9:59 AM

Lone you stay away from my sister. She's mine. You've seen her haven't you. Lol

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Apr-13-13 10:03 AM

Only in PJ land is this still even an issue...WTF?

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Apr-13-13 10:12 AM

As far as multiple wives goes. No way. Keep it illegal. Are you people nutts. One mrs scallywag is all I can possably take. She's a good women but no man on earth could possably handle more than one. Wait mrs scallywag and my sista. Ok I'm in. Now we are blended. Married. Incest. And gay. I don't see any problem there. Ol Ralph my dog has his ears back and starting to show some enthusiasm. He wants in on the action. Some may say that's Ickey (my material Ralph). No its all good folks. Bring the kids and grand kids over for a little looksie. Ralph says this is the good stuff. By the way Ralph did I happen to mention we raise thoroughbred horses down in Kentucky. Absontee owner of corse. Just a hobby

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Apr-13-13 10:33 AM

This has nothing to do with is just breaking down the morality of society and the family structure. Same sex marriage won't define marriage. It will undefine it.

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Apr-13-13 10:43 AM

It's uncanny how every time the subject of marriage equality for LGBT people comes up, somebody has to try changing the subject by mentioning polygamy, incest or best iality. Even after these false comparisons have been shot down over and over again, they still come up!

This letter was NOT about those things, friends, it was about how our country has grown and evolved into a better place to live by acknowledging our past mistakes and fixing them. Mistakes such as slavery, the political and cultural subjugation of women and the oppression of racial minorities by Jim Crow and anti-miscegenation laws were corrected and we're a better country for it. We still have a way to go before we truly achieve the American Ideal and allowing same sex couples to marry will be the next big step toward that lofty goal.

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Apr-13-13 10:50 AM

the Santorums of the world are alive and well.......

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Apr-13-13 10:56 AM

Very cogent, lucid and well-written letter. That said, it's pure propaganda B.S.(Not a reference to the Boy Scouts). The state has a compelling interest in what sane people call "moral behavior." The state has a compelling interest in "marriage." To use negative examples from past history to explain away a universal moral value such as the standard definition of marriage is a fallacy. Some things change, some things don't change, some things should change, some things shouldn't change. Marriage shouldn't change. I'm sure the Village People would disagree with what I just said!

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Apr-13-13 11:00 AM

You cannot make an analogy between interracial marriage and gay marriage. Interracial marriage still follows the "natural order" of things - one man and one woman. Gay marriage does not. I'm all for gays entering into civil contracts of "marriage", getting "married" by a JP. Changing the definition of marriage will open a Pandora's box for the next special interest group, but go for it. Just don't demand that churches have to change their teachings and beliefs to bend to yours.

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Apr-13-13 11:05 AM

You see here ol ralphie the thing that makes a race horse a champion is hundreds of years of well documented pure blood lines. A thoroughbred champion has not Been compromised. If it is even believed through human error has occurred the foal issold as contaminated for common stock. Basically it is worthless for high end stock. The money is made at the top of the perimid. When new pure bred stock is introduced into this country it is quaranteened in the country of orgin for several months shipped into the states and quaranteened here for several months. The fees for this can run into the tens of thousands. After we finally recieve the animal he or she is worth a ton of cash. If we choose to randomly allow these animals to mate with whoever they please hundreds of years of people's efforts are lost and the stock is worthless. You can have a half million dollar stallion breeding with another half million dollar stallion and what do u get. Air. Just more air.

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Apr-13-13 11:09 AM

A stallion will jump anything with 4 legs. We selective breed animals (responsible people do) and we could care less about the human gene pool. I'm talking all races not just us African Americans.

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Apr-13-13 11:23 AM

Isn't marriage all about love, why is it against the law for a man and two women to wed? Isn't it exactly the same as a man and a woman getting married because they love each other?

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Apr-13-13 11:30 AM

Whose morals, kawasakikid? Who gets to choose? You and the people who agree with you? What about the people who disagree? Tough shirt for them?

The government does not have any kind of reason, compelling or otherwise, to regulate morality beyond the protection of people from harm. Where's the harm in giving same sex couples the same special rights and privileges that heterosexual couples get when they marry?

Using valid comparisons from the past is perfectly acceptable when considering the present. I think you are very wrong in saying that it isn't. To paraphrase a famous quote, if we don;t use ouor memory, our recollection of history, we are bound to make the same mistakes over and over again.

You make proclamations about morality and fallacies but without rational thought behind them I find you very hard to take seriously. Why should we accept what you've written?

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Apr-13-13 11:35 AM

MacKenzie, how is the "natural order" upheld by preventing same sex couples the same special rights and benefits awarded to heterosexuals when they marry? What do you even mean by "natural order?" Isn't the idea of a civil marriage unnatural? It certainly doesn't occur in other primates let alone other species. Humans are the only ones who have government sanctioned marriages. I don;t think you've thoroughly thought things out before you wrote your post.

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Apr-13-13 11:48 AM

lonerider --speak for yourself------

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