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Lakewood Dog Park Being Planned

April 8, 2013

LAKEWOOD — Lakewood may be the location for Chautauqua County’s first community dog park....

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Apr-09-13 8:07 PM

For those who must know I am a cat lover and no I don't have a boat was food for discussion Dogs are ok. for others just not me. Honestly I don't care either way opening discussions, thank you.

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Apr-09-13 11:08 AM

It amazes me that no matter what the issue, there are always several people who are against it, even if it would greatly benefit the general public. These people can find blackness in any sunny day. How sad to live such bleak lives. As for the dog park, of course poop has germs, so do little kids. Do we ban them. Every time my grandkids come visit, I usually end up with a cold. Do I refuse to see them, NO. They bring every germ known to man that they pick up in school. It happens. Dogs are the most wonderful thing to happen to humans. They deserve a fun day too. So you negative nay-sayers, get a life.

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Apr-08-13 5:37 PM

Please research the dangers and problems associated with dog parks. They can host many diseases if not kept clean.. Strange dogs are often bullyed or injured.. You will also find environmental issues. Google it for yourself.

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Apr-08-13 4:55 PM

Great idea. And I understand concerns over bites. BUT author needs to do research. Sherman has had their dog park for 3 years! It was in the papers and there was other coverage done as well. The 4H group TailWaggers did the work with their trainers. They and local volunteers built the agility equipment by hand and also painted it. Fencing went in and maintenance is done by them. The Sherman High School shop class built the storage shed that sits there. Many items were donated and hours volunteered. There was even a ribbon cutting ceremony with the blessings of the Mayor. It is a very successful park with many people enjoying it and so far there has been no reports of dog fights or people being bit. There is some legal things that will need to be addressed for the public usage of this new dog park in the works. And dogs will need to be properly vaccinated of course. And people will need to use some plain common sense! But as the children in the TailWaggers proved it can be done!

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Apr-08-13 3:27 PM

ru4real has become another real curiosity to me-do you EVER have a good thing to say about anything?

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Apr-08-13 2:46 PM

I have 2 beautiful gentle golden retrievers who would greatly benefit from this dog park. I am disabled and cannot walk them like they need, and my yard is tiny and not fenced so they can't play out there. I would love to be able to take them several times a week to romp with other dogs and get the exercise they so greatly need. Kudos to Ms. Windoft for her hard work on this.

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Apr-08-13 12:57 PM

There is a dog park in Ohio where my daughter lives. It is so much fun!!!!! People must be responsible for their own dogs and clean up after them. "Problem" dogs are NOT allowed in. Everything runs smoothly. Dogs and their owners just LOVE it!!! I am all for a dog park and I don't even own a dog!!! Let's do it!!!!! :)

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Apr-08-13 12:20 PM

Now I have a beautiful 7-year old dog. But out of respect for her I wont' be joining the dog park. She is absolutely afraid of othe dogs and most dogs when they fear other dogs will do what most others would do "fight or flight." And depending on the situation she will do one or the other. But I am so excited for the other dogs of the community and it gives the people who have dogs to socialize as well. Kudos to this woman for all of her research and for her continued hard work! It will be a great success!! And a long awaited asset to our community.

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Apr-08-13 12:17 PM

I think it is a GREAT idea! I have a few comments for those who have already commented: PEANUT48: the article specifically said they are looking for funding for a FENCE! RU4REAl: there will be a FENCE - so stay away from the dog park and you will have no worries of getting bit. But for future reference, most dog owners are respectible enough and don't bring their dogs to dog parks if they cannot trust their dogs around people. But on a safe note, stay away if you fear being bit. There is no need for a lawsuit if you mind your own business. EARLYBIRD: the article specifically said that each person who uses the dog park must register their dog with the village in order to use the park. That is how they track the necessary shots etc. Its not that difficult. And as others have said, it is mowed now and tended to now so it won't be any different so stop getting your intestines all tangled up. Its about time there is something like this to come up for those of us with dogs.

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Apr-08-13 9:22 AM

will it be fenced in?

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Apr-08-13 8:34 AM

Fascinating how what seems to be an innocent and reasonable idea really brings out the vitriol. OMG, what if someone gets bit! (Are dogs not allowed in the park currently?) Who will cut the grass! (Who cuts it now?) As if a dog run has never been safely operated anywhere else on the planet.

All of these problems are solvable. A dog run is a fine idea, and would have the benefit of diversifying this park's possible uses beyond just being a glorified boat launch. The main problem in my view is that Ms. Windoft needs to do more work on it -- it's not much more than a half-formed idea at the moment. But good on her for bringing it up.

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Apr-08-13 8:19 AM

The town of Chautauqua has a dog park. It's adjacent to the Turner Community Center and accessible from outside the Institution.

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Apr-08-13 8:16 AM

I do not want a penny of my tax bill going toward this accident waiting to happen..Who will hold liability insurance? Who pays to register pets with the village? Will there be a person at the park to verify pets are immunized? Who is going to cut grass and keep the park clean? I'm a dog owner but dont want another tax payer funded flop.

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Apr-08-13 7:43 AM

That would be a wonderful thing and I hope it happens. Other cities have them and have not had problems. ru4real you probably do not like dogs. Maybe you are a boater and use a public launch. There is liability there. There is liability with what ever you do. It comes with making a community more livable.

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Apr-08-13 6:27 AM

The first time a boater gets bit the village better have good insurance. I can see lawsuit all over this.

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