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Some Religion Feels Like Promotion Of Hate

April 6, 2013

To the Readers’ Forum: This is in regards to “Pastor” Jeff Short’s letter on gay activists bullying. Sir, it sounds more like a religious bullying more than anything....

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Apr-06-13 1:59 AM


This letter promotes justice and equality, which means us righties will have online temper tantrums!!!

WE DON'T EXACTLY KNOW WHY!!! But who cares, we think gays are icky, so thats why!!!

Anyway, our personal religion rules!!!! Even though our country isn't run by organized religion, we still think that OUR PERSONAL RELGION RULES!!!

Thats that!!!

Why are we blocking gay marriage?? I don't know. No good reason. But who cares. Gays are icky.

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Apr-06-13 2:00 AM

Glad to see the term "pastor" in quotes. What a joke.

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Apr-06-13 2:01 AM

And if any of you crazy libs think that loving gay couples should just have the same rights as straight couples....then LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING...



because I said so, thats why!! And i'm a conservative!! And I care alot about things that don't pertain to me!!!!


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Apr-06-13 4:17 AM

another sicko letter from a sicko nutjob

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Apr-06-13 5:27 AM

Very nice letter. Well said .

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Apr-06-13 5:52 AM

You nailed it Margie. This guy is promoting hate, so ridiculous!

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Apr-06-13 6:20 AM

Hmmm..four out of five commenters who are known to give a lot of lip service.

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Apr-06-13 6:36 AM

I agree with the letter but man.....that was a tough read. Incomplete sentences, run ons, some parts were just hard to decipher. Microsoft word would have had the whole article underlined in green.

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Apr-06-13 6:56 AM

God loves everyone but hates all sin. We can continue to make any excuse we want to legitimize any sin, but the fact remains that unless we turn from sin and accept Jesus Christ as our savior we will spend eternity without God.

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Apr-06-13 7:33 AM

Since so many people strive to get into heaven...maybe someone could tell me what heaven is like. what does it look like? Is it crowded? Does God and Jesus walk around and mingle with everyone? What do you do for fun? Eternity is a long time...just wondering what I might be missing.

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Apr-06-13 7:48 AM

Harold has stated good and accurate points. Yes, I am against the homosexual act as I believe that is sin; but to state you hate homosexuals and worse yet to demonstrate this hate towards homosexuals is also sin. I believe we need to stand up for our beliefs otherwise they are not worth having and if we profess to be Christian then we ought to demonstrate the same love that Christ did. Christ love was not always accepted and still is not but it does include sharing with those who are committing acts of sin that that's what they are doing. Homosexuality is not the sin but the homosexual act is!!

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Apr-06-13 7:53 AM

By far most of the hate today, like most of the racism is on the left. Just look at the rabble here. I don't approve of either religion or political ideology that loves depravity. You say your homosexual friends "don't try to push their agenda." Well, somebody has been. 73rd repetition: homosexuals always have had the same rights as the rest of us. We all have marriage restrictions, the same restrictions for all. And Sampson, please learn what a non sequitur is.

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Apr-06-13 7:54 AM

Gioalice, your not fooling anyone.

The bible lists many sins, if you happen to be living a sin, i can understand why you would hate the bible, religion or anyone teaching the bible.

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Apr-06-13 8:52 AM

troglodyte, your statement that by far most of the hate and racism today is on the left is incomprehensible. You say " homosexuals always have had the same rights as the rest of us." This is so far beyond reason, even for you. By the way, a logical non sequitur does not exist as there is no basis to your argument to form a conclusion. That pretty much sums up what you usually have to say, troglodyte.

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Apr-06-13 9:16 AM

norman --what the he77 do you know about marriage?--You are an expert on hate, however......AND HOW ABOUT THOSE "INUMERABLE LIES?" Great letter.

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Apr-06-13 9:29 AM

Nice. Khulumurg...yo've just proved yourself the noble idiot of the forum by calling someone who stands up for truth, justice and the American way by calling them a sicko. I'd hate to tell you what people think of you..

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Apr-06-13 9:41 AM

Harold is right. God hates all sin but loves the sinner. I believe some things Christians say might seem hateful but it is the sin we condemn. No Christian is sinless so lets get that straight but we see were the world is heading and it is breaking down the family unit. The media is the worst by promoting homosexuality on tv as normal. It is NOT normal. Some say that you are born this way..yes perhaps some are born with a attaction to the same sex but they don't need to act on it with God's help you can overcome any sin. God is love but He does have a justice system. You can't have one without the other. So lets stop judging others and take a look at our own hearts first. We should be praying for each other and our country. Praying for Margie that she focuses on a personal relationship with God instead of what religions are doing. Jesus hated religion anyway. Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul...ask for forgiveness of sins and follow Jesus.

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Apr-06-13 9:56 AM

When in College I was afraid I would go to Hell. I then had a conversation with my pastor at that time ( Rev. Harold Babb) His suggestion was perhaps the most important advice I ever got. He said "Why not trade in your God ( a mean cop in the sky) for an all inclusive loving God who will never leave you" it works friends..

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Apr-06-13 10:00 AM

I keep hearing how homosexuals aren't attracted to straight people. Really? So it is a lie that you are born that way. You do choose a particular particular deviant to match your behavior. Hate? That's all I hear from you people while claiming to be so righteous. I don't use a Bible to tell me you are wrong. Gagging when I see two of you smooching is enough.

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Apr-06-13 10:01 AM

Great letter Margie

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Apr-06-13 10:16 AM

Religion, remember pastor jim jones that killed his church members, pastor david koresh in waco, pastor wright who hates white people?

People are sinners, my guide is the Bible not men.

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Apr-06-13 10:18 AM

50s I have no clue as to what you are talking about with your post other than you are completely clueless. Redlux you say that they are born that way but should not act on the so called sin. Why shouldn't they. Homosexuality is not a sin. I don't believe that a gay man when he dies is going to go to*****and sit next to Hitler and Bin Laden. *****is reserved for those people not homosexuals.

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Apr-06-13 10:42 AM

Ms. Sampson please define for us what marriage is before you say if others are being unequally treated. You fail to show how Pastor Short hated. You only said that he did. It is just your opinion. Back up your opinion. Is mere public opposition to having homosexuals in the Boy Scouts hate? Is telling homosexuals to start their own club hate? This plastering of people with the label of hate is shallow like Chris Matthews saying that mention of the word of Chicago is racist.

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Apr-06-13 10:46 AM

X, how do you know homosexuality is not sin? How can anyone be in heaven in the presence of a Holy and Righteous God when we are stained by and struggle with sin in thought, word and deed daily?

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Apr-06-13 10:53 AM

Not one person deserves to go to Heaven. Young children do go to Heaven. We all have sinned. All sin condemns you to*****unless you except Jesus as your personal savior by realizing you sin, ask forgiveness,believe Jesus died for your sins, turn from sin and follow Jesus. Even when you become a Christian, it is possible to still sin here and there and it is because we are still in a sinning flesh but if you confess your sins God is just and will forgive you. It is not a reason to continue in sin however. Homosexuality is one of the many sins people commit. The reason for what I stated in the beginning is because the only way we are able to go to Heaven is because once we follow Jesus He is in our heart and we are in Him. Hard to comprehend but God only see His son when He sees us if we are converted. God is so holy that no one can enter Heaven under any other circumstance. Those who go to*****will go there because that is where their heart is. This is all in the Holy Bible.

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