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Minimum Wage Should Go Down

April 1, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: If anything, minimum wage should go down, not up....

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Apr-01-13 1:15 AM


In my day...I could go see a movie for 25 cents!!! And one hundred years before that, a half dollar would buy you a week's rent!!! And ten thousand years before that, you could buy a prostitute for a leaf!!!!

We SHOULD PAY PEOPLE LESS!!! Because paying them LESS somehow actually helps our economy!! Because the fact that people can't afford to spend money in businesses is NOT what is hurting businesses....

Heck no....the minimum wage is what is killing them...

I'm a conservative...and thats my story...and I'm sticking to it!!!

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Apr-01-13 3:57 AM

Raise yourself above minimum wage.

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Apr-01-13 6:50 AM

min wage should be eliminated, let market forces determine wages.

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Apr-01-13 6:57 AM

Send more jobs to china! American business is reacting to higher cost, obamacare and very costly regulations all by the government.

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Apr-01-13 7:17 AM

Nobody could live on minimum wage now! The idea of minimum wage going down is ridiculous and isn't an option. The politicians salaries and perks need to be cut, as well as the CEOs who run these fortune 500 companies. Jobs need to brought back to the U.S. from China and India. I can go on and on, but to reduce minimum wage would be a great mistake and is unconceiveable!!! The U.S. politicians need to put back the 4 trillion dollars in the social security fund they stole!

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Apr-01-13 8:10 AM

Iam not for increasing minimum wage, however, todayalice your thoughts are totally incorrect. Terrible management decisions is what hurts business. Why is it corportate profits have never been higher, and at the same time avergae wages continue to decrease or remain the same? GREED by corporations is what always has and always will negatively affect prices of goods in this country.

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Apr-01-13 8:25 AM

April Fools!

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Apr-01-13 8:54 AM

here we go again--those invisible Health plan costs--great talking points--with no substance--over and over again...........

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Apr-01-13 9:20 AM

On a light note: full service gas stations were pretty well extinct by the time gas was $1 a gallon! We need to go back quite a bit further in time for that service!

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Apr-01-13 9:24 AM

To heck with pay. Lets just legalize salvery, since that is how we live anyway.

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Apr-01-13 10:06 AM

Business is all about competing for the consumer dollar. Who ever gets the job done for less will continue and the others will fall to the way side. This is what has happened to some of Americas major mfg businesses.

My Std of living was better 30 yrs ago at less profit than today at much more profit.

Now that we are in a "world" competive market, we can not compete in many industries with other countries. ANY expense that is increased in American business makes us less competive. China has cheap labor, very few regulations, and cheap energy. Its no wonder we have and will continue to lose jobs to China.

Pretty simple kids...

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Apr-01-13 10:13 AM

Glad to see your back at the Sea. Why are you so defensive when the issue of CEO pay is brought up?

No top executive sitting in their cozy office is worth multi-millions of dollars while paying the hard-working slaves minimum wage.

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Apr-01-13 10:56 AM

So when businesses move jobs offshore for cheap to nothing labor costs, and avoid U.S. taxes on profits---that is somehow good for the country,and labor force? Oh, I forgot, to "blank" with our labor force.

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Apr-01-13 10:59 AM

Bottom line is we are all just government pawns. We're no more than bees in the beehive. It's the game we all play hanging around waiting to die. The interesting thing is some of the bees are smarter than others. Some bees work harder for a bigger chunk of the honey

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Apr-01-13 11:18 AM

When the cost of business is higher in the USA, bye bye America. The government should do everything possible to help keep business here.

Corp Income taxes are higher in America, labor costs are higher in America, utilities are higher in America, healthcare costs more in America.

America is losing jobs, America can decide to compete or lose more jobs. Businesses are not controlled by government, they are free to go where ever they desire. If the government and some of its people want to be hostile toward business, bye bye.

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Apr-01-13 11:31 AM

it appears mrsgio (thankfully!) has no connection to a similar screen name here on the forum as it's apparent logic & reasoning were used in that last post.

we're not splitting the atom here. CEOs, CFOs, shareholders, owners, et. al. are not superheroes. they're not philanthropists. in a profit-driven market business will (obviously) gravitate towards less restrictions, less overhead, & more profit. just as liquids tend to follow the path of least resistance.

also, it doesn't help when you have millions of people who can do no more than flip a kraby patty. but in their defense they are mostly fresh off the boat immigrants with children & never had the opportunity to get an education because they had to work in the mills &, what year is this?...

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Apr-01-13 11:45 AM

Historically, hikes in the Min. wage have been negligible when it comes to the overall economy. The writer of this letter is wrong on many levels.

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Apr-01-13 11:46 AM

The minimum wage IS lower. It has not kept up with inflation. Most peoples' wages have either stagnated or lowered for the past 40 years.

Another armchair economist. So many of you know so, so little about what affects the prices of your goods...

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Apr-01-13 11:48 AM

"Bottom line is we are all just CORPORATE pawns."

There, fixed it.

The government isn't your enemy. That's like saying the curtain was the Wizard of OZ.

Nope, it's the man behind the curtain. Some of you are total fools and cannot recognize this because you have been conditioned by ignorance.

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Apr-01-13 11:52 AM

"How does the salaries of CEO's affect anyone?"

HAHAHAHAHHAAHA. A 50 cent raise for 50 workers destroys companies, but a 20-30 million dollar salary for a CEO doesn't affect anything!

What a joke. Mindless drones.

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Apr-01-13 11:53 AM

So what is your solution, Brent? You state the objective reality - but this conversation is about solutions.

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Apr-01-13 11:54 AM

Gio, what goes into the price we consumers pay?

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Apr-01-13 11:54 AM

"Thomas77, where is your outrage over the billions of dollars wasted every year by this government?"

Straw-man argument. Glad the lack of logic on this forum is so evident.

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Apr-01-13 11:57 AM

Bye bye America, too hostile.

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Apr-01-13 12:05 PM

MrsGio and her other two screenames - good show. I see this site is still employing manipulations, liars, and trolls.

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