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Clerk’s Raise Draws Ire Of Former Mayor

Former Celoron Officials Criticize Budget

March 27, 2013

CELORON — Two former Celoron elected officials spoke during the public hearing on the tentative 2013-14 village budget....

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Apr-06-13 6:10 PM

Celoron's current clerk is getting $30,000.00 but wants $31,000.00 for part time position. That figures about $21.00 per hour at 28 hours per week but then there are the trips taken, sickness, holidays, vacation time so figure the real hours who could know. Now on top of that she it is learned she gets a state pension of $32,000.00.

Politics 101

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Mar-30-13 6:23 AM

46k for a village clerk???? What are you outta your minds. How many people with clerical positions make that kind of money. Then on top of it the lulu benefits. Like free health insurance for life when she retires. Stand up and revolt.

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Mar-28-13 6:29 PM

Didn't Kevin Gaughan make a whirlwind tour of this area two years ago stressing less government in Western New York?

How do you justify such an outrageous amount of money for a glorified paper shuffler? The average New York brownstone apartment probably has ten times the population of the entire village of Celoron and it does not have its own municipal clerk.

The good ol' boy system in this area of the state is killing our economy.

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Mar-28-13 5:15 PM

Celoron where is your OPEN GOVERNMENT? The same board members are on the board that have been there for years. Can not or will not answer two former mayors at a public hearing in regards to the budget process in regards to what the expendiures were for. Is it true that the Clerk, Deputy Clerk and Attorney all traveled to Lake Placid for a conference? For the size of Celoron REALLY are you kidding? If this is true how much did that trip cost the taxpayers. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!!

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Mar-28-13 10:45 AM

Patriot 012: WHERE DID YOU GET THESE FACTS. Since you are making these charges. Give the readers of the PJ the information they have requested from you. Please acknowledge.

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Mar-27-13 9:31 PM

Duckster Duckster Duckster sticks and stones This seems to have hit a nerve wonder why....It is the right of the people to ask questions at a public hearing. At least they have the courage to step forward in a public forum why don't you step forward with your real name. I agree with Steelman there has to more to this story maybe if she is getting a taxpayer paid pension on top of her salary maybe that is why the question of the raise came up.

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Mar-27-13 7:59 PM

How does someone disagree with wanting to know the truth. PATRIOT

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Mar-27-13 5:59 PM

The last I knew a public hearing was the place to openly vent the concerns that a TAXPAYER has in regards to the money that their government is going to spend. Now those two former mayors are being attacked in a blog because they spoke at a public hearing. And it appears they did not get any answers. I don't think anyone should get a raise if taxes have to be raised. They have not done their job if taxes have to be raised. Where is the open government they they preached about? I agree with Rolling Thunder Patriot's comments are slander and I too hope that those slandered seek legal counsel. A big thank you to those two mayors who sought answers for the taxpayers.

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Mar-27-13 5:46 PM

I learned a long time ago when people start slandering others under the shield of a blog that they are projecting themselves. What are you HIDING Patriot? Slander is a crime and this is punishable so you may want to be careful. I hope someone contacts those who have been slandered so they seek legal protection against you.

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Mar-27-13 5:25 PM

Hey patriot012 you are out of your mind. Where do you get these stupid facts. If they stole over a hundred thousand dollars as you claim they would have been charged. Must be there is some truth to what was said at the meeting or you wouldn't be telling lies to cover up what is really going on. Why don't you tell all of us where you got this info about the hundred thousand dollars so we can look it up ourselves. And I'm sure you can get us a copy of the budget that shows the former clerk making 60 thousand as you claim. Really I bet you can't produce any proof of your claims because they are all lies aren't they. If you do have proof post it in the post office or the village bulletin board so we can all read it or tell us how to get copies so we can see for ourselves. I bet you can't do that because it is hard to show proof of something that never happened.

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Mar-27-13 3:51 PM

46k for a clerk in a village that has about 600 residents. Not a bad deal.

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Mar-27-13 8:16 AM

Well it's good to see that we have some honest people in Celoron, glad they love and respect there community to be able to walk into a corrupt office. To bad the snakes made it to office sad use to be a great place when I was growing up :(. It amazes me how they even go in there!!!!! Vicky did more in less time then she does and can't even be answer ?'s when called..Been there done that ~

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