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Cuomo Seizes Political Advantage

March 25, 2013

To the Readers’ Forum: Exploiting a calamity to seize a political advantage, Governor Cuomo’s madcap move to whittle away rights steps on the toes of the infringed....

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Mar-25-13 1:24 AM


It doesn't matter that your god actually never said homosexuals shouldn't marry, and that he actually said to kill them! As good conservatives we will twist the instructions of our god to something that is more socially acceptable!!! Instead of killing them, we just make it hard for those gays to marry!! That's That!

And some lib-tards here will argue that Jesus in Matthew 19 was actually just responding to the question "Can a man and his wife divorce?", no he answered the question talking about man and wife [as it was asked], and that Jesus actually never said anything about it being ONLY man and wife. He just answered a question.

When one of those liberals tries to say this...IGNORE THEM!! SAY NOBOMA!! AND TELL THEM THEY ARE GAY!!

Thats how we handle those kinds of things!

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Mar-25-13 1:30 AM

Now be prepared fellow conservatives, because some of the especially crazy liberal chimpanzee-brains around here, are going to point out that making gay marriage legal doesn't actually 'infringe' on 'god-ordained institutions' because making gay marriage legal doesn't FORCE those institutions to marry gays, it only makes their marriage legal!

Now when they try to point this out, WE WILL CALL IT NONSENSE and we will scream that the gays are forcing their marriage on US!! Right on our heads!!

And certain stinky libs will try to point out that there's no evidence our bible or god are real...


And that, folks, is that.

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Mar-25-13 1:31 AM

Lord, today its a man trying to marrying a man, and tomorrow its a telephone pole trying to molest a baby duck billed platypus!! Mark my words!!

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Mar-25-13 2:08 AM

The scary part is that Alice's impression of some of the conseratives here is spot-on lol. She actually confused Mel Mcginnis on the other thread. He didn't seem sure if she was one of them or not lol. On another note, today a conservative friend of mine called me a hypocrit because I said Americans should not be allowed to own ANY gun, no matter how powerful, while I myself own a pistol. That makes about as much sense as calling me a hypocrit if I say Americans shouldn't be allowed to own a car with a button that makes it explode, while I still drive a car lol. She also told me that gay marriage is a 'special privelage' because straight people can't marry the same sex. LOL, nonsense because YES a straight person could marry same sex if gay marriage became legal, they just wouldn't lol. So its not a special privilage any more than saying interracial marriage is a special privilage because a white guy dating a white girl can't marry a black girl.

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Mar-25-13 2:09 AM

But i'm one of the conservatives here can twist it so that it appears to make sense to the people who already think it makes sense. Watch above.

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Mar-25-13 2:10 AM

*i'm sure one of the conservatives here...

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Mar-25-13 2:45 AM

I don't know, you guys. You say there is no evidence the Christian bible is real, but Jesus did perform one miracle. He managed to be a pale white guy in Bronze aged Middle East.

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Mar-25-13 3:08 AM

Jesus will be back shortly.

You will see him and his family tie the grape vines all around Westfield.

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Mar-25-13 8:02 AM

Having celebrated Palm Sunday, and about to embark on Holy Week, men of the cloth and Christians around the world prepare for EASTER. But the author of this piece, apparently felt that another hate Obama and liberal letter was appropriate. Sad.

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Mar-25-13 8:25 AM

Obamacare doesn't force anyone to purchase anything. When you pay the mandate, you are paying a penelty, your not purchasing anything. By the way, how does the gov't control ones health?

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Mar-25-13 8:34 AM

"property taxes aren't so much about money for government as they're about control by government. You risk the loss of the property you own if you don't pay what the government requires in taxes."

Exactly, it's about gov't taking and controlling our property, certainly not about gov't using the taxes to fund the things the gov't provides, like fire and police protection, roads, bridges, parks, the military and of course, exemptions to church properties.

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Mar-25-13 8:36 AM

I am not going to get into the religious aspect of the letter because no one is going to change anyone's minds.

On the gun control issue Cuomo sure proved he knows nothing about firearms and proved once again that nothing done in a hurry ever gets done correctly.

I also think Alice needs to take a chill pill although there is a bit of dry humor in her posts.

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Mar-25-13 8:37 AM

Letters like this sadden me. Mel; you are free to express your views but when you spew thoughts like these in a public forum, you cheapen your ministry, IMHO. Jesus hung out with the poor. He encourages us to take care of the poor. We have tens of millions of people in this country who have no access to healthcare. They are too young for medicare, they don't qualify for Medicaid and they can't afford healthcare insurance. They are forced to wait until they become very ill and then they show up at an emergency room. This is not only tragic for the people, but it is a very inefficient way to provide healthcare. many people die unnecessarily and it is very expensive. It would be great if the churches in this country stepped in the fill this gap. They have not. So, the Govt. fills the gap and somehow, Rev. Mel twists the word of our Lord to say that this is immoral. Obamacare is not a perfect law but it is not immoral.

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Mar-25-13 9:27 AM

Here we go again. How fast can we reach 200 comments today?

Peace Out!

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Mar-25-13 9:55 AM

This may be the reason Mel is in the offensive.

"When the great Republican resurrection comes to pass, will conservative Christians be left behind? Some leaders of the religious right are openly worried this week after a sprawling 98-page report released by the Republican National Committee on how the party can rebuild after its 2012 implosion made no mention of the GOP’s historic alliance with grassroots Christian “value voters.” Specifically, the word “Christian” does not appear once in the party’s 50,000-word blueprint for renewed electoral success. Nor does the word “church.” Abortion and marriage, the two issues that most animate social conservatives, are nowhere to be found. There is nothing about the need to protect religious liberty, or promote Judeo-Christian values in society.

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Mar-25-13 10:02 AM

I doubt t anyone can mandate liability cover, no more than they can homeowners coverage--that type of bill is DOA.

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Mar-25-13 10:03 AM


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Mar-25-13 10:06 AM

I didn't have to read very far to realize who wrote this letter. My energy is much better used elsewhere today than on this post. I wish the sane posters good luck - try not to have your posts deleted!

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Mar-25-13 10:22 AM

I JUST WISH THE GOV WOULD STOP Y E L L I N G! Can't he get his point across without all the SCREAMING?!

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Mar-25-13 11:19 AM

I'm curious about something Mel, I know you think your god exists, which by default [for you] means that earth is very young, and that Evolution did not happen. So tell me, what do you think of Kirk Cameron's Crocoduck? Seems like a solid piece of evidence against evolution to you? Do you think that creatures that exist on a continuum of evolution must therefore evolve animals that are half one and half the other, even though they branched off as a species well over 100 million years apart? If so, strange, because that makes it hard to believe that a grumpy old man actually came from a newborn baby. Why don't we see a 'NewGrump'? Head of an old man, body of a baby, eating limberger cheese on Saltine crackers, and teaching itself English? You've astounded me, Mel, with some of your other rudimentary beliefs about the moon and such, so I'm just curious about your thoughts on this.

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Mar-25-13 11:27 AM

The sad part Mel is that your comments and theories is what pushes people away from religion and God.

If you acted more "holy" and helped thy neighbor instead of bashing "everything" you might be able to return the sheep to your barn.

Frankly, get your head out of the hole and preach Love instead of proclaiming your Hate!

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Mar-25-13 12:25 PM

Reverend Mel is a "false prophet". I wonder if he knows that passage?

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Mar-25-13 2:28 PM

I found rev. Mel's 20+ minute conversation on local hate Obama radio today,on gay marriage, the bible and Obama most entertaining.

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Mar-25-13 2:41 PM

I too feel sad that that letters like this do so much to turn people away from church and God. Like others who commented, this letter is timed particularly poorly, since yesterday was Palm Sunday. Through Holy Week to Easter we are celebrating incredible love. It is disheartening when a pastor expresses the love of God as hate. Regardless of one's opinions on these issues or on Christianity, hate does not come from the Bible or the words of Jesus.

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Mar-25-13 3:30 PM

So Mel Short, come on out of your closets, identify yourself here with your real names and lets talk.

Lets talk about how your attacks ruin religion. Lets talk how your attitudes push people away. Lets talk about the needy that you are suppose to be helping. Come on, why do you hide behind a name that isn't yours?

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