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Increase Of Minimum Wage Is Lose-Lose

March 24, 2013

In response to the article in the Readers’ Forum, “Minimum Wage Hike Is Desperately Needed” let me put in my two cents worth, excuse the pu....

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Mar-24-13 5:37 AM

Very very well said. Thank You. Ever thought of running for office?

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Mar-24-13 7:50 AM

As 100% of economists will tell you, "passing along the cost" to the consumer is not how our economy works. Does Bruce seriously mean to suggest he could be charging higher prices right now, but simply chooses not to because the minimum wage is so low? Of course not. Bruce says the only other option is to fire people, which apparently means he currently pays people he does not need to run his business, which would again indicate he is perhaps not the business expert he would have us believe. There is of course a third option which Bruce doesn't mention, and that is the increase in the minimum wage would come out of corporate profits. In an economy characterized by high unemployment and record-breaking corporate profits, when ownership has reaped 100% of the gains of productivity over the last generation, that is exactly the point.

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Mar-24-13 8:10 AM

A fine letter making some good points. On the flip side, it seems the author is the beneficiary of paying low wages, while the rest of society must pay his employees subsidies through social programs in order for said employees to survive. Of course he does not want to pay for that out of his profits. I expect that many with his point of view also demean those that rely on help to survive. A rather conflicting point of view that many seem to share.

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Mar-24-13 8:35 AM

You old goat there not talking corporate profits fool. This is about ma and pa businesses. Business has been squeezed to its bursting point. There dropping like flies. The adjustments business people are making right now is we're going back to our roots. The model that started the business. No emPloyees less overhead. Less payroll tax. It's just so much easier with no employees. Look at this I can sleep again at night not worrying about how to pay for employees. I can actually make a pay check for my family. Your not a man until you make a payroll. Handing out company paychecks does not qualify

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Mar-24-13 8:47 AM

Passing along the costs is exactly how it works in real life. The employer invests his time and money in a business with the intent of making money. When labor costs increase beyond what he can charge and still sell his product he goes out of business.

The government operates the same way. A friend who lives in government supported housing hates it when she gets an increase in Social Security because she then has to go through another written evaluation to determine how much her rent will increase.

When the government subsidies low skilled workers there is no incentive for them to take steps to increase their level of skill or worth to a company.

It's a fine line to walk when you are taking money from the skilled workers or their employers to give to the unskilled or non workers and expect them to improve their skill level and work ethic. When you can stay at home and have babies and make more money than someone working, why bother working.

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Mar-24-13 8:58 AM

Two disagrees right off the bat from the ignorent lefties. Makes one just shake his head in disbelief if you want to make money in this country there is only one way to do it. Cash business. The government makes criminals of the common man

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Mar-24-13 9:01 AM

Keep in mind business owners you didn't start and run your business Obama allowed you. Remember that little snippet

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Mar-24-13 9:41 AM

Scallwag-you know better ---

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Mar-24-13 9:50 AM

I have heard these same talking points for years every time this discussion is brought up. If we always adhered to the right wing arguments then minimum wage would still be 75 cents an hour.

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Mar-24-13 12:40 PM

"lose-lose?" I see only one real group of "losers" here. and they have no voice in the debate------

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Mar-24-13 12:46 PM

Howard, your probably correct---what you didn't say however is a burger with fries would cost .50 cents. Raising the minimum wage (any wage) for doing the same task is what creates inflation.

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Mar-24-13 1:09 PM

passing along the cost to the consumer is not how the economy works? really? l m a o!! sonoma points out the obvious. lots of folks making minimum wage nowadays. must be they never had the chance at a decent education. how sad.

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Mar-24-13 1:20 PM

As a new conservative I LOVE THIS LETTER!!! It doesn't matter that the minimum wage has had to increase for decades to keep people afloat!! IT DOESN'T MATTER, lets still paint the picture that it doesn't have to increase ANYMORE!! EVER AGAIN!!

In the 1960's min. wage was less than 2 dollars, and you know what, thats what it should be NOW!! If we could go back to 1.80 an hour and had 50 employees working 20 hours a week simple math shows us that we would save 5,400 dollars a weeks!! Thats almost 300,000 a year!!@

Inflation Schmation!! We don't need to keep up with stinkin inflation, because its definitely NOT the fact that people don't earn enough to shop in small business that is hurting small business!! Its keeping the minimum wage up with inflation!! Thats the evil!!

I love being a conservative!!

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Mar-24-13 1:52 PM

And is also doesn't matter that having 50 employees who each work 20 hours a week seems to make much less sense than having 25 employees who work full time, unless of course you want to avoid giving those employees medical benefits and such!! And it doesn't matter that this shows a motive to pay them as little as possible...


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Mar-24-13 2:03 PM

Minimum wage is a starting point. It is not meant to be a living wage. You work hard and become an employee that would be hard to replace, and you earn raises. There is no incentive to work hard if you can make a living on minimum wage. Our society has become too*****lazy. You all want something for nothing. This country is at its breaking point. One more thing,( for the unemployed) if you wanted a job you would have one. Walmart and Mcdonalds are always hiring. While you work hard there, you look for something with better pay on your time off. If you don't find anything, you work to become manager(or higher). Stop whining

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Mar-24-13 2:11 PM


It doesn't matter that sometimes it could take years for a higher position such as management to open up, and that you have to live somehow in the meantime, and FURTHER, it DOESN'T MATTER that not every person has the ability to be a manager, and that even though they are very hard working, they just don't have management ability!!

These realities DON'T MATTER!! WHY? Because STOP WHINING, THATS WHY!!

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Mar-24-13 2:25 PM

Your not guaranteed anything in life. If your not manager material you find the best job you can do.(even if it means relocating) and do the best you can do at that job. You well be rewarded as your employer will not want to lose you.

Most upper manager types change jobs every 5 years on average, learning all they can and if no promotions are available taking that knowledge to another company for more pay.

Some stay put and are willing to wait for something to open up where they are. The movers end up making much more money on average but the trade off is always moving.

You determine which employee you are and accept what that decision means.

Or, you can be that constant complainer that no one wants to listen to.

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Mar-24-13 2:36 PM


Because that is how the world works!! The same employers who are fighting to pay people LESS than minimum wage will actually reward you and pay you MORE than minimum wage, even if your skills or talent don't progress past minimum wage level!!

We can count on all employers to do this!!!!

SO THERE, you stupid liberals..

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Mar-24-13 2:38 PM

Yes!!! todayalice is back!

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Mar-24-13 5:33 PM

howie has a thing for alice....

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Mar-24-13 8:49 PM

didn't gingrich solve the min. wage problem for employers with his plan to hire children?

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Mar-24-13 10:23 PM

Yes, 50s4ever, isn't she great?

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Mar-24-13 11:49 PM


Thats what we are going to do to you dumb libs from now on. We are going to insuate that you gay [as if its an insult], and we are also going to say you have a crush on each other!!


Now listen, you gay libs!! [yes, ALL of you are gay!! Every last one!!] Now listen up...because the next thing I say will prove each and every one of you are wrong, false, and stupid:



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Mar-25-13 3:48 AM

On the Honeymooners, Ralph,the bus driver, could have said the lack of gravity in the "todayalice" comments would have allowed her to become "tothemoonalice". If a well-written letter can't open the eyes of some, I'll not waste my time on those unwilling to look beyond the ends of their noses. But I will predict that whoever follows Obama will someday have to deal with the huge amount of debt Obama has created and those same myopic people will blame rising inflation, rising interest rates and rising healthcare costs on that future president instead of the person who created the mess, Obama.

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Mar-25-13 7:34 AM

do you really want to discuss "inherited messes?" I thought not.......

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