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Abortion Isn’t A Right, It’s Murder

March 21, 2013

To the Readers’ Forum: Time magazine recently ran a most ridiculous cover story entitled, “40 years ago, abortion rights activists won an epic victory with Roe v....

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Mar-21-13 1:05 AM

And here come the far left wingers with the rants. Just watch the nasty hateful comments that follow.

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Mar-21-13 1:33 AM

Well, I'm pro-choice, as I think a majority of citizens are. However, I do agree that "reproductive rights" is a bad term. It's confusing and sounds more like a copyright dispute than anything else.

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Mar-21-13 1:51 AM

Wait, PJ..pastor Jeff Shorts gets to make two Op-ed columns in 3 days, even after claiming that gay marriage is 'not about love', while opposing letters don't get published? Wow. PJ, you have hit a new low.....

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Mar-21-13 1:52 AM

I'm also very sorry that notmetoday calls people who stand up for equality 'ranters'....what does that say?

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Mar-21-13 1:58 AM

also, notmetoday is actually 'lonerrider', who made a mistake and posted under an alter-ego...

sorry, thats not a rant...just pointing out facts. I know you guys hate facts lol.

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Mar-21-13 2:00 AM

My question there anyone here who has a child who is gay, yet you stand against gay rights? And how does that impact your family? this is just an open to any alter-egos...i mean...anyone..

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Mar-21-13 5:04 AM

In thirty years their is going to be to many people on the earth to feed. Their are to many unwanted children on earth now. People should be responsible when it comes to sex. When it comes to abortion it should be up to the person and everybody else should mind there own business!

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Mar-21-13 6:35 AM

And so now they're posting letters to the editor under a PJ by-line? Maybe it's just online, but still bizzare!

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Mar-21-13 6:44 AM

When a male Religious grows a vagina and is able to birth then, speak until then, SHUT UP! You know not of what you speak.

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Mar-21-13 7:01 AM

Why is it that a lot of religious people get all bent out of shape when the Gov't tells them how they have to live but they have no problem believing they should be able to tell others how to live.

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Mar-21-13 7:18 AM

Hating others for their opinions is self punishment, the hater boils and the hated are not effected in any way. Now, reread the comments below, lol....

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Mar-21-13 7:44 AM

Pastor, I hope you realize, both blatant lies and sophisticated deceptions and everything between are just tools of the trade for the left. They consider honesty a bourgeois weakness. They laugh at it and despise it. The babies are killed because they are inconvenient and powerless. The same fate awaits anyone else with those qualities regardless of whether they "grow a vagina."

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Mar-21-13 7:46 AM

PJ is scraping the bottom of the barrel...starting to get old.

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Mar-21-13 7:46 AM

Everyone has their right to their own opinion. I may not be a gun owner, or even believe in guns but I sure support the 2nd amendment. I may not agree with abortion, but i sure am pro choice. Why, because as a male, I have no right to tell a female what to do with her own body. That decision is between her and her maker, not some reverend who thinks he speaks for the mass people.

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Mar-21-13 8:07 AM

It is no ones business if I have an abortion or not. Why don't some of these religious organization take some of these unwanted children and take care of them. The same goes with the catholic religion and birth control, not to responsible for them with alot of unwanted children. Just a thought.

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Mar-21-13 8:23 AM

trog--your material is sooo old, and if you require a second opinion, it is borrrring.

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Mar-21-13 8:26 AM


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Mar-21-13 8:31 AM

A child is a true blessing from god. To choose to end a life is disgusting, and that person will face god someday and when she/or he does, they will get the judgement they deserve.

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Mar-21-13 8:33 AM

I could never choose to kill my baby at any stage of life. I guess some women can?

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Mar-21-13 8:59 AM

If someone feels that they are not ready for such a great responsibility such as raising a child and it is done at very early stages, why shouldn't they be allowed to have an abortion? Most people who get abortions probably saved that child from a difficult life and probably saved tax payers money to support that child from birth through prison. The bottom line is whether you think it is right or wrong, its is not up to you. It is, and should remain solely up to the mother and father(assuming he is around). God gave people free will...assuming you do what Pastor Jeff says apparently.

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Mar-21-13 9:16 AM

Let's take all the unwanted kids down to Rev. Short's church for him to take care of with no help from the government.

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Mar-21-13 9:18 AM

If you feel you are not ready for a child simple fact.. Either don't have sex our use a ******! DUH!

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Mar-21-13 9:20 AM

A child should not be held responsible to death because two people can't take responsability and practice safe sex. Grow up.

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Mar-21-13 9:29 AM

I agree with birth control but there is alot of unwanted kids around. The government pays for alot of kids that are unwanted or ill and the parents can't afford to take care of.

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Mar-21-13 9:30 AM

I cant imagine, nor could i live with myself not wanting my own child thats alive inside of me regardless of who the father was, no less killing my baby.

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