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Absolut Finest

Privately Owned Dunkirk Facility Earns Five Star Rating; County Home Given One Star

March 10, 2013

One area nursing home has been issued a five-star rating by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, while three have received a rating of one star....

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Mar-12-13 12:14 PM

I wonder if icheckmyfactfirst could give us a few of the "facts" that are supposedly missing from this article? And do you really think that data from 2009 would be the determining factor in a report put out in 2013? Please...

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Mar-11-13 4:17 PM

this does not look good for the employees of the county home who made such a big noise about the quality of care they give . it appears that anyone out there could do better at less $ per patient.

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Mar-11-13 3:30 PM

Bwhahahahaaaa! kathy Young must have stolen the other STARS from the county home. AHAHAHAHAHAAA!

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Mar-11-13 9:12 AM

Very few of the actual facts are printed in this article. When reading "advertisements" such as this, keep in mind that when CMS looks to asign rating, they are looking at information from as far back as 2009, which many of tehse facilities have made changes since then. As anyone in marketing knows, numbers can be skewed to portray any image you desire. hile I think it's great to receive such a favorable article on the front page, keep in mind that these homes all have the same requirements, the same staffing issues and the same primary payer. I know a lot of people who have stayed in many of these homes listed, opinions vary. Please check your facts before ASSuming anything.

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Mar-11-13 8:19 AM

Let's look at the numbers. Staffing 4 stars, quality and health inspections 1 star. You do the math. Union staffing is not addressing the problems. I think maybe a reduction would help, it seems so in other homes. Just facts as they are presented.

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Mar-10-13 8:47 PM

After reading this article I only have one question:Why won't the County lease the Home to Absolute Care???? There doesn't have to be a super majority vote to lease the property. Maybe Absolute Care isn't interested anymore! Let's give Whitney, Cornell and Hoyer a call and ask them how they feel about this. Too bad, the Union would no longer receive Union dues from 350 plus employees, if this were to happen. The Legislature needs to do what's right for a change! Hopefully, Absolute Care is still interested.

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Mar-10-13 5:51 PM

Let's see. The Home should have been sold or closed 10 years ago. They finally bring it to the public. Public is told it loses $ 8000 a day - needs to be sold. Finally goes for bid and LUCKILY they find someone willing to take this money pit..Oh wait... the Father of the Guy who won the bid might be a bad businessman and the great care our current Union Employees give might suffer Oh, but guess what? the COUNTY HOME GOT THE WORST GRADE POSSIBLE. What a joke. Cornell somehow thinks this stance might give her a shot to run for County Clerk with the North County vote - Whitney is a classic Educator who knows how to milk the system and certainly won't allow common sense prevail ... The Preacher? No idea. It boils down to this thing where public jobs are the Sacred Cow. Plants close their doors relocate or downsize all the time - people lose jobs- it's a tough economy - but Public jobs only get addressed when the entity is about to financially crash and burn

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Mar-10-13 3:27 PM

If the Lutheran home were sold to avi rothner it could be a four star home.

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Mar-10-13 1:02 PM

It is time for new management at the Lutheran home. People assume that it is the best because they want to think that. It is time to demand that changes be made there. It has a one star rating in quality. Tragic that it has come to this. The place spends so much time on PR that they do not give enough attention to what is wrong with the place.

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Mar-10-13 11:08 AM

The only item in this article that is inaccurate is the statement that Absolut made a $16M purchase offer. Absolut only made an offer to lease at $1.6M per year, no purchase offer.

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Mar-10-13 9:53 AM

These ratings while not perfect are the only national rating by which all homes are judged equally. How sad that the residents of the county home receive such poor care at such a high cost. Time for a change please.

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Mar-10-13 9:49 AM

Very well written and informative article!

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Mar-10-13 9:38 AM

This is what the taxpayers are up against, distortions, lies and union robo calls. The patients and taxpayers can do better. Thank you cornell, whitney and hoyer. These people are not fit for representing their voters, their own agenda trumps the peoples wishes.

The county home will be THE issue in november.

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Mar-10-13 9:33 AM

I agree with all these comments - --sell it. Wait, what is that sound I hear?? Oh, never mind it is just the beginning of the thumb-sucking by the union...........

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Mar-10-13 9:29 AM

One of the arguments used against the sale of the County Home to Avi Rothner was the fact that his father Eric (not Avi) owned several 1-star rated nursing homes in Illinois. Yet, those same people that used that info against Rothner will tell you that the 1-star rating for the county home is unfair and doesn't not represent the true quality of care. Either the rating system is fair or it isn't.

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Mar-10-13 8:19 AM

Demand the sell of the County Home!

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Mar-10-13 7:32 AM

when you have a union controlled business bribing lawmakers to fight the sale, the county homes rates a -10.

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Mar-10-13 4:21 AM

$9000.00 a day from county taxpayers buys us ONE star.

Something else looks like one star, and describes the legislators who won't allow common sense and decency to prevail by selling it!


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Mar-10-13 1:09 AM

Cue the dozens of respondents who swear the county home is the best solely because they have an elderly relative who resides there...

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