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Relaxed Rebate

Sen. Young Caught Up In STAR Error

March 8, 2013

ALBANY — Twelve years after purchasing an Albany-area condo, a paperwork error has caught up to Chautauqua County’s state senator....

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Mar-11-13 4:31 PM

Fist it was her husband, then a common error for people with "condos", and now? The assessor signed her up for it. L M A O!

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Mar-08-13 5:06 PM

How many of you actually bothered to read this article? Late yesterday afternoon the town assessor said that the Young's NEVER applied for, or otherwise submitted, an application for a STAR exemption on their Albany property. In fact it was the assessor who messed up ten years ago when his office failed to immediately remove the then existing exemption from the property records a the moment that his office was duly informed by the county clerk that the property had changed hands!. He had however sent a new application to the address, an acknowledgment that he did understand that the property had in fact changed hands, but that it was returned to his office without having been filled out. On the other hand, Mr.Young was a fool for trusting that a public official could get anything correct.

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Mar-08-13 4:50 PM

I remember some guy in the elections office had some trouble. Whoops he was a Democrat. I think his party put him on a pedestal and honored him with his service. Can't remember the guy's name.

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Mar-08-13 2:51 PM

Nice Job Babe! Throw the hubby to the wolves! What a cr*p this woman is, honestly?!

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Mar-08-13 2:35 PM

Nice to see Kathy trying to destroy public education in another region... not just ours. What a Gal!

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Mar-08-13 1:37 PM

Why would she get a Star exemption with the amount they both make????

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Mar-08-13 12:59 PM

Give me a break.

Nothing like throwing your one true love and life partner under the bus in order to save your own political skin.

So much for the image of Senator Young as the strong, capable, professional woman who can do it all.

If the good Senator can't read and accurately fill out a simple STAR form, perhaps she shouldn't be in such a position of power.

Sounds like there might be more to this story than what meets the eye.

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Mar-08-13 12:53 PM

For all the wonderful things that she has done for New York State, and the fact that she is probably the only honest politician in America, why would she risk her career and her reputation for a mere few hundred dollars in tax rebates? That just doesn't make any sense does it? If people who are so quick to condemn everyone else would stop to think, there are actually times when oversights and accidents do happen. I am on her side. If she were going to cheat and cover something up, it surely would be something bigger than this. Think about it!

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Mar-08-13 12:26 PM

She gets caught double dipping and it must be that someone is out to get her. Amazing.

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Mar-08-13 10:26 AM

askwhy: Don't blame your own lack of due diligence on anybody but yourself. News and notices about "STAR rebate program" have appeared regularly in the print and broadcast media for years. Information and applications are available on numerous local government websites. If you don't pay attention to what goes on in local and state government,who's fault is that?

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Mar-08-13 10:10 AM

hobby123 and keyastroke: the Albany Times Union is real newspaper that actually does investigative journalism NOT a two-bit political propaganda rag like the Post Urinal.

Aside from that, it appears that you two are just fine with Young breaking the law for more than a decade simply because she's a Republican. Furthermore, it wasn't an "error" unless Young and her husband are illiterate since the application clearly states that it is only available on your primary residence.

Plain and simple, the Youngs decided to cheat because they figured that nobody would catch them.

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Mar-08-13 8:08 AM

hobby123, this article came out of Albany, might I suggest it is a little payback for some solid decisions she made against the wave.

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Mar-08-13 8:02 AM

Funny how they are quick to point out anyone taking star rebate who is not eligible, but never point out all the millions of home owners across NYS who ARE eligible and have not been taking it. For the first 10 years we owned our home nobody from the assesors office never lt us know we were eligible for star rebate. Then told us we were SOL when we asked for overpayments credit for all those years.

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Mar-08-13 7:51 AM

Why is a couple who make $500 thousand a year get any exemption on property taxes?

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Mar-08-13 7:20 AM

Wonder who has an axe to grind with her. Cuomo? Sheldon Silver? Andy Goodell? If this gets heated and she steps down I wonder, just wonder who would replace her.

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