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A Lesson From Abe

March 1, 2013

To the Readers’ Forum: President Lincoln believed in the God of the Bible, and did not hesitate to speak about our nation’s accountability to Him or to analyze our problems from a proper, spiritual......

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Mar-01-13 3:36 AM

Why do people seem to think they need a non existent being from space for morality? I think it's absurd.

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Mar-01-13 4:44 AM

Mr. Braley, with all due respect, Lincoln was a private man who never joined a church. Although he quoted the Bible, he was known to be a skeptic. Most would say he was Theist. However, he allowed people to believe what they wished and was not known for pushing the views of Christianity. He was a tolerant leader. However Mr. Braley, I would contend you are taking the intention of Lincoln's remarks too far and that America is not founded on Christianity but is a country that allows anyone to worship in any form and to any god they wish. Religion, as Jazzie said below, has no impact upon the moral standards of leadership. Christian or not, it does not matter in the American governance context.

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Mar-01-13 4:50 AM

Seems this is a common theme with letters to the ed. I'm always curious though about what is meant. What actions is the writer asking to take place? Higher church attendance, forced conversion to an imposed religion or? Does the writer think that with a higher percentage of "religious" people, society will improve because of our then more "moral" actions or because the country itself will receive some kind of divine benefits (like say less natural disasters)? Does the writer believe that people not classified as religious or who not belong to an organized religion have no set of morals or a sense of right and wrong and compelling reason to do good?

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Mar-01-13 5:43 AM

allah and islam is the future, get used to it.

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Mar-01-13 6:15 AM

People seem to think that if we put prayer back in school, it'll end all these shootings. Wrong!

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Mar-01-13 8:30 AM

Good letter. Jesus created this world and the only way to eternal life is thru Jesus Christ. Jesus made us with the ability to choose right or wrong and to choose Him or not. If you wish to deny Jesus, He will allow you to do this, but on the day of reckoning you will see the truth and believe. Woe to you.

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Mar-01-13 9:13 AM

"America's only hope today is to return to God, goodness, and moral sanity"

Ok folks, lets come up with an idea of how we "could" do this. No bashing religion, no bashing each other. Lets just have a real discussion!

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Mar-01-13 9:19 AM

a) Return to God: (I have issues here, but) Start by showing peace to each other. Among ourselves and teaching to each other by helping and not critizing. b) Goodness: Pretty much tied to my previous answer, but probably impossible. I keep thinking about that old coca cola commerical. c) Moral Sanity: Although we can not control each others "morals" Providing friendship would make things better for everyone.

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Mar-01-13 9:51 AM

Our God can beat up your God.

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Mar-01-13 10:02 AM

"As Carl Sandburg recounts in Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years, Lincoln attended one of Cartwright's revival meetings. At the conclusion of the service, the fiery pulpiteer called for all who intended to go to heaven to rise. Naturally, the response was heartening. Then he called for all those who wished to go to*****to stand, unsurprisingly there were not many takers. Lincoln had responded to neither option. Cartwright closed in. "Mr. Lincoln, you have not expressed an interest in going to either heaven or hell. May I enquire as to where you do plan to go?" Lincoln replied: "I did not come here with the idea of being singled out, but since you ask, I will reply with equal candor. I intend to go to Congress."[15]"

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Mar-01-13 10:03 AM

"William Herndon, Lincoln's law partner, stated that Lincoln admired deists Thomas Paine and Voltaire, and had read and knew of Charles Darwin before most. "He soon grew into a belief of a universal law, evolution, and from this he never deviated." [16]"

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Mar-01-13 10:16 AM

"In a letter dated February 4, 1866, William Herndon wrote that:

Mr. Lincoln’s religion is too well known to me to allow of even a shadow of a doubt; he is or was a Theist & a Rationalist, denying all extraordinary - supernatural inspiration or revelation. At one time in his life, to say the least, he was an elevated Pantheist, doubting the immortality of the soul as the Christian world understands that term."

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Mar-01-13 10:19 AM

"Richard Carwardine of Oxford University has recently published Lincoln: A Life of Purpose and Power (2006). Carwardine highlights Lincoln's considerable ability to rally evangelical Northern Protestants to the flag by nourishing the millennial belief that they were God's chosen people. The New York Times, on 19 February 2006, notes: "This was no mean feat, coming from a man who had been suspected of agnosticism or atheism for most of his life. Yet by the end, while still a religious skeptic, Lincoln, too, seemed to equate the preservation of the Union and the freeing of the slaves with some higher, mystical purpose."[2]"

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Mar-01-13 10:19 AM


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Mar-01-13 1:46 PM

As Mr. Braley says: "only hope".... AND HOW!! (Prov 14:12, 16:25, Pslm 14:1, 53:1,). Lasly a word of caution: Pslm9:17 (this is exactly where we are currently!)

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Mar-01-13 1:55 PM


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Mar-01-13 2:50 PM

Well, a homosexual couple in the White House could be good. Someone has to do SOMETHING with that drab Oval Office!! Ugh, too many earth tones!

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Mar-01-13 2:59 PM

lol---I liked the old Blue carpet better myself.

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Mar-01-13 7:32 PM

Kabob maybe your not aware but God created us..Jesus the Christ was his son according to the Bible.

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Mar-01-13 8:14 PM

So which is it: God or Jesus created this world? I say neither because neither exists. If you expect us to believe in god, why not all of them, including Zeus, Medusa, Elvis...?

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Mar-01-13 8:17 PM

Why not ditch religion altogether and just believe in ourselves...Not that hard.

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Mar-01-13 8:35 PM

I'm certainly glad that christianity is a myth. Who would really want to believe in the premise that the great majority of human beings are going to burn for eternity simply for being born into a different religion. How awlful that anyone would even want this to be true for humanity. Awlful.

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Mar-01-13 9:02 PM

Jazz why is your favorite subject something you deny exists? Freud could enjoy you.

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Mar-01-13 10:44 PM

If someone feels the need to buy whichever brand of god they like, thats fine, but it should be personal. The idea that you should inject that god into our government or our laws is very dangerous. The church had its chance at governing Europe for hundreds of years. Look how it turned out.

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Mar-01-13 10:46 PM

Freud was a fraud. Only one in the world who would need an ID to get into his own party

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