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The Gun Debate Distraction

February 24, 2013

To the Reader’s Forum: Once again New York has attempted to fix a problem by making it worse, dismissing past failures of tight gun restrictions....

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Feb-24-13 2:00 AM

The COMRADE CUOMO MANIFESTO is BS of the highest degree. It will accomplish nothing except anoint him as the knee-jerk-political-agenda-look-what-I-did-slammed-in-legislation-NY-led-the-charge-soulless-SHEEP-wanna-be herder. JOKE. NY State surely will be up for the 2013 clueless state of the year award. 2A = PERFECT AS IS. Stock Up, Load Up. STAND. Sheepville : NOT an option.

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Feb-24-13 6:14 AM

If only those poor kids in Newtown had prayed the bullets away...

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Feb-24-13 6:35 AM

Another religious numnut instilling his mumbo jumbo. I've gone my whole life without religion, without some grand delusion called GOD..and look at health problems, married STILL,

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Feb-24-13 6:37 AM

When are we going to stop blaming the mentally ill? These people live all around us..they even GO TO CHURCH. NORMAL people have also been known to snap.

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Feb-24-13 7:39 AM

Jazzie. Married still and delusional. I'm thinking mr jazzy spends a lot of time outside

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Feb-24-13 8:15 AM

The poor kids in newtown needed to be protected and were not. We can protect the elites in washington and p o o p on the kids. Dah!

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Feb-24-13 8:23 AM

Not all mentally ill are violent but one must be mentally ill to commit mass murder. Addressing this part of the problem would make a difference.

The newtown killings were committed by a mentally ill person who his mother was going to commit.

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Feb-24-13 8:40 AM

Wait...I think I'll send Sueanne some people over to have her diagnose and qualify them for disability benefits. Who the heck says you need to be mentally ill to commit mass murder? And no Mr Jazz spends enough time indoors helping to raise our, cleaning, taking ten steps behind me...

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Feb-24-13 8:40 AM

Excellent letter. But one point was left out. Inhibitions. The baby boomers decided to ditch "hang ups." They got what they wished for. Also, some radical jerks got the fad notion there was no such thing as insanity. It was just nonconformity. The libs shut all the mental hospitals making a bad situation worse both in terms of care and cost. Libs care nothing for the suffering of the mentally ill or innocent children. They just look for opportunities. Gun control is not about guns. It is about control.

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Feb-24-13 8:43 AM

Sueann I think I'm in love. Lol. Your logic is like a spring morning with the birds singing and mrs scallywag sporting her six shooters wanting to play cops and robbers. You can defend my gun rights anytime. Nice work. Did you fill out your form that keeps your pistol rights private

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Feb-24-13 8:44 AM

"...his mother was going to commit." When? March? 2020? Why wasn't he already committed if indeed he was that bad?

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Feb-24-13 8:49 AM

Jazzie there is not one person on this site who wouldn't believe mr jazzy falls into line 10 steps behind. A smart man learns early on to conform for survival

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Feb-24-13 8:55 AM

As for the deranged killer to little to late. The states have closed most all mental hospitals because of the liberal horse poop. Now we see the effects look at what's happening in pa as we speak. There living under the bridges in Pittsburg with no meds no housing. No care. Thanks to the libs

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Feb-24-13 8:57 AM

As soon as I noticed stating high crime and NYC I knew this BS would have little to do with facts. NYC is now rated as the 13 safest city in America. The crime rate has plumuted. Due to a policy of the Bloomberg Administration which is without probable cause the NYPD stops ID's and frisks people. It works, iyt violates the Constitution but it works and the statistics prove it. I dont llike it at all but it works. I enjoy reading cr*p written by people as though they know what is going on when they have not one clue and read 1 paper, maybe watch the news and vote the same way every year and somehow expect a different outcome. NYC seems to have an answer and the courts are backing it, nothing else has worked. NYSafe does not keep NY safe, it like the federal version only addresses stable people owning guns and magazines. Should magazine sbe reduced ok I can go with that but know gun mnaufacturers do not manufacturer 7 round clips one should not pass a law making it the maximum.

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Feb-24-13 9:01 AM

"Distraction" indeed----so let's spend the next oh 5 years or so, studying the "causes". In the interim,more senseless deaths and a no problem, and no action resolve.

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Feb-24-13 9:19 AM

Keeping those in jail who commit gun crimes would make a difference today. Parents that house a mentally ill child should take steps to insure their weapons can never get into the hands of their child. We as responsible gun owners should have our guns secure to the extent that they don't get into someone else's hands or pay the penalty. Most all legal gun owners already do these things except for a few who don't that ruin it for all of us.

These things would make a difference right now.

Scallywag, thank you for your kind words.

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Feb-24-13 9:24 AM

Scals...remember what I said about rhetorical comments awhile back.

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Feb-24-13 9:25 AM

If you're a "responsible" gun owner, and have a "mentally ill" child, that to me doesn't make you "responsible" at all.

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Feb-24-13 9:29 AM

Yea that's right, just dope up every so called mentally ill person...for those who do, I'm betting that you're willing to chip into buying their meds, since you're an armchair psychiatrist

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Feb-24-13 9:37 AM

and let the retarded comments continue

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Feb-24-13 9:49 AM

Jazzie is missing the point. Cuomo and his sheep want to take away MY liberty and MY ability to defend MYself against the mentally ill. ANYBODY who uses force to take away MY life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness is mentally ill. Cuomo is a tyrant.

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Feb-24-13 9:57 AM

Jazz, i never said i would determine who was mentally ill, i will leave that to the pros and i would suggest you do as well.

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Feb-24-13 10:18 AM

If i had a mentally ill child, i would have a gun safe, sams club sells them.

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Feb-24-13 10:46 AM

The worst part of the COMRADE CUOMO MANIFESTO : the elected SHEEP who gave the thumbs up.

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Feb-24-13 10:48 AM

"For uninformed people, passion always trumps logic." And your passion is guns.

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