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Closing Sherman Shop Would Benefit The County

February 19, 2013

Sherman Mayor John Patterson said it’s likely the Sherman Department of Public Facilities shop will remain open this summer....

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Feb-27-13 7:20 PM

I didn't see where any services would be sacrificed. They will still maintain the roads, right? Its about cronyism, feeding micro local business, and keeping the status quo. Where did anyone discuss less service? It was a cost savings. In the private sector this would be a no-brainer. In the public arena we act as if we collectively have no brains.

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Feb-22-13 1:02 PM

Darkstar what you are saying is its ok that one district get less services and pays the same taxes and we should just sacrifice what we deserve and pay taxes for. I am willing to sacrifice I work and let people set home on welfare get free housing and food and cell service. I feel I give enough. Not willing to give on this!

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Feb-22-13 7:28 AM

@Darkstar this is not about just Sherman it is the entire west end of the county. It just happens the the mayor of Sherman is the only leader of the communities in the area that spoke up so shame on the others for not doing so. This will affect so many more people then just Sherman. Mayville, Westfield, Ripley, Clymer, Findley Lake, Sherman that is 6 communities at least.

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Feb-21-13 9:39 PM

I think what this comes down to is tough choices. Everyone wants to save money, but "not in my backyard". Either this saves $150,000 or it doesn’t. If it does, the other business around the county will benefit. Maybe Sherman loses on this one; they may gain on the next. In my mind this is similar to the arguments that local municipalities and school systems use to keep separate instead of consolidating and saving. A lot of folks think it may be a good idea to consolidate those two or three schools on the other side of the county, but not here in my area. Maybe it is police or fire, etc. Yeah there may be a trade off to save money, but it is time. New York State is ranked 49th out of 50 states to do business in. We need to wake up and realize that we all may need to make smart sacrifices. These initiatives are they only way we can become more competitive. Do you want to raise taxes? I don’t.

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Feb-21-13 10:16 AM

Everyone seems to be focusing on Sherman if the County Shop closes. This is not just about one town it is about a whole district. 300 miles of roads same as the other two shops. We thank the Sherman Mayor for standing up and watching out for his town. I wish the rest of the district would have done the same. The $ 150,000 was for a whole year savings not taking into account all the additional cost that would be incurred. The summer months run April to Nov. We the people have proven the additional cost and proven the county is wrong. You are just hearing the county one side and some of it is bend truths. Were you at the town meeting in December? Did you check into the facts before you made your opinion? I am very disappointed in the Post Journal and how they have handled this whole thing. PJ get your facts straight and do your job of reporting the news and not just giving your uneducated opinion. Seriously how much does it cost for fuel? Maybe if you have any kind of commute you would

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Feb-21-13 7:42 AM

@Bulldog it is not just about Sherman that shop handles the surrounding towns out this way and believe it or not there are many businesses out this way maybe you should take a ride out of your paper bag and see other areas of the county. Besides it is such a waste of gas and fuel for the county and the workers that now will have to travel 4 times a day, not really green now is it. This is common sense.

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Feb-20-13 2:42 PM

I can't recall from the article itself. Is the $150,000 projected savings for closing the shop for the entire year or for just the summer? This editorial reads as though that would be the savings for closing the shop the entire year, but then endorses closing only for 3-4 months in summer.

If that is the case, I suspect the savings would be much less, and road maintenance would certainly become more difficult in that area. It's easiest to do maintenance during the summer months, but that's when the Sherman shop would be closed, requiring materials, tools, and vehicles to be transported a greater distance for each job. I suspect productivity is not being taken into account when calculating savings, because that sounds a lot less efficient to me. Of course, so does the time and planning it would take to close down and reopen a shop every year. The phrase "more trouble than it's worth" comes to mind.

I live nowhere near Sherman, but this sounds like a bad deal.

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Feb-20-13 9:34 AM us your proof that west county roads will be neglected and that the county will lose revenue such as occupancy tax, sales tax and property tax because there will be no business. Show us hard and fast evidence not just your opinion. Prove it. I'm no fan of Edwards by a long shot but your assertions are full of holes unless you can provide some evidence to the contrary. I just don't believe that moving the employees from Sherman to Sheridan/Falconer for three or four months will turn Sherman into a ghost town.

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Feb-19-13 6:49 PM

Edwards needs to put on his big boy pants and step up and tell the truth.We have yet to see any type of paper with all the saving on it just a lot of BS.The highway director is out of control and Edwards is afraid to over step him? But nothing is said about all the family of the Director getting hired around county Gov?Maybe Edwards should tell the people why that is? All you people see is WOW we can save 150,000 lets do it what are you a bunch of sheep don't ask question just follow the sheep in front of you?

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Feb-19-13 12:53 PM

Route 86 is a state highway and is maintained by the state. the county only maintains county roads.

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Feb-19-13 11:02 AM

So many things wrong with this piece. For instance. Greg Edwards says it will save the County $150,000 so the PJ takes that as gospel? Why did they do that in this instance, but don't in so many others? Also Route 86? Does the County maintain Route 86 out there? I've only ever seen State trucks on it. To my knowledge that road's not a factor in this discussion.

It's very simple. If the County doesn't have a permanent presence in the west half of the County. the maitenance will suffer. There's no one that will convince me differently.

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Feb-19-13 10:33 AM

How much gas does it take to drive a full ten wheel dump truck from Falconer to the west side of the county?

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Feb-19-13 10:31 AM

@Duckster the Ye Old Barn is open now known as Murdock's great music, good food, and a lot of fun. Yes I remember the good old days of Colt Station and the Alleghany Mountian Boys. We are still having good times in Sherman. As for golfing there are several courses on the western side of Chautauqua County and they deserve road maintenance.

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Feb-19-13 10:31 AM

No one is proposing that services be taken away from the Sherman area of the county, only that they be supplied from a different location. The majority of trucks and labor are needed in the north and south county, this is why Falconer and Sheridan will not be considered for closure.

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Feb-19-13 10:06 AM

Closing this shop is not beneficial due to this side of the county is the gateway to the Empire State and if we move all services to Falconer/Sheridan somehow we will be forgotten. This is a main tourist area remember we have several places that people frequent and not just farms. Which by the way are generating revenue as there are more and more people enjoying agri-tourism. It is the old adage out of sight out of mind and that is what will happen to this side of the county if this shop closes. People get off the I-86 and do travel thru the small towns of Findley Lake, Sherman before they head to Chautauqua and this is beautiful country, with wonderful views, so if we neglect our roads, which will happen, no one will travel thru and we will lose business. The county will also lose revenue due the loss of occupancy tax, sales tax, and property tax because there is no business. There are many things that will be affected by this closing and most are not beneficial.

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Feb-19-13 9:42 AM

Sherman as a golf mecca? Of course! How did we miss that one? The only thing missing is golf courses and golfers.

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Feb-19-13 8:50 AM

I say close he shop but re-open Ye Old Barn. (I used to go there and it was great. You could hear Colt Station Live downstairs while the Mountain Boys played upstairs.) Does anybody remember those day? They were great!

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Feb-19-13 8:33 AM

Why not close the Falconer or Sheridan shops and keep Sherman open year round? Would there be any argument against that? It would probably save more money. Falconer and Sheridan are larger areas population-wise so I think their shop owners would better be able to absorb any lost revenue. They could always put in another golf course. What I'm hearing from the P-J in this editorial is telling Sherman, "just shut up and pay your taxes." What is going on with all of these ridiculous editorials lately?

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Feb-19-13 6:14 AM

GOLFERS??? REALLY??? I'm not opposed to closing the shop IF it will save us some money, but recouping the money from golfers is ridiculous. (I'm hoping your comment was sarcasm!)

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Feb-19-13 5:49 AM

It would seem that the business owners in Sherman could easily recoup their projected $150,000.00 from golfers and other vacationers who frequent this area during the summer. Stop being so selfish!

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