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Police Identify Accident Victim As Isabella Stanford

February 16, 2013

Police have identified the 5-year-old victim of Friday's tragic sledding accident as Isabella M. Stanford....

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Feb-16-13 4:07 PM

What a tragic accident.

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Feb-16-13 4:33 PM

very tragic ..with 3 five yr olds and a 7 yr old sliding down here lucky there was no more tragedy JUST UNBELIEVABLE

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Feb-16-13 4:35 PM

I never let me kids sled without me, and certainly not down a hill leading directly into major traffic. It is so devastating sad. A loss of life, a driver horrified, and a nightmre that will last those other children's entire lives.

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Feb-16-13 4:40 PM

Prayers to the family and the driver in this horrible tragedy.

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Feb-16-13 6:33 PM

Tragic this kind of thing had to happen..aren't there any good sled riding hills in Jamestown that's not so close to traffic?

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Feb-16-13 7:16 PM

Jazzie:" Yeah there is, a short walk to Allen Park.

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Feb-16-13 9:01 PM

Where's the neglect charges? There should have been an adult present. The oldest was 7. not old enough to babysit. tragic.

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Feb-16-13 9:45 PM

Not that everyone lives in close proximity to Allen Park to walk there. Duh

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Feb-16-13 10:22 PM

heartbreaking. that split second - many lives lives changed forever. the driver who will be haunted forever although surely not at fault. thoughts and prayers to all

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Feb-16-13 10:27 PM

sad so sad with Allen park only 5 minute walk from where it happened.

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Feb-16-13 11:05 PM

so sad. just heard on ch.7 that there was no adult supervision. they also said that no charges will be filed against the driver.

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Feb-16-13 11:19 PM

Isabella's parents and/or legal guardians should definately be charged with child neglect and any other possible charges related to the premature and tragic death. Children deserve the proper supervision to keep them safe.

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Feb-16-13 11:33 PM

It isn't the first time a child in Jamestown died as a result of parents that weren't around or taught their kids how dangerous the roads can be. It won't be the last, either, unless parents wise up and take responsibility for the kids they have. Love and cherish them, not send them outside by themselves or let them roam the streets. Keep them safe and BE INVOLVED, know where they are. So tragic to see this. The driver, even though not at fault, will forever have to live with this and it could have been prevented.

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Feb-17-13 12:32 AM

dumb parents!! you didnt care youre kids were flying into ft ave? ********! yesss I said it!! Im grateful she got out of that life. SORRY THE WAY IT HAPENED

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Feb-17-13 2:13 AM

Yes, it is a tragedy, but BEFORE you persecute her mother, maybe you should know the REAL story. The mother was at work! (yes, at work, EARNING a living for her children) the twins were in the care of a person of legal age to babysit. Yes, there was a lack of good decision making on the part of the babysitter and the children sledding, but how many of you that are so easy to persecute this mother have hired a teenaged babysitter for your children?!? Think about it..... This mother is going through enough without your heartless, ignorant comments... so once again I say.. if you don't, without reservation, know the facts, then don't comment! My sympathies to this mother, family, the driver and the babysitter..... their lives are changed forever.

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Feb-17-13 9:34 AM

There should been adult supervision with those children.The mother is a good mother. She was at work making a living to provide for her children. At least she is not sitting on welfare like 75% of Jamestown. The question is where was the BABY SITTER? She should of been out there with those kids! God Bless the family of Bella...

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Feb-17-13 1:01 PM

So much talk about the mother. Where was the father? What's the real story behind that? Last I knew it took 2 people to make a child. And no I am not being cold, heartless or ignorant.

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Feb-17-13 4:33 PM

To all the people sitting here talking bad about what happened and the family.. Do you actually know them? Do you understand what they are going through? It was a freak accident. How can you actually talk bad at this time, when they can all get on and read what you heartless people are saying. She just lost her daughter WHILE ON HER WAY TO WORK. Put yourself in their shoes.. Cause I guarantee none of you are. Your listening to the story, while its their life. You have no clue what they're going through. Everyone sitting here talking negatively; get a life.

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Feb-17-13 4:44 PM

I live directly across the street from this tragic accident scene. We have seen these kids all winter long and have told them numerous times it was not safe. Even in the summer the same kids would role down the hill and have landed on the sidewalks from time to time. we even had a few of them mouth off to us for telling them that it was not safe... so this is not a first time that this has been done. It is tragic, but in all actuality it could have been prevented.

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Feb-17-13 6:21 PM

Hey Taylor, you're acting as if no one else has ever lost a loved one over senseless acts and grieved. Just lost a friend recently because they were misdiagnosed by one of your brainiac doctors. Another lost his life battling this godforsaken war overseas because people think it's threatening our freedom. "...You don't know what they're going through." They're going through helll.

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Feb-17-13 10:29 PM

Would be interesting to find out who the babysitter was. We know one of the local neighbors right by there. The babysitter should have to answer. Check there cellphone records and see where there attention was focused.

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Feb-17-13 10:31 PM

God bless the little girl. Her family and the driver. What a tradgity

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Feb-18-13 6:03 AM

Wow, what a tragedy. Preventable? Sure. And I'm certain nobody is more aware of that than Bella's parents, babysitter, and even her little friends sledding with her. How does added condemnation and 'I told you so' help now? It only deepens their grief to be publicly criticized so harshly and mercilessly. Yes, this accident can and should be used to prevent similar ones, but really, how many of us as parents or babysitters can say we had 100% control over the actions of our young, energetic children at all times? I know I can't and I consider myself a pretty good parent -- and I was raised by an excellent mom. Yet still, I was lucky to escape some situations that could have turned out tragically too, as have my own kids. I bet if you're honest, most of you have too. Yet here you are casting stones at this family at a time when they need our compassion and sympathies. But for the grace of God go each of us.

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Feb-18-13 8:43 AM

Preventable with direct supervision which should have been the baby sitter/ or parent outside with the children. The way our society is today, a child should not be left alone for any amount of time unsupervised. As a babysitter or parent its your repsonsability to take care of a child. Yes accidents do happen, but if you are supposed to be "watching" a child you belong with them at all times. Especially the ages those kids where.

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Feb-18-13 11:03 AM

Everyone personally involved is a victim here. The driver has an infant daughter and is haunted by that fateful day. Many thoughts and prayers to the family of Isabella. May time, love and forgiveness heal their grief & sorrow.

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