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Tired Of The Free Ride For The Undeserving

February 12, 2013

To the Readers’ Forum: During the last presidential campaign one of the campaigns was lambasted for making a comment about the “47%.” What he said was absolutely correc....

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Feb-12-13 1:30 AM

Agree 100%

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Feb-12-13 2:04 AM

Agree 100% I rember when haveing a job in jamestown was a proud thing now its how much you can get for free from New York and never have a job I though welfare was to help the working family not the lazy Jamestown has gone to*****and all our government dose is hide it I tell my kids about all the factory's that used to be hear but now all you see on 2 nd street is welfare houses and a lot of young kids 18 to 30 with 5 kids no job and new cars top of the line cellphone selling drugs way to move forward. Jamestown I've lived here 48 years and seen it go down hill and don't think it will get any better

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Feb-12-13 3:57 AM


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Feb-12-13 3:59 AM

Well said and i agree 100% ,also.

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Feb-12-13 5:05 AM

But how to stop the madness? The gravy train is too tempting for those that were either raised on it or becomed trapped in it. I see the white cards getting swiped at Walmart with huge cases of beer and magazines and candy. So much for welfare not paying for things like that. They get the cash off the card then pay for the "non-necessities" with it. How do we stop it? Where is the shame?

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Feb-12-13 5:54 AM

Saddly the situation in Washington, DC must be cleaned out down to the last begging rat! Unless we are to be happy speaking Mandarin in the future to come. Sad but true as long as folks like Andrew Cuomo and Barack Huesein Obama are being elected and re-elected!

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Feb-12-13 5:55 AM

Gravy train? "Deserving"? How can you all live with yourselves especially if you are a typical "church-going Christian". Have you looked at what is the typical benefit payment? "Living" on that is nigh on impossible! So, tell me, go ahead and cut what small benefits remain. What are you going to do for those children? The J'town economy is not exactly booming. So, the $20 the author saves in tax will be put into what? Let's get real people. Benefit abusers are a very small minority and most people who receive them need them for reasons outside their control. Will someone please tell me how to improve the situation instead of further dividing our community and larger society!

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Feb-12-13 6:12 AM

With a grain of salt, pleae. Social security, and many disability cases are fine with me. But the old way of recieving staples to get by on, not have money for drugs, booze, tatoos, and partying worked better. The real unsurmountable problem is the culture change from being proud to say you work hard and never took a dime to getting all you can for nothing, and you are too good for cheap labor. Yes, I know, the most abused is probably the disability gig which has exploded in the last few years.

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Feb-12-13 6:49 AM

Henry, the author is not talking about the truely deserving poor, but those too lazy to work because they can mooch off the system. My wife and I make over $80K per year and I received a postcard telling me that I may be eligible for SNAP. (food stamps)

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Feb-12-13 6:53 AM

I know I'll get a lot of disagrees for this, but how does one know anything about these so called "benefit abusers"? Do you know these people personally? Yes, it's an ashame that people seemingly abuse the system. We go into a welfare office and see single couples with multiple kids and automatically think the worst of them. What should get most people is that the ones who need assistance can't get it. And the ones who can't or refuse to speak our language.

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Feb-12-13 6:56 AM

Amazing that in our society one can have a flat screen TV, video games, cell phones, computer(s), internet, cable or satellite, and still be considered living in poverty. What exactly are the necessities today?

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Feb-12-13 7:01 AM

The biggest abusers of welfare are companies like Wal Mart right on down to local entities like TRC. Wal Mart alone costs tax payers well over $2 billion a year. Both companies encourage employees to go get services from DSS. And this is a company who's raking in hundreds of billions every year. Your taxes are subsidizing your alleged low prices.

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Feb-12-13 7:12 AM

Renaldo some of us don't have those luxuries you mentioned. We still have a tv from 1995. Do we have cable/satellite? Nope! Not even a single cell phone. Savings are priceless.

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Feb-12-13 7:32 AM

Well said, Mr. Dahlberg, count me as another agree 100%.

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Feb-12-13 7:36 AM

I make 3500 a month and only have 1000 dollars in bills....according to the bpu I still qualify for heap since im a family of 4.....since I have 2500 left in extra cash I think ill still go get heap just because I can

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Feb-12-13 7:40 AM

Henry, the welfare recipient in this state has MORE disposible income than a person who earns $50K. No one wants to cut off the truly needy. But, let's get real. Provide them with the necessities, food, shelter, clothing. Without all the extras, the people who want the free-ride will be incentivized to go to work to get the extras(that we currently provide to them). Then, we can take care of the truly poor and give them extras and make them comfortable.

Also, the government has to stop rewarding people for having babies. The author is right, they don't have just one, they have multiple babies with all sorts of different "baby daddies" and "baby mommies". And, they all just let the government be the parental "provider". Stop electing Santa Claus' who give everyone something.

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Feb-12-13 7:41 AM

Harold, I get that. Like Jazzie said, who is the adjudicator and able to make these decisions? I do not fault the government for informing the public of services but it is a fine line between informing and encouraging. Remember, the people who administer programs generally want to help and they want to provide as much assistance as they can. The system is set up to help them spend it or loose it. Jazzie is also correct about low level service jobs and non-specialized manufacturing. Business does leverage the social system. I am not sure what the better answer is in this case. Less jobs or no jobs? In the end, I suspect the benefits are less with people working a few hours but I don't have enough information to set out the equation.

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Feb-12-13 7:42 AM

Did you hear about the woman (Wisonsin, maybe?) who had her purse stolen out of her locked vehicle? $400 purse, $200 wallet with $800 cash was taken and...wait for it...HER FOOD STAMP CARD!!! No joke.

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Feb-12-13 7:50 AM

MacKenize, can you provide me the source of your statement? I've not found any information that can accurately show this comparison. My point is that abuse is not as rampant as you would think. However, we need to examine this. If someone is unemployable for a long period of time, is their fault or the fault of society? Also, look around, how many businesses run apprenticeship programs or offer entry level development jobs? Our economy is actually locking these people into place. You cannot judge these people when they buy a beer or a cigarette. You have no idea the origin of that money or if they are to be the consumer. People easily pass judgements instead of helping without question. Where is our civic spirit?

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Feb-12-13 7:51 AM

Here we go again. There are no such things as "Obama Phones." Forty Seven percent of the population do not receive "free stuff," their income is low enough that, after deductions, exemptions and credits, they do not have enough taxable income to owe any federal taxes, but most still pay state taxes, payroll taxes, sales and use taxes. And about half of them are senior citizens living on medicare and social security. Let's cut them off too. I wonder if the author of this letter ever took advantage of child tax credits, earned income credits or dependent exemptions. Learn the facts before trying to use lies, misrepresentatins, and hyperbole to try to bolster your arguement.

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Feb-12-13 7:53 AM

081303 - I hope you are investing that cash appropriately. I'm envious as that is a frugal and pragmatic approach to life. I have no idea how old you are but if you are under 30 and you can do this for a few years, you're free and clear by the time you are 50. What's your secret?

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Feb-12-13 7:55 AM

I agree that the current welfare system lacks in many areas. It encourages people to not work because they are given and assisted into a system with no end. They live in new apartments, with garages and central air. They get up to $700 a month, depending on depenents, for food, heap pays their heat, Chrick helps them buy cars, welfare pays for snow tires, and they get a lump sum of money each money, with free medical. They burden taxpayers, and demoralize the "working man standards". We import them and our government supports it. Is it not enough we have our own home grown hand out seeking, don't want to work human beings? I see this as a world wide moral decay of values. Welfare is a system that should assist the needy, period, not allow a standard of living no one wants to leave.

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Feb-12-13 7:56 AM

When certain state departments literally recruit people to come to New York because we pay higher welfare benefits, somethng is very wrong. When families from Puerto Rico (who can't even speak english)send for all their relatives to come to jamestown because of the benfits and cheap housing, something is wrong. When able bodied men and women refuse to work because they get more being on assistance, something is wrong. The welfare system needs total revamping. For me, if someone gets caught and convicted of welfare fraud, they should never ever be able to receive any type of assistance again. NONE! Maybe this will cut down on some fraud.

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Feb-12-13 7:57 AM

The author writes a good letter and makes many valid points. Many good comments made in reply as well. Constant complaining about this situation solves nothing. I would caution all of us to not point fingers at those that use the system, as yes, they are 'entitled' to receive said benefits according to law. Blame the people that make/pass the laws! VOTE! Kind of a 'if you build it, they will come' scenario: if you (gov't.) offer it, they will accept it. Helping the less fortunate is the humane thing to do. Let's come up with a better system. Please do not blame people; in this economy, you just might become one of them.

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Feb-12-13 8:01 AM

not a fan of welfare and I do not want to trade places with any poor person. However, Jazzie is right, the biggest abusers are in fact entities such as wal mart that keep wages and hrs low enough so their employees do in fact qualify for services. Here is a bigger picture. Say you life in a very nice neighborhood. One neighbor is a teacher, another a pharmacist and still another is in middle management at Wegmans. You like your community. What do you think that community would look like if in fact there were no stamps, medicaid, public education etc etc etc. People: it is all interconnected. Think about that next time you get all riled up about the poor.

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