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We Deserve Better

February 4, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: Over the last few days the media, in print, radio, television and internet was all hyped up about a few thousand people protesting gun rights....

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Feb-04-13 12:25 AM

Because you represent the minority opinion. You are a significant minority, but the majority believes in a woman's right to choose and not giving legal status before birth. What you have is the right not to be forced to have an abortion and the right to speak you mind. I don't think this is going to change anytime soon. Do you?

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Feb-04-13 5:34 AM

Anthony is not in the minority in this debate. Only the supreme court is in the minority and that will soon change. We must stop killing unborn babies.

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Feb-04-13 6:29 AM

It is a woman's right to choose...up to a point. When a baby is conceived of recreational sex, not out of love and the need to start a family, they need to live with the consequences of their decision. Don't want the child? Fine. Give it up for adoption. Give it to a loving couple that can't conceive.

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Feb-04-13 7:25 AM

}"What are we Americans thinking? We are letting the government take away our liberties as it sees fit. We deserve better!" Now Mr.Pingitore how can you say this and still want to control what another person actions are (abortion) .?

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Feb-04-13 9:25 AM

Satan has taken over this world. For 40 years it's been okay to choose to kill your baby for convenience. Thank God that the Lord is with us to keep some semblance of humanity and goodness on this earth. By the way, in the end God wins.

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Feb-04-13 9:59 AM

"It has been scientifically proven that life does begin at conception and these babies they are eliminating are indeed children."

Nope. Life actually begins BEFORE conception. The sperm and the egg are alive. So by your logic one is a mass murderer each time they mast er bate.

I think the more important issue is when a fetus becomes a functional 'human being'. They don't develop a detailed, functioning nervous syatem until after the end of the first trimester. Before that it is still the shell of a human.

I agree that late term abortions should be restricted to emergencies, but abortions done in the first half of pregnancy are, and should be, the woman's choice.

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Feb-04-13 10:49 AM

The writer asked if we will continue to vote the same people in to office year after year. Sadly, in this country the answer for the most part is YES. Until we have term limits in congress, this situation will continue.

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Feb-04-13 10:57 AM

It is clear. There will never be an end to this debate. Why? It will never end because there are logical and coherent points on both sides. It is that simple. The RTL people might as well quit stamping their feet. Roe V. Wade is here to stay as long as women can vote. I for one am in favor of the right to choose and I realize that it is just that (an opinion not fact) Can the other side admit the same?

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Feb-04-13 11:20 AM

I am a mother of 2 wonderful girls, and I honestly don't think I could ever have an abortion. However, what happens in and to my body is my choice.

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Feb-04-13 11:44 AM

Roe Vs Wade was not voted in. It was a court decision. It might win a vote now, but it woldn't have won popular vote back then, or until a couple years ago.

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Feb-04-13 12:34 PM

thank you for the 11:20am post-we finally hear a woman's voice on this debate.

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Feb-04-13 2:28 PM

Im not sure i understand that women have the right to murder?

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Feb-04-13 2:35 PM

I believe that my child that i carried was alive from day one and was my child from day one, that i loved from day one and I could never kill my baby regardless of what someone else may call it.

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Feb-04-13 2:55 PM

No Anthony, you "law-abiding, gun owning, pro-life God-fearing citizens are not considered "Terrorists ", just wackos the way you feel and act towards anyone who disagrees with you.

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Feb-04-13 3:30 PM

"Im not sure i understand that women have the right to murder?" From the way you phrased the question, yes, it is painfully obvious you don't understand the issue. It not murder if done before the fetus has developed human anatomy. Is it murder to allow an living egg to die on the uteral wall? The egg has the potential for human life as well. I personally would probably choose adoption over abortion, but that doesn't mean my opinion should be law, or that people of a different opinion than mine are 'murderers'. As for our rights being taken away, with restriction on high capacity magazines, what about banning gay marriage, banning stem cell research, etc...those bans increase our rights somehow? Ironic.

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Feb-04-13 3:38 PM

Loner, if you are going to thumb up and down posts under multiple aliases, you should remember which one you are under when you post. lol. Or, how's the 'lady friend'? lol

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Feb-04-13 5:13 PM

Monkey I'm pretty sure u would have one if you could. It would help you feel more like u think you should be. It would help you fit in with the girls

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Feb-04-13 5:15 PM

I agree monkeyboy, if a person wants to end the life within them, they have to deal with it and it is their choice. I just could not kill the life that is conceived within me, my little baby, whom i could never forget.

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Feb-04-13 5:43 PM

Some yrs ago i counseled girls who had abortions, the guilt these girls carried was heartbreaking, some had even calculated the aborted baby's birthday. Very sad, something these girls will carry for the rest of their lives.

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Feb-04-13 5:45 PM

yes, sueanne, we know you don't like abortion. Good for you. Of course some girls feel guilty after giving up for adoption, some have their lives ruined trying to raise the baby themselves without a father, some raise the baby and neglect or abuse can have guilt or a negative outcome no matter which choice you make. Some women after abortions feel they did the right thing.

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Feb-04-13 5:51 PM

Im telling you of my experience. If you dont like that, you can just get over it. And your demeanor is quite aggressive toward me.

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Feb-04-13 5:59 PM

yeah, and if you don't like people having abortions, you can get over it. And don't play the innocent victim, i've watched you call others liars and get aggressive yourself. Get over yourself.

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Feb-04-13 6:02 PM

Being a mom and protecting my baby from conception is breed into our genes and separates us from men. This desire never leaves us and and I've seen where it causes lifelong pain and guilt for those who allow the death of their within them.

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Feb-04-13 6:04 PM

I will continue to address the subject and you can be vicious and attack me.

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Feb-04-13 6:12 PM

The problem is that many women don't fulfill that genetic trend. Its estimated that millions of kids are abused or neglected in the U.S, and many parents cant afford to give their kids a life they deserve, and many feel the guilt over adoption. So, as I said, outcomes can even be worse when the mother decides to keep the child. Its a personal choice, and no one should be judged for it, and certainly it should not be implied that the women who chat route are 'murderers', as you did earlier. Sorry if you feel thats another 'attack'.

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