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Thoughtful Senators Should Stop Reid

February 4, 2013

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid already is well on his way to making that house of Congress a rubber stamp for whatever he, often at the behest of President Barack Obama, wants to do....

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Feb-04-13 1:35 AM

When Obama was a senator, he and Reid were both on record as supporting filibusters since they were in the minority and it was a procedure to protect the minority from the tyranny of a slim majority. Obama and Reid attacked the Bush-era budget deficits as extravagant and unpatriotic in that they caused the debt ceiling to be raised. Obama/Reid deficits are 3 times those of Geo. Bush. The stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming in this administration's policies. If the Dems do get rid of the filibuster, the Republicans MUST return the favor in spades when they inevitably regain the majority.

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Feb-04-13 6:29 AM

let's pray and hope the NRA stops him cold.

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Feb-04-13 6:45 AM

The republican filibusters have been 3 times as many in four years as the democrats were in 34 years! That is why Reid wants something done. Yes, if republicans gain control then they get those rules as has always been done. Nothing new said here, FedUpL8ly. Obama/Reid deficits are NOT 3 times those of Bush! You probably are not counting the two wars as Bush never had them in his budget.

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Feb-04-13 9:00 AM

"narrow majority"--

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Feb-04-13 11:15 AM

Thee Reid gang is the worse thing I ever saw for the country.

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Feb-04-13 11:52 AM

Hmmm..the dems controlled the congress for so long they forgot it wasn't their personal property. In 96 hey were traumatrised by Gingrich and again with Boehner. They're just hypocrites.

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Feb-04-13 12:43 PM

I've always been of the opinion that when the president and senate majority leader are from the same party, they tend to agree on issues. Especially true when the re-elected president was elected in a landslide vote, and rejection of the opposition.

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Feb-04-13 4:41 PM

my, my, the return of the "live feed" and the pres. didn't call Bengazi a "terrorist attack" until the next day person. What new cover-up did fox, and kim guilfoyle and friends come up?

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Feb-04-13 4:42 PM

--the 3:18pm missing person that is.

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Feb-04-13 5:00 PM

so--are we finished with this topic, now that it's been determined without argument, that this "cover-up" was all a right wing and fox supported scam? And the accusations from fox and fans directed at hillary were baseless and failed miserably.

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Feb-04-13 7:13 PM

there you have it --the only response left --"why did we lose so badly Karl?"--read the 5:53PM post, Sean.

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Feb-04-13 11:52 PM

Gio- First off, the only place your statements are agreed upon are in your head (OK,maybe Howard's too) but your "landslide" is a joke. What is your response to Obama's popularity when he got 9 million fewer votes in 2012 than 2008? If Romney had run a good campaign, he would have won despite the flagrant voter fraud. And Howard, you and Donkeyboy can't seem to figure out the cause and effect relationship between Harry Reid's bypassing committees and debates and then filling up the amendment tree. THEY are the reasons for so many filibusters! And if you don't understand the historical way of passing a bill in the Senate or what the "amendment tree" is, please ask and I'll be happy to explain it to you.

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Feb-04-13 11:55 PM

Also to Gio, I have a nephew (software engineer) who worked side by side with a pilot to fly drones and I assure you a "live feed" is necessary to fly drones.

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Feb-05-13 7:58 AM

Fedup you are hysterical. You still can't get over the fact your boy Mitt got his arse kicked in popular vote and in electoral vote. WHO CARES how many less votes President Obama got in 2012..he still comfortably won the election because your party dismisses any minority group as being important. And you, and you pal Sean Hannity can make as many excuses as you want. As a matter of fact, don't change your way of thinking, or don't change a thing for the 2016 elections. And you will still be here come 2016 making excuses when your boys Rubio or Ryan get their butts kicked. You just don't get it, nor does your party.

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Feb-05-13 8:08 AM

I asked before but will ask again. What is not a real time video? Real time video sounds like an oxymoron to me. Can a video take pictures of something that is not in real time? You must be talking about the stars. I guess that would not be a real time video.

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Feb-05-13 9:00 AM

If that's offensive, how do lyhou explain pulling my "there is no evidence Obama haas ever been ahything but an organizer"? You have real thing skin for somebody with such vocal opinions.

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Feb-05-13 9:27 AM

baseless, off topic,----not worthy of a response.

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Feb-05-13 9:29 AM

2 more examples of why they lost and were rejected by the electorate, and will continue to be rejected by the "people." But, please continue.

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Feb-05-13 10:00 AM

I am a slow thinker because you keep referring to real time video as if there is an alternative. You believe that President Obama and Hillary Clinton were watching the live feed of the attack. There is nothing that will ever convince you, Seadog, of that conspiracy theory so live in your world and have fun with that - I really mean it - it is your heart and soul to love all that is conservative and hate all that is liberal and you should pursue your desires as this great country with it's constitution is set up for everyone to do. Those that may have been watching in real time - would they be able to tell exactly every detail and answer all questions correctly within seconds of the attack as you insist upon knowing? Maybe, but I seriously doubt it.

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Feb-05-13 10:12 AM

thank you for the 10:00am comment-hopefully that will put an end to this rediculous attempt to embarrass yet another member of the administration under the guise of a "COVER-UP." And for those who cry"foul" for pulled offensive comments, I would turn your attention to the 9-25-12 editorial entitled "Weeding Out Website Abusers." Take responsibility for your actions for the good of the blog, and stick to the issues.

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Feb-05-13 10:37 AM

back to the issue--under the label "thoughtful senators" we find mcconnel and rand paul[the fire hillary guy] who both recorded "NAY" votes on the following--PAYCHECK FAIRNESS ACT, SMALL BUSINESS JOBS AND TAX RELIEF AID,MIDDLE CLASS TAX CUTS,CONVENTION ON RIGHTS OF THE DISABLED, ETC. Very "thoughtful senators."

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Feb-05-13 10:45 AM

what does "kool-aid drinking pals that worship Obama" add to this hopefully adult conversation?"

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Feb-05-13 3:07 PM

If every piece of meaningful legislation has and will be blocked as promised by "thoughtful" mcconnel, WITH NAY VOTES FROM RAND PAUL,AND OTHER THOUGHTFUL SENATORS, it appears that Reid HAS ALREADY BEEN STOPPED--LEADING THE WAY FOR THE ELECTION RESULTS OF LAST NOVEMBER. We can only hope that the "stop Reid" strategy continues into 2014 and 2016.

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Feb-05-13 3:51 PM

What stopped the Paycheck Fairness Act,besides the inherent stupidity of paying everyone the same despite marked differences in productivity, is that it became public knowledge that Pelosi,Reid AND the Obama White House all paid their men roughly 40% more than the women on their staffs. Typical hypocrisy. Dems trot these bills out for the benefit of the gullible who will buy into this rubbish and then vote for them. As for those who always want to toss out the "conspiracy" accusations, after reading facts presented in court proceedings, I find the biggest conspiracy is the one concerning Obama's past. I'd like to hear valid reasoning for why ALL of Obama's records need to be sealed. To my knowledge, this is unprecedented in our nation's history. Last,but not least, to the madman, I am an Independent politically, Mitt was not "my guy" but when you consider the alternative, he was certainly the better man insofar as America's future prosperity is concerned.

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Feb-05-13 4:13 PM

the "Paycheck Fairness Act" had nothing whatsoever to do with pres. Obamam or his "past" as suggested in the 3:51pm allegations. The bill, voted down by every "thoughtful" republican and tparty senator,would have "ensured that women are paid the same amount as their male counterparts." No "stupidity" or "hypocricy" as just claimed, a simple bill as stated, defeated for political points. The result was made clear in last november's election results. Another example of why they lost.

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