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Area Churches Should Rally Support

January 25, 2013

To the Readers Forum: It’s been said that we’ve got just as many churches as we’ve got bars....

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Jan-30-13 10:49 AM

Gee monkey, you mean Obama is doomed to stay just as stupid as he is now?

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Jan-29-13 8:53 AM

Our church in Sugar Grove runs on a budget of about $200,000 all of which is donated. For that we administer a day care, a weekly kids program, a pre-school, an after school program, a summer day care program, a food program that gives away 15,000 lbs of food a month, a cancer support group, an alcohol support group, a thrift store whose charter requires all the net proceeds go back to the community, we marry people and later bury them, we provide counseling services, we’ve built additions on houses for people, we sent emissary’s all over the world to represent the USA and for that we don’t pay property taxes or sales taxes. What we don’t pay in taxes is probably made up 20 fold by the services the government doesn’t need to provide.

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Jan-27-13 5:02 PM

Before I disappear monkeyboy, look up the speeches made at the courthouse in Montgomery Al the day of MLK's completion of the march from Selma in '65. Tell me what you find other than his "How long" speech. It will do you good.

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Jan-27-13 4:44 PM

I make no apologies for not fitting the mold your people have been telling me for years that I must adhere to or be labeled. I not only know what's good for society in general as well as the nation, I even know there are only two genders. I'm not the one confused.

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Jan-27-13 4:25 PM

on a small scale what LSS does isn't so bad. but myself, my parents, & my grandparents remembered what LSS like when it was small scale.

now it's simply a large scale money maker. if you decide to move into one of their ranch style homes you must forfeit many holding to LSS.

the police &/or fire dept are there at least once a day on an almost daily basis. they utilize public services often but because of their religious status they're exempt from contributing to the same services they use. that is troubling to me & for that i apologize.

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Jan-27-13 4:20 PM

lol typo city in that last one. rather have more bars than churches. bars contribute to property taxes. churches do not.

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Jan-27-13 4:19 PM

simianlad what does that have to do with the valid points i made?

i'd rather have more bars in jamestown that churches. at least the churches pay property taxes. it's painfully obvious that the real issues of debasing the property tax base is not important to you. that's what my post was about & i'm deeply sorry you failed to understand that.

you have no understanding of the neighborhood surrounding LSS & that's obvious. my grandfather built his home from the ground up. other people in the neighborhood have passed away & their next of kin "donates" the home to LSS for a huge tax write off then LSS (having religious affiliation) pays no taxes on it. if it keeps growing & growing & growing it simply debases the property tax coffers. it's my fault for not simplifying my first post. i'm sorry.

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Jan-26-13 11:54 PM

Jan-25-13 6:58 AM

how about the sprawling campus that LSS has on falconer street? i'm sure very few readers know that over the last 20 years they've also bought at least a half dozen private homes in the neighborhood. they have their own school (for their own troubled students) with gymnasium, etc. private retirement ranch homes. wow.

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Jan-26-13 9:06 PM

Disliking homosexuals is not bigotry. It's a recognition of basic dynamics of plumbing, and healthy social mores.

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Jan-26-13 8:52 PM

Your 1:33 post "you don't think the same sex marriage issue was made political by religion?" says it all.

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Jan-26-13 3:18 PM

You're obviusly an atheist who doesn't understand the work "religion" is not interchangeable with "politics". So many of your snarky posts go unchallenged I figure it's time somebody called you out. But that's what you hit the button from the magic censor. Go to a more appropriate LGBT site where you can be appreciated. Or try Pharyngula.

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Jan-26-13 1:53 PM

Your handle is correct Monkeyboy. It's the Bible, not a progressive courty or congress. Anyone who can't grasp the difference is not capable of rational discussion with higher primates.

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Jan-26-13 10:11 AM

praise the Lord and pass the ammunition...hmm

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Jan-26-13 9:06 AM

some find it impossible to make non political comments on even non political issues, their extreme partizanship "oozes" from them.

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Jan-25-13 10:31 PM

At least there are those who support jobs and value human life over cancerous smoking. I proudly support those eateries who allow allow my spouse and I to eat and drink in a smoke free environment.

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Jan-25-13 5:28 PM

Brenda, get over your bitterness that you couldn't keep your bar.

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Jan-25-13 4:36 PM

BrendaP, have you ever been outside the Chautauqua County for any great length of time? Maybe it's time to get YOUR facts straight for once.

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Jan-25-13 3:42 PM

The last time I looked, many bars have closed in the last 8-10 years. The new bars don't make it and the last time I drove around, the bars are few and far between..Get your facts straight.

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Jan-25-13 3:19 PM

Gays being allowed to marry wasn't made political by religion. My god, you people are brainwashed.

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Jan-25-13 3:17 PM

So the unions give to others, not just their own? Right. Im seeing the massive impact the entitlement attitude has.

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Jan-25-13 1:40 PM

Monkeyboy: Well said.

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Jan-25-13 1:38 PM

In regard to religious non-profits like Heritage Village: as with secular non-profits, the administrators get paid big $$$ while too often the folks doing the dirty work (sometimes quite literally) make very little. I'm NOT in favor of taxing either secular or religious necessarily if their work is worthwhile for the community, and I think that that's measured in the percentage of their funds they spend on services to the community.

I think that any non-profit that doesn't use a minimum percentage of its funds on providing services should have its status revoked (that may be how it works now).

As for churches, I think that they should be treated like secular non-profits and publicly account for how they spend their funds, including having a minimal standard of spending on services to the community at large. After all, that is the assumption behind their tax-free status: that they give back to their community NOT just to their own members.

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Jan-25-13 12:32 PM

wakeup-you mean you went to a church fund raiser dinner and was refused entry? Oh, I get it. You don't go to participate, just receive the bennies. Try that with one of Obama's fund raisers.

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Jan-25-13 11:21 AM

What frustrates me with churches is the fact that everything is a "fundraiser". Instead of charging for a pancake supper or some other meal/event, it should be open to ALL in the community. Churches shun people instead of opening their doors with arms out.

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Jan-25-13 10:57 AM

"A church is the people that belong. They meet in a building and that building is tax free. The people (The Church) pay more than their fair share of taxes." No, this argument makes as much sense as saying that McDonalds is just the employees and customers, who already pay taxes. No, a church is a business, whether we like it or not. The church takes tithes and donations and has other sources of revenue, and some of them are very rich. 15 foot stained glass windows aren't cheap. The church is a business, usually has significant income and takes up land, and should be taxed.

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