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Forget Personal Freedom, Worry About Others

January 17, 2013

To the Readers’ Forum: The motto of America is “In God we Trust,” yet it seems as though guns and freedom are more important than trusting in God....

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Jan-21-13 10:27 AM

Jazzie, for once I agree with you. Go Obama, yes JUST GO AWAY.

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Jan-21-13 8:44 AM

Are they confiscating all bubble guns from the kindergartners in the crowd?

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Jan-20-13 2:10 PM

Go Obama! Go Obama! Go Obama!

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Jan-20-13 11:27 AM

Reuben Bradford Commissioner Colonel Danny R. Stebbins Deputy Commissioner Division of State Police FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 18, 2013

** UPDATE ** STATE POLICE IDENTIFY WEAPONS USED IN SANDY HOOK INVESTIGATION; INVESTIGATION CONTINUES In previous press conferences, the Connecticut State Police clearly identified all of the weapons seized from the crime scene at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

To eliminate any confusion or misinformation, we will again describe and identify the weapons seized at the school crime scene.

Seized inside the school:

#1. Bushmaster .223 caliber-- model XM15-E2S rifle with high capacity 30 round clips

#2. Glock 10 mm handgun

#3. Sig-Sauer P226 9mm handgun

Seized from suspect’s car in parking lot:

#4. Izhmash Canta-12 12 gauge Shotgun (seized from car in parking lot)

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Jan-19-13 5:10 PM

What kind of gun and how much ammo do you want when you are on your roof surrounded by looting, burning murderous scum and you can't get a cop to come because they don't want to inflame the situation or cause an incident? Some of you might be old enough to remember.

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Jan-19-13 12:04 PM

to have a well regulated militia you need to have arms that are at today's standards not the 1700's. I we had to go onto battle with muskets it would make the Mariana Turkey Shoot look like a win for the Japanese.

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Jan-18-13 10:01 PM

He talks about how he supports the rights of responsible gun owners but then blames those same people, criticizing them for not giving up their rights for the sake of public safety. He says there are no easy answers, then clearly answers his own questions by blaming guns and the NRA while treating the second amendment as a public safety hazard. Sounds like this letter wasn't very well thought out.

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Jan-18-13 1:21 PM

riderrr stop posting the definition of an assault rifle some of these geniuses might actually learn something.

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Jan-18-13 12:27 PM

the 2nd doesn't protect high capacity mags because they weren't around at the time.

in other breaking, unrelated news, the 1st doesn't protect the westboro baptist church or the church of scientology as they weren't around at the time either.

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Jan-18-13 11:57 AM

"A New Jersey woman shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond was brutally stabbed Thursday by a deranged stranger - who was recently busted for setting a cat on fire, according to reports.

According to CBS 2, Kerri Dalton, 29, stopped at a Middletown, Monmouth County Bed, Bath & Beyond with her young son.

That’s where Tyrik Haynes, 19, was reportedly lurking.

CBS 2 reports that Haynes stabbed his victim more than a dozen times, puncturing both of her lungs. She was later airlifted to Jersey Shore Medical Center, listed in critical but stable condition".

Let's see if Al Sharpton starts a crusade to ban knives like he said.

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Jan-18-13 11:27 AM

Ed - once again you do not address the issue of the bad guys. Re-instating the death penalty for these manics is one way to curb violence. MANDATORY 20 yr. prison sentances with no parole for anyone committing a crime with a gun is another. 5-10 years for anyone caught selling an illegal weapon. 5 years minimum for anyone with an illegal gun. There'sa few but the bleeding heart left will never allow such things to happen. If anyone has blood on their hands it is the ACLU and the far left that do not believe in the proper punishment.

And Ed - no one is saying the violence is acceptable. Unfortunately a few bad and crazy apples ruin the barrel of law abbiding citizens that have done nothing wrong.

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Jan-18-13 9:58 AM

Here is what I have learned and what I believe in. All responsible citizens have a right to purchase a gun. Everyone has the right to defend themselves. Everyone that likes hunting, target practicing, or wants a gun for personal defense has the right to own a gun, and I will defend their right to own one.

Here what I have an issue with. No one seems to be concerned about the level of violence in this country enough to want to do something about it. I fear we have closed our eyes to the mayhem caused in Columbine, Virginia Tech, Arizona-Gabi Gifford, the Colorado Movie Theater, Sikh Temple, and now Newtown. Do we really want to say this is an acceptable way to live in America?

Please answer my last question instead of ranting about taking guns away. As I said in my first paragraph I agree with the freedom to own a gun. I want a serious discussion on why we have violence, do we want to curb it, and how should we if we really want to.

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Jan-18-13 9:30 AM

The Dems have already labeled conservatives as crazy, dangerous, have blood on their hands, etc. Next step is to legally incarcerate them or confiscate their weapons because they they don't think "mainstream". S.O.S.

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Jan-18-13 9:00 AM

dad gum gubmnt!!!

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Jan-18-13 12:07 AM

there has to be a few rightwing nut morons lingering here that think Sandy Hook was staged by the gov't. Come on, don't be

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Jan-17-13 11:21 PM

Yes, it doesn't mention high capacity magazines, since they didn't exist at the time, which is why it doesn't protect them. lol. It also doesn't mention grenade launchers, which didn't exist at thte time, which is why it doesn't cover them either.

I think a better question is this: why is it so important to you that people can have assault riffles and guns with large magazines? What do they use them for? And why is it so important that its worth continuing to have mass shooting that kill dozens in only a few minutes? I'll wait.

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Jan-17-13 9:47 PM

I bet the holocaust victims believed in God. Preach to them.

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Jan-17-13 9:18 PM

"Kristina – The 2nd amendment is only one sentence long. I cannot find where it mentions magazine capacity. Can you please point that out for me? Read what Scalia said about it.

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Jan-17-13 9:16 PM

"STOP the bad guy" Oh I see what you want. You want government mind control. And here I thought that was something the right was against. You are right no mind control in the bill. Some things you have said you do want, more mandatory sentences, better mental illness reporting. If you don't want government mind control what kind of magic do you have in mind that can stop something before it happens? Wile I am alright with keeping the violently mentally ill locked up that does not address the fact that most of the killers had never been locked up before their killings began.

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Jan-17-13 9:08 PM

Yes Kristina12, I'll be interested in your answer to Larry1.

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Jan-17-13 8:54 PM

Kristina – The 2nd amendment is only one sentence long. I cannot find where it mentions magazine capacity. Can you please point that out for me?

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Jan-17-13 8:25 PM

Sorry Kristina, but:

Al Sharpton Calls for Knife Control Alongside Gun Restrictions By Randy Hall | January 02, 2013 | 22:49

The battle over laws limiting gun ownership and use is far from over, but Rev. Al Sharpton is already looking ahead toward the next “weapon” he feels should be regulated.

During his radio program last Friday, the MSNBC talk show host responded to a caller who asked: “What happens when the criminal goes to knives, Al?” Sharpton's answer: “Then you deal with knives.”

No straw argument, it's just the left want to ban things instead of addressing the problem. Just look at our sheriff who wants to ban tannarite because one moron blew some up Sunday.

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Jan-17-13 7:53 PM

righties love to stereotype and fight with straw arguments. Apparently anyone who disagrees with Seadog has Al Sharpton as a 'pal'. Straw arguments are fun, but lets bring the conversation to the grown up table. Almost no one wants to ban 'all guns' or knives, and the ones that do don't represent the movement for better gun control. The 2nd Amendment doesn't protect guns with unlimited magazine capacity, and the vast majority of guns that people actually own can still be owned. I think righties just need something to scream about.

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Jan-17-13 7:17 PM

evos, wonderful sentiment about striving to reduce gun violence in our society. With drug cartels in 2500 cities, 1.4 million gang members with the most violent gangs composed of up to 90% illegal immigrants, I feel that you could "walk the talk" by being a loud voice for enforcing our immigration laws. You know, the laws that Obama and Dems ignore at our loved ones peril. Maybe you can understand why so many law-abiding gun-owners are so sickened by the hypocrisy of the left.

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Jan-17-13 6:49 PM

So Eddie, kids are the only people who matter to you? Not the countless adults that are around you every day?

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