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Gun Sales Spike In Wake Of Gun Restriction Legislation

January 16, 2013

Business is booming at M&M Sports Den in Jamestown, as is the case with numerous gun shops throughout Chautauqua Count....

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Jan-17-13 1:13 PM

hde120, THANK YOU for mentioning the significance of the Federalist Papers. Most people were simply never taught that the founding documents of this nation are a TRILOGY; The Constitution, The Bill of Rights AND the purposely neglected Federalist Papers. Purposely neglected? During the debates the founders carefully collected (scrap booked?) newspaper editorials and other writings which they believed best expressed the "original intent" of certain aspects of the proposed Constitution. The Federalist is carefully stored away in D.C., along with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is the "original intent" aspect of the Federalist that "living document" believers so hate. Aspects of the Federalist are often quoted in court cases, just as are elements of the other two documents.

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Jan-17-13 8:08 AM

It appears that we should maybe join the current hysteria, and suggest that the evidence shows that all Registered Democrats should be confiscated! We know who they are...they're Registered! Why is it that none of the disturbed and evil men, who steal guns then go and kill movie-goers and children in school, has ever been identified as a Conservative NRA Member? ~Ft Hood: Registered Democrat; Muslim. ~Columbine: Too young to Vote; Both Shooters families were Registered Democrats and Progressive Liberals. ~Virginia Tech: Wrote hate-mail to President Bush and his staff; Registered Democrat. ~Aurora, Colorado: Registered Democrat; Staff worker on the Obama campaign; Occupy Wall Street participant; Progressive Liberal. ~Newtown, Connecticut: Registered Democrat; Hated Christian Niedermaier. Common thread is that All of these Shooters were Progressive Liberal Democrats.

...INTERESTING, isn't it?

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Jan-16-13 10:15 PM

"feel good" of course....Professional Politicians want to make sure that they are on record as to doing "something" so when the next maniac acts out, they can say 'they were on board" with banning weapons...

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Jan-16-13 10:12 PM

You can ban all of these weapons but it won't make much of a difference, we live in a society that has lost it's bearing. Ban weapons all you want, it won't make a difference. The cat is out of the bag, we are screwed as far as gun violence is concerned. The gun ban is a fell-good measure at best.

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Jan-16-13 7:18 PM

"The 2nd Amendment is NOT about hunting." 100% agree! "And yes, the rifle in the picture IS a hunting rifle...." I am still amazed the colonists were able to survive without a 16 inch riffled barrel, collapsible stock, pistol grip, and flash suppressor! Must have been the low capacity "magazines" that did them in at Roanoke.

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Jan-16-13 6:15 PM

link won't work, just Google the Federalist Papers and the 2nd Amendment

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Jan-16-13 6:11 PM

The 2nd Amendment is NOT about hunting. Please read the Federalist Papers and the true meaning of the intent of the 2nd Amendment. ***********guncite****/gc2ndpur.html

And yes, the rifle in the picture IS a hunting rifle....

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Jan-16-13 5:51 PM

Dear Readers,

99.9999999999999999999999999% of NY residents have not been able to purchase the riffle in this photo, or those like it, for the last 20+ years. Why does it seem the article portrays this guy as selling them by the bucket? "Step right in folks! Get your M-4 here! M-4 here! Only one left!" Pre-ban? I doubt it. He must have the necessary clearance allowing law enforcement purchases etc.

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Jan-16-13 4:44 PM

hde, Is that a hunting rifle?

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Jan-16-13 4:22 PM

....sorry.......SO much misconception........

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Jan-16-13 4:22 PM

@ hde120 ~ I agree that there is no much misconception and just plain not understanding weapons. I know the difference between automatic and semi-automatic; I have never seen a military issued rifle compared to the ones being discussed in the media. That said, I am not "afraid" of guns as SO many are - simply because they don't know them. Still, something must give. What is it? Tougher background checks? No internet sale of guns and/or ammo? I dunno, but something..... Unfortunately, rather than have these discussions years ago, Columbine or prior, it took innocent children to evoke these emotions. ALL life is precious and I bet Columbine parents and families are still stinging and not "over" it. Just a sad, sad commentary on our society today to see our Country being divided this way.

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Jan-16-13 4:15 PM

That is not a military weapon. It is not an assault weapon. The military issues true assault weapons, those which can fire more than once with one pull of the trigger, selectfire (3 round burst) or full auto. The weapon he is holding is a semi automatic military STYLE weapon which requires a pull of the trigger for every round fired. It has been demonized by the liberal media. These weapons do not use clips but magazines. The last gun to use a clip was the M-1 Garand. Please Wake up....take your screen name and heed you own advice. I carried an M-16 for 8 years in service of this country and this is NOT the same weapon but a watered down copy. We need to stand up for the 2nd amendment rights because even though you may not agree with it, the ones important to you may be next....

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Jan-16-13 3:56 PM

One more is not the Dems or so-called far lefts making this a political agenda. In fact, President Obama has said on numerous occasions we must keep the politics out of it (when discussing). That said, it becomes political when it goes into law. It is the NRA and right-wings, if you will, that keep saying Dem politicians are using it to further their careers. Perhaps they are the only ones right now that "get it". Mr. Obama does not want to see another Sandy Hook EVER...not because he is a politician, but because he is a father.

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Jan-16-13 3:37 PM

I totally agree with poorpockets. Why do "we" have to be thrown into a "far left, liberal" category? It took a lot of mass shootings to come to this and it involved kids, defensless kids. And STILL NRA is not willing to budge. The ad asking why Obama is permitted to protect his kids in school, but we are not" is a below the belt, low attack ad. I'm a gun owner and I hunt, but NOW IS the time to have strong dialog on MENTAL HEALTH as it relates to guns. The movie theater shooter thought this through and, yes, he succeeded - but he spent weeks if not months amassing guns, clips and ammunition. Shouldn't there be SOME checks and balances on this? How can one look and listen to the heartbroken mothers/fathers and not want to do something? I can't.....

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Jan-16-13 2:35 PM

PleaseWakeUP, I am not saying that assult weapons need to be in the hands of non-military people. We have had laws against most assult weapons for years. What I have a problem with is a pistol that was bout with a clip that holds 10 is now illegal, but 7 is ok. How does that help? This is not a law about automatic weapons. It is a law about semi automatic weapons, and rifles.

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Jan-16-13 2:06 PM

if you look up the school shootings from the last 50 years its been shotguns and .22 rifles that were weapons of choice only a couple were assault rifles and a criminal can get an illegal gun easily, banning the legal sale of something just drives the market into the hands of criminals .. prohibition? try careing when someone shows signs of going off the rails and get them some real help not pill pushing shrinks most these shootings were done by teenagers on prozak look it up

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Jan-16-13 1:58 PM

CCS, thank you for your statement, but why does a military weapon have to be in the hands of non-military folks? Yes, if those things did not exist, I feel that lives could have been saved. Sea, I agree with the death penalty, but in most of these cases, these killers are pulling the guns on themselves. So I reiterate, get these automatic weapons out of existance!

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Jan-16-13 1:57 PM

These children are a casualty of something in this Country that needs to be addressed. They are not by any means the only casualty but they are the most vulnerable and innocent of the list and again I am not getting how wanting to protect and make an attempt to protect anyone has anything to do with the gov. Is that a self serving statement to not admit that something needs to be done. Again I remind you the parents of these children stated that this is not to be confused with political parties or the Gov.not about gun control, but the fact that changes need to be made. I don't know how much more of an honest statement they could have made

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Jan-16-13 1:48 PM

I don't mind some gun laws but its not law abiding people doing these acts its the bad guys and untill our government finds a way to get these guys they will come after us because they know they can find us we will not hide like cowards go after the bad guys make them pay for there actions not us not one of the last school shooting was a legal gun owner

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Jan-16-13 1:45 PM

CCS1994 is one of several who gets it. Several don't. A Shame. Bad guys don't play by the rules.

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Jan-16-13 1:44 PM

I am a parent and a gun owner. My heart goes out to the families affected in Newtown. I have nothing against wanting to do something to prevent things like that from happening in the future. The problem I have is that people think that these laws they are suggesting would have impacted that tragedy. They would not have. I hate the fact that those kids' deaths are being used to further political careers, and not to actually prevent it from happening again.

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Jan-16-13 1:32 PM

Maybe it didn't help this time but perhaps there will be that one time where it will help. Saving just one life is worth the effort and is a start. No-one is trying to take anyones guns away. We are just crying out that there has to be some kind of change to protect the innocent and to put a limit on the types of guns that can be bought. Then thee is the first responder. Do you think hat the law passed is too strict? These people left their homes on Christmas Eve to serve assist and give support to someone they thought neede help! What do youi think the punishment should be for someone who does that kind of horrible act against someone who rist their life to help someone else. Do you not think these people and their families deserve less? This will never get better until we as Americans are willing to put forth a little and admit that there are things in this Country that need to be addressed and that it has nothing to do with the Gov. but with the facts.

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Jan-16-13 1:19 PM

What you saying is never mind trying to save lives if it is going to inconvience your target practice.God forbid anyone should be inconvienced even if it is at the expense of human life!

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Jan-16-13 1:08 PM

I have a small appendage but at least I have a 30 round clip for target practice.. gull darn what in the*****is wrong with you people???

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Jan-16-13 12:44 PM

i find it ironic that on a nat'l standard we do a better job protecting our gov't employees (you can't even bring a pocket knife to a municipal building, metal detectors, armed officers, et. al.) than we do our children.

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