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Chautauqua Watershed Notes

December 7, 2014 After a morning of fieldwork in the swamp, we decided to walk to the lakeshore for a snack break. When we got close to the shore, we saw two of something in the water. more »»

Nature After Dark

December 6, 2014 The night has always been one of my favorite times of day. It turns everything familiar into something unfamiliar and different. This terrified me as a chil. more »»

Can Yoga Help Me Find The Fountain Of Middle Age?

December 6, 2014 Last month I participated in a group lesson to learn the practice of yoga given by a Certified Yoga Instructor and enjoyed it. more »»

Dreaming Of New Binoculars

December 6, 2014 As the holidays approach, serious birders often dream of buying a new pair of binoculars. Good binoculars cost $200 to $500, so they are a serious investment. more »»

Protect Streams For Healthy Lakes

November 30, 2014 What do outbreaks of Eurasian watermilfoil, the most problematic invasive plant in our lakes, excessive lake sedimentation at creek mouths, and flooding all have in common? These problems are all... more »»

Eating Acorns

November 29, 2014 This fall I dabbled in balanophagy — on a very limited basis. It started by chance but I’ve been thinking about it for a few years. more »»

Gift Suggestions For Nature Lovers

November 29, 2014 As the holidays approach, it’s time to think about gifts for nature lovers on your list. Here are some suggestions. more »»

The December Skies

November 29, 2014 Mercury comes out from behind the sun and appears very low in the southwest evening twilight during the last few days in December. more »»

Chautauqua Watershed Notes

November 23, 2014 As I pulled on my well-worn muck boots, my mind raced back to my “dog days.” After carefully tucking in my pant legs, I zipped up my rain jacket and pulled a warm black toque down over my ears. more »»

Surrounded By Amazing Places To Visit

November 22, 2014 The Tundra Swans do not know that it is mid-November, but that does not stop them from migrating through our area in Mid-November every yea. more »»

Murmuration: An Extraordinary Flying Spectacle By The Mundane Starling

November 22, 2014 Over 10 years ago while on a woodland hike with a friend in northwestern Pennsylvania, an intense low pitched pitter-patter sound from overhead startled us. more »»

Do We Really Need Deer Farms?

November 22, 2014 When hunters see a deer, they envision a big buck. Non-hunters are more likely to imagine a costly deer-vehicle collision or denuded backyard shrubs. more »»

Chautauqua Watershed Notes

November 16, 2014 Have you noticed the big, jumbled piles of leaves in some of the otherwise bare trees of the Chautauqua Watershed lately? Most of them are squirrel nests. more »»

Comforts Of Rain

November 15, 2014 It sings to me in the fragile time between sleep and consciousness. Steady, soothing and oddly musical, the raindrops hit the tin roof and capture me. more »»

It’s Time For Project FeederWatch

November 15, 2014 Project FeederWatch, Cornell University’s citizen science program sponsored by the Lab of Ornithology, has begun a new season. New volunteers are always welcome. FeederWatch project director D. more »»

Chautauqua Watershed Notes

November 9, 2014 In late October, I was conducting some fieldwork with one of our conservation interns at our Dobbins Woods Preserve. more »»

A Season To Remember

November 8, 2014 No season is as full of traditions for me as fall. It’s an odd, mixed up season where we transition from summer to winte. more »»

A Dog’s Greeting Starts With A Sniff

November 8, 2014 The domestic dog is genetically a wolf selectively bred by man to create multiple shapes, sizes and qualities. more »»

How To ID Common Feeder Birds

November 8, 2014 Identifying common backyard birds is relatively simple by using a step-by-step procedure. Let’s use a group of familiar species to demonstrate the process. more »»

Chautauqua Watershed Notes

November 2, 2014 At this time of year, we both admire trees for the spectacularly colorful show they provide to our landscape and curse them for the constant supply of leaves they drop on our lawns. more »»



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