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It’s Time For ‘Wrist Flick Syndrome’

April 4, 2015 If October’s shorter days and chilly temperatures cause “trigger itch” among hunters, blame April’s longer days and warmer temperatures for “wrist flick syndrome” among anglers. more »»

A Dog Invents A Delicious Game Of Hide And Seek

April 4, 2015 By Amy Newmark Dogs left home alone will often create their own diversions, as Jennifer Quasha discovered one day after work. She found her dog Winston gnawing at a cookie wrapper. more »»

Give It Your Best Shot

March 29, 2015 This recent photo was taken by Peter Carlo of Jamestown at his Sampson Street residence. A group of at least 12 dear gathered, moving along into Carlo’s back yard undisturbed. more »»

Wild Stewardship

March 29, 2015 As we entered the Wells Bay Preserve, we headed straight to the lakeshore. Sort of. more »»

Woodcocks Return

March 28, 2015 By Jeff Tome How does a bird with worm breath attract a mate? They do it with singing, awesome dance moves and a skydance of amazing proportions. more »»

Do Eyelashes Have A Function? The ‘Eyes’ Have It

March 28, 2015 Long eyelashes in many cultures are a sign of beauty. Long eyelashes enhance the batting of an eye for a flirtatious woman. more »»

Fairy Diddles Nocturnal But Common

March 28, 2015 Recently, the temperature reached 60 degrees, so I headed outside and checked some of my nest boxes. more »»

The April Skies

March 28, 2015 By Ronald W. Kohl Wait until the last week in April to look for the little planet Mercury as it reappears from behind the sun. You’ll find it low in the west-northwest soon after sunset. more »»

What Is Blooming This Time Of Year?

March 22, 2015 At first guess, you might think nothing is blooming this time of year — but look again. more »»

Identifying Early Spring Waterfowl

March 21, 2015 Though songbird migration peaks in May, early spring is a great time to learn and review waterfowl identification. Binoculars and a field guide are the essential tools. more »»

Growing Healthy Vegetable, Flower Transplants

March 21, 2015 Now that winter is nearly over, you may be wanting to try and start your own vegetable and flower transplants from seed. more »»

Connections Made Underground

March 21, 2015 The world looks different from 130 feet below the surface of the earth. I recently had an opportunity to walk into a cave system in Pennsylvania. more »»

We Swim In That?

March 15, 2015 See all the gray, brown and black stuff building up on your car, the roads and your boots this winter? See the gray piles of snowbanks melting everywhere? Guess where much of it goes when it melts?... more »»

Not Dead Yet

March 14, 2015 I think it is fair to say that a lot of us enjoy the smells of Spring. Just thinking of the bouquet of nature’s perfumes makes me smile. more »»

Climb Under A Blanket Of Snow To Keep Warm

March 14, 2015 The Inuit people of Canada and Alaska lived in igloos constructed of packed snow. more »»

Woodcock Are Back

March 14, 2015 After a brief warm-up in the first few days of March, we had our biggest snowfall of winter: 14 inches on March 5. The following morning the thermometer plunged to minus two degrees. more »»

Keeping The Winter Blues At Bay

March 8, 2015 While I am writing this article, I can’t help but gaze out my sliding glass door at calm waters in the canal and fluffy white clouds floating high above in a sea of bright blu. more »»

Helping And Asking

March 7, 2015 There is a phrase that giving is better than receiving. In my more cynical times, it sounded so cliche, but my cynical self was banished one day this winter. more »»

Upcoming Birding Trips

March 7, 2015 Memorable birding opportunities begin in late winter and continue through June. With just a little planning, you can find great field trips close to hom. more »»

Nature Center Celebrates B. Dolores Thompson

March 6, 2015 The Audubon Nature Center took time out recently to celebrate their long association with one of Jamestown most distinguished citizens, B. Dolores Thompson. more »»



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