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Strategic Watershed Planning

November 25, 2012 Stewardship of our Chautauqua watershed is a big commitment. more »»

Evergreen wreaths

November 24, 2012 White spruce, eastern hemlock, eastern white pine. They are shelter to the winter birds in my yard, an escape from daylight for the night-loving owls. more »»

The December skies

November 24, 2012 Look for little Mercury low in the southeastern predawn sky during the first two weeks in December. It will be positioned to the lower left of much brighter Venus. more »»

Look at the moon tonight

November 24, 2012 I look to the heavens on a clear and starry night. Out there black holes and quasars can be a fright. But what I see is a beautiful sight Because moonlight is a comfort and a perfect delight. more »»

Water Lilies: Friend, Foe, Or Both?

November 18, 2012 Of all the aquatic plants, none is more beautiful than the water lily (Nymphaeaceae. more »»

Think before you buy

November 17, 2012 My heart gets a warm glow in it every time I open the freezer door. The freezer is tucked away in the basement between the breaker box, an old well and the recycling bins. more »»

Carolina wrens have adapted

November 17, 2012 On a hike, have you ever been on the opposite side of a fast-moving stream from a friend? It’s really hard to hear them. Wind, rocks or trees also make communication difficult for people and birds. more »»

Hydrilla Is Coming Closer

November 11, 2012 On Saturday, Oct. more »»

When nature calls

November 10, 2012 The spunky little 20-something facilitator of the workshop asked us all to think about something we all do every day, perhaps even several times a day. more »»

Camouflage in nature and war

November 10, 2012 During a visit to Cape May State Park in New Jersey the last weekend in October, just days before Hurricane Sandy reached land, I spotted an adult box turtle crossing the road in front of our... more »»

The Beaver: Autumn Architects, Part 2

November 4, 2012 In last week’s Chautauqua Watershed Notes, I described the conservation benefits and ingenuity of the beaver, North America’s largest rodent and valuable inhabitant of the Chautauqua Watershed. more »»

Owl perceptions

November 3, 2012 Owls have long been recognized in folklore, for better or worse. Depending on the culture, its values and their connection to nature, owls symbolized different, often conflicting concepts. more »»

Translating bird song into English

November 3, 2012 Birding ain’t for sissies. (How’s that for poor English?) It’s one of my favorite sentences, because it’s so tru. more »»

The Beaver: Autumn Architect, Part 1

October 28, 2012 A few weeks ago I was both delighted and dismayed to discover the handiwork of beaver in a nearby wooded wetland, where the furry little engineers had constructed a barrier of aspen and birch... more »»


October 27, 2012 The benefits of a store-bought carrot are that it is packed with vitamins and fiber and it is good for me. more »»

Why run barefoot?

October 27, 2012 The notion that modern man may have evolved from more primitive ancestors possessing the ability to hunt by running down antelope to exhaustion on the African plains, called persistence hunting, I... more »»

Time To Plant A Tree

October 21, 2012 At this time of year, we both admire trees for the spectacularly colorful show they provide to our landscape and curse them for the constant supply of leaves they drop on our lawns. more »»

Natural events 101

October 20, 2012 Talking to a naturalist can be a weird thing. We have a calendar in our head of what is happening outside that is slightly off. more »»

Identify beautiful trees with their autumn colors

October 20, 2012 Autumn was my mother’s favorite season. Having had a birthday in October probably helped. more »»

Paddle Tour Of Wetland Held

October 14, 2012 The Cassadaga Lakes Association and Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy held their second annual “Paddles Across the Lakes” tour on Saturday, Oct. 6, at Cassadaga Lakes. more »»



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