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Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease; Eat Apples, Curry And Walnuts

July 18, 2015 Medical research over the past 50 years has concluded that consumption of plenty of fruits, vegetables and nuts while limiting calories, exercising regularly and challenging one’s mind promotes... more »»

A Bird’s Eye View Of Summer Reading

July 18, 2015 Whether on a beach, a cabin back porch, or even a hammock at home, nothing beats relaxing with an entertaining book on summer vacatio. more »»

Amazing Experiences

July 12, 2015 The owl twitched and glared at me with his deranged countenance as I swept out his cage with a hand broom like I’d done many times before. This owl had always made me uncomfortable. more »»

Butterflies Of Summer

July 11, 2015 Summer is the time of odd sounding questions in my world. more »»

New Mexico: The Land Of Enchantment

July 11, 2015 My wife and I recently enjoyed eight days visiting friends in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Jan Brydon and Terry Canup promised to show us some of their favorite places and feed us great food. more »»

Fire In The Twilight

July 5, 2015 “The firefly’s flame is something for which scientists have no name. I can think of nothing eerier than flying around with an unidentified glow on a person’s posterior. more »»

Wetland Run

July 4, 2015 Are you a runner who is tired of pounding the pavement? Audubon Nature Center has just the race for you. more »»

What Is So Attractive About An Unshaven Face?

July 4, 2015 Why do males have visible facial hair which females lack? The answer evident to many is the male hormone, testosterone. more »»

Meet Eastern Wood-Pewees

July 4, 2015 They are among the least conspicuous birds in the deciduous forest, at least visually. Eastern wood-pewees are usually heard before they’re seen. more »»

Stop The Mudness

June 28, 2015 Why is mud such a concern for Chautauqua Lake? Soil that washes into the lake from construction sites, road ditches, farm fields, yards, stream banks and poorly vegetated forest floors impacts the... more »»

The July Skies

June 27, 2015 Mercury is lost in the solar glare this month. This is the only planet on which astronomers have never witnessed an auroral display. more »»

Sense Of Wonder

June 27, 2015 I recently attended a classical music concert. It’s not my usual musical genre of choice, but I was curious and the company was good. more »»

The Year Of The Chipmunk

June 27, 2015 I don’t know if it’s just me, but chipmunks are tough to ignore this year. more »»

For The Love Of The Lakes

June 21, 2015 For the last 20 years, Chautauqua has been one of my loves. And, I hope that it will remain so for the next 20. more »»

Fireflies In The Dark

June 20, 2015 The dark scared me when I was little, especially my room. The grain of the wood on the closet doors changed into faces and animals in the night. more »»

From Ants To Raccoons, Life Flourishes In A Hollow Tree

June 20, 2015 Ten years ago, a major portion of a mature maple tree in our side yard broke off unexpectedl. more »»

Everyone’s Favorite Turtle

June 20, 2015 Everyone loves box turtles. They are wild, colorful and familiar. But nature is unkind to them. Box turtles reproduce slowly, so it’s difficult for populations to grow. more »»

Ordinarily Extraordinary

June 14, 2015 Some things become valuable, not because of what they are, but because of their rarity. A 100-year-old coin is worth far more than it once was, simply because it has endured the test of time. more »»

Blooming Laurels

June 13, 2015 One of my friends is on a cross-country adventure with her daughter. more »»

Bullfrogs Signal The Beginning Of Summer

June 13, 2015 Camp near or drive by a farm pond or lake on a summer evening, and you’re likely to hear two distinctive sounds. more »»



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