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The Gall Of Some Insects!

October 5, 2014 Have you ever noticed the bulbs that form on the stems of goldenrod? Believe it or not, those bulbs house the larvae of an insect called the goldenrod gall fly. more »»

Falling For Nature

October 4, 2014 When my kids were little, we bid on and won a memorable experience at our church auction — an overnight in Amish country. more »»

Helping Endangered Wildlife One Stamp At A Time

October 4, 2014 With the 100th anniversary of the extinction of the passenger pigeon fresh on our minds, I’m pleased to report an easy and inexpensive way that everyone can help prevent future extinctions of... more »»

Autumn With Apples

September 28, 2014 In the kitchen there are canning jars filled with fresh applesauce lining the shelves. An apple pie cools on the counter. Lunch will include a glass of newly pressed apple cide. more »»

September Perfection

September 27, 2014 There is a day in September when everything is perfect. I don’t mean “perfect” in the unattainable sense. more »»

Real Men Eat Bugs

September 27, 2014 Personally, I have yet to reach this status. The closest I have ventured to eating insects is consuming the “Exo” protein bar made with cricket flour in cacao and peanut butter and jelly flavors. more »»

The October Skies

September 27, 2014 You may need binoculars to spot little Mercury near the east-southeast horizon in morning twilight during the last week of October. more »»

Don’t Feed The Deer

September 27, 2014 Shorter days and chilly mornings remind many of us to fill the bird feeders. And for too many people, it’s also a reminder to resume feeding deer. And that makes wildlife biologists cring. more »»

Who’s Who In Lake Organizations

September 21, 2014 People living around Chautauqua Lake often ask, “Why do we have so many lake and watershed organizations?” There are many levels of government and several organizations responsible for or involved... more »»

Settling Down

September 20, 2014 To live off the grid is a declaration of self-sufficiency. more »»

Oaks And Acorns

September 20, 2014 The concept of conservation, using resources sustainably over time, is relatively new. Early on we learned that even super abundant renewable resources can be depleted. more »»

Help Stop The Invasion

September 14, 2014 Ever hear of water chestnuts? I’m not talking about the ones used in Chinese cooking, but the invasive aquatic plants (Trapa natans) that have the capability of rendering waterways unusable by... more »»

Enchanted Forest

September 13, 2014 This summer I had the good fortune to go on vacation with 16 members of my family. Some may think of this as a week to be tolerated. For me, this was a trip to anticipate with pleasure and enjoy. more »»

Monarch Butterflies On The Rebound?

September 13, 2014 The last few years have been tough on monarch butterflies. Roundup, a widely used agricultural herbicide, kills the milkweed plants monarchs require for egg-layin. more »»

Mother Nature Creates Artistic Masterpieces In Subterranean Caverns

September 13, 2014 Mother Nature is beautiful; Mother Nature is harsh; Mother Nature is creative. Observing geological formations around the world causes us to be in awe and amazed at her other talents as an artist. more »»

A Grandparent’s Impact

September 7, 2014 I spent so much time at my grandparents’ house as a child, and it seems that most of my memories from there are of playing outdoors. My grandmother had a cabinet full of jars in the basement. more »»

Winter Kills, Or Does It?

September 6, 2014 Last winter many readers wrote to ask how wildlife could survive the frigid polar vortices. more »»

True Colors

September 6, 2014 The fall sort of snuck up on me this year. I was driving into work, it was a Thursday, and I was lost in thought for most of the ride. more »»

Fishing With Dad

August 31, 2014 My dad can think up any excuse to go fishing. “Well, I was driving home on 394 and passed over Goose Creek. more »»

Take Out The Trash

August 30, 2014 This summer I started a list. 1.The south branch of Cattaraugus Creek. 2. A small, unnamed beach on Lake Erie. 3. Arkwright Falls. 4. The Chadakoin River. 5. Conewango Creek. 6. more »»



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