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Barn Swallows — Not Just In Barns

August 24, 2013 Here is a typical conversation that I have with fellow birders when I’m trying to bird for swallows. “There’s a swallow. There it goes. Here it comes. I wish it would perch someplac. more »»

It’s A Busy Summer At The CWC

August 18, 2013 The Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy has had a very busy summer. more »»

A Royal Celebration

August 17, 2013 Monarch Butterflies are one of the most recognized and least seen butterflies of the year. Their population is at the lowest it has been since scientists found their overwintering grounds in 1976. more »»

Rifles And Shotguns: What’s?The?Difference?

August 17, 2013 Gun ownership in the United States for target shooting and hunting is a freedom appreciated for more than 200 years. more »»

Nature Writing At Chautauqua

August 11, 2013 Sometimes things in your life are so special that you feel like you are living in a dream. This happened to me a few weeks ago at Chautauqua Institution. more »»

Summer Camp For Adults

August 10, 2013 Most of the time I am a grown up. On the outside, I am a woman who is just beginning to realize she is “elderly” to some. I am retired and always on the lookout for the next adventure. more »»

The Speedy Flycatchers

August 10, 2013 The members of the flycatcher family generally have large heads, “whiskers,” and flat bills with wide bases. It must be hard to catch those flying insects. more »»

Disappearing Monarchs

August 4, 2013 You may have noticed that there is nothing to notice this year regarding Monarch Butterflies. You wouldn’t be the only one. more »»

Wild Lawns

August 3, 2013 My walk about the neighborhood with the dog should have been pleasant. Temperature in the 70s, humidity finally gon. more »»

The Daylily Is A Beauty For A Day

August 3, 2013 The daylily, a popular perennial flower in residential gardens and along country roads, blooms for only a single da. more »»

Whitney For Whitney Bay

July 28, 2013 Growing up in this area has made the health and longevity of Chautauqua Lake very important to me. more »»

Making The Connection

July 27, 2013 As a high school senior preparing to apply for college, I am drowning in advice from teachers, parents, friends’ parents, parents’ friends, my boss, and even a random old man in a library... more »»

Merlin’s Nest At Chautauqua Institution

July 27, 2013 On July 3, Ruth Lundin, president of Jamestown Audubon, invited me to go birding with her at Chautauqua Institution. She had been asked to substitute in leading a bird walk for a friend. more »»

Water To Drink, A Precious Gift

July 21, 2013 A new day dawns. We jump in the shower, grab a cup of coffee, brush our teeth and we’re off. (Oh, and there was probably a flush in there somewhere too. more »»

Audubon Connects Children To Nature Everyday

July 20, 2013 My cousins’ children, who once slept as newborn babes on my chest, are wearing make-up and are taller than I am. more »»

Our Precious Chautauqua Lake Needs Our Help

July 20, 2013 Chautauqua Lake is a haven for birds, fish and water plants. It is a delight for boaters, swimmers, fishermen and sightseer. more »»

CWC Wetland Tour Set For Today

July 14, 2013 This summer, the Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy is seeking public and agency support to conserve two sites: 11 acres of property at Whitney Bay, which including 8 acres of wetlands and floodplain... more »»

Moths And More

July 13, 2013 Moths and lights seem to go together. Leave a porch light on, and it is soon surrounded by moths. Light a fire, and they circle endlessly until engulfed by flames. more »»

Indigo Buntings On Wires Tall Trees And Shrubs

July 13, 2013 Exciting news! Not only have I seen a pair of buntings down the road, I have seen a pair on my property. After all, they do like fields, and shrubby areas. Voila. That’s what I have. more »»

Back In The Kayak Again

July 7, 2013 Finally! I was able to kayak for an entire afternoon the other day. No rain. No wild winds. No work or appointments. Just sunshine, calm waters and lake-lady friends. It was wonderful. more »»



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