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Muscle Makeover Can Enhance Your Well-Being

February 1, 2014 This past summer when I congratulated Lakewood resident, Lyle Hajdu on completing an Ironman triathlon — swim 2 miles, bicycle 112 miles and run a marathon 26 miles — he factitiously told me his... more »»

Is 10 Percent Enough? Part 2 Of 2

January 26, 2014 With 90 percent of the Chautauqua Lake shoreline now filled with mowed grass, yards, roads, parking lots, boat yards and septic systems, 90 percent of the lake’s shoreline has lost most or all of it... more »»

Taking And Making Photographs

January 25, 2014 I started “taking” digital photographs in 2005. I started “making” digital photographs several years later. When you first get a camera, you have a lot to learn. more »»

Snowy Owl

January 25, 2014 Snowy owls are being seen everywhere. I missed a lot of them. I was on the Christmas Bird Count when a friend called me of one at Barcelona Harbor. I couldn’t go. more »»

Is 10 Percent Enough? — Part 1 Of 2

January 19, 2014 Only 10 percent—that’s approximately the amount of natural shoreline remaining on Chautauqua Lake at present. more »»

Snowflake Festival

January 18, 2014 I’m writing this article 18 days before the Snowflake Festival. I look out the window at dirty patches of snow, wide expanses of grass, and muddy little dirt piles turned up by mole. more »»

Eggs: A Miracle Of Life And Good To Eat

January 18, 2014 This week I was offered and accepted a 1¢ pound freshly laid emu egg to scramble on the stove for breakfast. more »»

Enjoying Thoughts Of Winter —1,300 Miles Away

January 12, 2014 rrived in the Chautauqua Watershed, although I’m not physically there to enjoy it right now. “Enjoy it?” I can hear my friends and family sayin. more »»

Feeding The Birds

January 11, 2014 Did you know that you live along one of North America’s main bird migration flyways? More than 500 bird species use the bird superhighway that runs right through your backyard! The bad news is, an... more »»

Sabine’s Gull

January 11, 2014 Ah, if you seen a gull, you’ve seen ‘em all. After all, they’re mostly ring-billed, right? That’s a tempting way to avoid the challenge of identifying these birds over the lake. more »»

A Tiny Winter Tour

January 5, 2014 The wind seems to have icy fingers that search for any break in my clothing. It whistles down my neck and up my sleeves. It searches for my loose pant leg and hunts for bare skin. more »»

‘I Wish You Enough’

January 4, 2014 You should end a year with good company, great memories, and laughter. You should welcome the next one the same way. This actually applies to any moment, not just year’s end. more »»

Time?Has?Come To Accept Fluorescent Light Bulbs

January 4, 2014 Spiral tubular compact fluorescent lamps or light bulbs have been used increasingly in the past 10 years while the more familiar long tubular fluorescent lights have been a common fixture in homes... more »»

Winter Nature Fun

December 29, 2013 The kids are bored with their new toys, and they’re starting to pick on each other. The cat just broke another ornament. Your mother-in-law is re-washing the pan you just washed. more »»

A Winter Walk

December 28, 2013 Bundle up. Coat, hat, mittens, scarf. Don’t take your camera. Stuff your hands in your pockets and leave them there, after you’ve tied your boots of course. more »»

Don’t Feed The?Ducks

December 28, 2013 I know that you all think that I have always been a very careful conservator of nature. How wrong you are. I remember an incident when I was first married. more »»

CWC Expands Lakefront Preserve

December 22, 2013 The Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy, with funds from its members and support of The Lenna Foundation, has purchased a 0. more »»

Snowy Owls For The Solstice

December 21, 2013 Snowy Owls have swept in from a part of the world with no sun to celebrate the shortest day of the year with us. more »»

What Fed?On A Dead Baby Kit Fox?

December 21, 2013 During a trip to the Adirondack Mountains in New York State in late July this year I discovered an intact dead kit fox at the edge of the woods in the back yard of the cabin friends let my wife and ... more »»

Everything Is Connected

December 14, 2013 This past weekend my friend Tara spoke about the recent death of South African President Nelson Mandela. In honor of his life, Tara introduced me to the concept of “Ubuntu. more »»



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