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Ready For A Wooly Winter

October 5, 2013 By Sarah Hatfield Naturalist Winter is hobby time. The days get shorter, the nights longer. The weather turns chilly and the desire for cozy increases. more »»

Waterthrushes At The?Jamestown Audubon

October 5, 2013 An unforgettable memory for me at Jamestown Audubon is the day, with Jennifer Schlick’s help, that I saw not one, but both waterthrush species. Wow. That’s not a common occurrence. more »»

Healthy Habitat For Trout And All Of Us

September 29, 2013 With this cast, the lure is right on target and, after one quick turn of the reel handle, there is that tell-tale heavy swirl and a splash on the water’s surfac. more »»

Making The World A Better Place

September 28, 2013 There are many things out there that make the world a better place. Kind words, thoughtful gestures and volunteers in the community are amongst the things that make the world just a little bit nice. more »»

Flying Ducks Prove Difficult To Identify

September 28, 2013 Waterfowl, a general description for ducks, can be challenging to identify in flight. more »»

Groups Join Efforts?For Healthy Lakes

September 21, 2013 The Cassadaga Lakes Association and Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy have enjoyed a cooperative conservation relationship for healthy Cassadaga Lakes for more than 10 years. more »»

Keep Your Eyes Open For Common Nighthawks

September 21, 2013 The common nighthawk is not a hawk. Hawks are in the Falco and Accipiter families. Nighthawks and nightjars are in the family Caprimulgidae. more »»

An Enchanted Forest

September 20, 2013 I saw a mouse in the kitchen the other day. Out from underneath a cookie sheet cooling on the stove popped a little furry head. It happened so fast I wasn’t sure what it was. more »»

End Of Summer Traditions

September 15, 2013 Thank goodness for traditions. Once established, they tend to give some order and expectations to your life. Many of mine involve quality time with my family. more »»

‘Wearable’ Art

September 14, 2013 I am drawn to natural things. That sounds like a silly thing to say, for a naturalist at least. Obviously I would be drawn to natural things. But this applies even to colors and textures and shapes. more »»

‘M&M’ Season

September 14, 2013 We call it autumn or fall, but we could call the upcoming season of transitions “M&M”—for bird “Migration and Molt. more »»

Up Close?And?Personal With Fruit Flies

September 14, 2013 This is the time of year when old tomatoes, peaches or spoiling bananas sit on the kitchen counters at home. more »»

Blue-Green Algae

September 8, 2013 “It’s always something,” the late Gilda Radner’s hilarious character Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say. It’s always something in the Chautauqua Watershed too. more »»

Visit The Elk?With Audubon

September 7, 2013 Every Discovery Walk at Audubon includes a visit with Liberty, our non-releasable Bald Eagle. The children are always fascinated by her and full of questions. more »»

Rare Sighting Of Sanderling

September 7, 2013 Is the bird in the photo a dunlin? No, the bill is too short, but you’re looking at the same family. Is it a sandpiper? No. Again the bill is too short and it doesn’t curve. more »»

Be A Watershed Defender

September 1, 2013 I’ve spent my whole life exploring nature. Most of my earliest and fondest memories take place outside – collecting ants in jars, flipping rocks in the creek, catching toads and salamanders. more »»

River Cleanup

August 31, 2013 With gloves and old clothes, I arrived with others around 8 a.m. at Buckaloons campground south of Warren, Pa. We fuelled ourselves with donuts and coffee for a trip on the Allegheny River. more »»

Medical Aspects Of Endurance Training For An Ironman Triathlon

August 31, 2013 In the fantasy world, Ironman movies portray a superhero protected by metal armor eager to destroy evil around the world while in a romantic relationship with his boss played by Gwyneth Paltrow,... more »»

A Look At Two Little-Known Trees

August 25, 2013 Finding a plant that is unfamiliar to me is much like stumbling across an unexpected treasure. more »»

Hiking With Grandchildren

August 24, 2013 My father always had a firm belief that nothing provides better family bonding time than communing with the great outdoors. I tend to agre. more »»



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