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When Two Or More Gather

January 3, 2015 Many of us owe our interest in nature to books or films we experienced as children. more »»

Chautauqua Watershed Notes

December 28, 2014 As I age and become less flexible, I do try to be more careful about my outdoor endeavors. more »»

The January Skies

December 27, 2014 Five of the solar system’s planets are visible to the unaided eye and all five can be seen in the night sky this month if the clouds cooperate. more »»

What’s In A Name?

December 27, 2014 In the darkest days of winter, when one needs comforting, I turn to my favorite children’s book, “Anne of Green Gables. more »»

On Making Feeders Selective

December 27, 2014 If you’re bothered by pigeons, crows or starlings at your feeders, I have three solutions. The no-cost answer is to simply welcome all birds to your backyar. more »»

Chautauqua Watershed Notes

December 21, 2014 Right around this time last year, I resolved to walk barefoot every week of the year. I failed, but I learned a lot while failing. Snow can be so cold that it feels like fire. more »»


December 20, 2014 Driving down Route 62 the other day, along the edge of the Allegheny State Forest, I was impressed by the forest, the wildness, the vastness of the treed landscape. more »»

The Turkey Vulture Thrives In The Midst Of Death

December 20, 2014 The turkey vulture, a common Chautauqua County hawk-like bird, is a marvel of evolution since it has found a dietary niche to consume dead animals, known as carrio. more »»

The Shortest Day Of The Year

December 20, 2014 The first day of winter, Dec. 21, is defined by the year’s shortest day and longest night. It is cause to celebrate because each new day brings more daylight and less darkness. more »»

Chautauqua Watershed Notes

December 14, 2014 It is late fall and the time of year when visual reminders of winter’s onset are evident across the landscape. more »»

Frozen Puddles

December 13, 2014 Wolf Run Road meanders through a beautiful valley in Allegany State Park. more »»

Planting A Live Christmas Tree

December 13, 2014 By annually selecting and planting a different species of conifer for my Christmas tree, I have been able to enjoy an interesting and diverse collection of evergreens around my property. more »»

Odds And Ends

December 13, 2014 ¯ Last week’s column on binoculars mentioned that 10-power or stronger optics can be difficult to hold steady, and that’s why I prefer eight-power binoculars. more »»

Chautauqua Watershed Notes

December 7, 2014 After a morning of fieldwork in the swamp, we decided to walk to the lakeshore for a snack break. When we got close to the shore, we saw two of something in the water. more »»

Nature After Dark

December 6, 2014 The night has always been one of my favorite times of day. It turns everything familiar into something unfamiliar and different. This terrified me as a chil. more »»

Can Yoga Help Me Find The Fountain Of Middle Age?

December 6, 2014 Last month I participated in a group lesson to learn the practice of yoga given by a Certified Yoga Instructor and enjoyed it. more »»

Dreaming Of New Binoculars

December 6, 2014 As the holidays approach, serious birders often dream of buying a new pair of binoculars. Good binoculars cost $200 to $500, so they are a serious investment. more »»

Protect Streams For Healthy Lakes

November 30, 2014 What do outbreaks of Eurasian watermilfoil, the most problematic invasive plant in our lakes, excessive lake sedimentation at creek mouths, and flooding all have in common? These problems are all... more »»

Eating Acorns

November 29, 2014 This fall I dabbled in balanophagy — on a very limited basis. It started by chance but I’ve been thinking about it for a few years. more »»

Gift Suggestions For Nature Lovers

November 29, 2014 As the holidays approach, it’s time to think about gifts for nature lovers on your list. Here are some suggestions. more »»



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