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Natural Shoreline Helps Chautauqua Lake Health

August 17, 2014 In the fight against the degradation of Chautauqua Lake’s waters, lakeshore gardens are the final defenders against the onslaught of nutrient-filled storm runoff. more »»

Harmful Algal Blooms

August 16, 2014 During the first four days of August, the Western Basin of Lake Erie made national news. A harmful algal bloom (HAB) threatened the water supply near Toledo, Ohio. more »»

Will Automobiles Ever Achieve 100 Miles Per Gallon?

August 16, 2014 Recently, I learned how a local gentleman accepted a personal challenge to conserve limited global reserves of oil by producing a highly fuel efficient motor vehicl. more »»

Natural Instincts

August 16, 2014 When I was 7 years old, my favorite thing in the world was a treehouse. My neighbor’s treehouse wasn’t very big, maybe 12 feet by 12 feet. more »»

Dock Fishing — Part II

August 10, 2014 As promised, I am back to report on the neighborhood fishing rivalry. And, up until this morning, I didn’t have great news from my dock. more »»

The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

August 9, 2014 Bending in the wind with its twigs and branches flexing at its rounded top, the Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) tree is an iconic species inhabiting the eastern United States. more »»

Spittlebugs, Galls And Evening Singers

August 9, 2014 Insects thrive during the warmth of summer, and many are conspicuous and familiar. more »»

Money Allocated For Fighting Fires To Run Out

August 9, 2014 WASHINGTON — The U.S. Forest Service will soon have to scale back some projects designed to help prevent wildfires so that it can meet the expenses of fighting this summer’s round of fires. more »»

Buzzz, Buzzzzzz, Slap!

August 3, 2014 Buzzz. Slap. Buzzzzzzzz. Slap! This is one of the many sounds of summer, which is often followed by a few choice words. The rainy summer we have had seems to have been perfect for mosquitoe. more »»

Blackberries Bring Summer’s End

August 2, 2014 As a little girl, I can remember — perhaps less vividly then I would like — hot and humid August afternoons, impatiently swinging a white plastic bucket by its flimsy handle down a freshly mowed... more »»

Hummingbird Guilt

August 2, 2014 When my wife and I left on vacation on July 21, I felt pangs of guilt. I had been hosting a growing number of ruby-throated hummingbirds at my feeders since early Ma. more »»

Able Weevil, Evil Beetle

August 2, 2014 One month ago a fellow bird dog training club member discovered tiny brown bugs infesting grain he stored in his garage to feed our club pigeons. more »»

Frogs An Indicator Species

July 27, 2014 Amphibians, and specifically frogs, are classified as something called an “indicator species. more »»

Are There Good Caterpillars?

July 26, 2014 I have a distinct memory from when I was a kid of finding a huge green caterpillar in the yard. It had a spike on one end and was wandering through the grass. more »»

Some Books For The Rest Of Summer

July 26, 2014 Relaxing in a hammock with a good book is a great way to a warm summer afternoon. Here are a few titles that have recently caught my eye. “The Last Appalachian Wolf” (2014) by Edwin D. more »»

Native Wildflowers In My Yard

July 26, 2014 Hi folks! Welcome to my yard. I’m so happy to be able to give you a tour of my native wildflowers. Please watch your step. I am black and blue from falling over roots, rocks and my own tiny feet. more »»

Jamestown’s Secret River

July 20, 2014 Chautauqua Lake is fed by a number of inlets and springs that spill down its 176-square-mile watershed, but it has only one outlet, the Chadakoin Rive. more »»

Managing Stormwater

July 13, 2014 Recent storms walloped our region with significant flooding and erosion, causing property damage and costly repairs for landowners and municipalities. more »»

Audubon’s Wild 5K

July 12, 2014 She sits serenely, gazing down with intent eyes on the school-aged children searching the enclosure for her. more »»

A New Bird At My Feeder

July 12, 2014 The guests were my very good friends, Dave and Anita Cooney, leaders at the Jamestown Audubon Society, good cooks and fabulous birders. This time, I cooked. more »»



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