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Editor's Note

February 7, 2015 At the age of 26, I’m becoming much more aware of the benefits and importance of supporting local businesses. more »»

A Lakewood Lens

February 7, 2015 I think American tourist destinations should take a page from Iceland’s marketing campaign for a little inspiration—even Chautauqua County. more »»

She Left For Good? That’s Good

February 4, 2015 Off she went for a week — to Mexico. I don’t blame her. Temperatures there last week were in the high 70s. more »»

Be Careful What You Say

February 1, 2015 On Sept. 24, 2012, the Green Bay Packers traveled to Seattle to face the Seahawks in an early-season NFL game. more »»

Use Up, Make Do, Wear It Out, Go Without

February 1, 2015 The title of this piece says it all! This past week, I have been reading about the Great Depression. more »»

From The Comfort Of Your Own Home: The Growth Of Online Dating

February 1, 2015 Online dating. This growing industry has afforded folks an opportunity to connect with others in the comfort of their hom. more »»

Editor's Note

January 31, 2015 With the departure of Aeropostale from the Chautauqua Mall completed this week, another space sits vacant where bright lights and music used to emanate. more »»

A Lakewood Lens

January 31, 2015 I’m painting an old rocking chair, which is really quite bold of me if you could have seen the mess I made painting my kitchen 10 years ago. The results of those efforts made family lore. more »»

The Often Forgotten Ones

January 25, 2015 Having often gone to the theater and seen wonderfully entertaining musicals, dramas, and comedies, and having been to many amazing concerts of a very wide variety of genres, I have often talked abou... more »»

Ready, Set, Bake!

January 25, 2015 Yesterday I went on a treasure hunt in my pantry cupboard. I knew that I used to make a pull-apart in a small ring pan. more »»

The Creative Path To Humbleness

January 24, 2015 Humbleness is one of the finest of the human virtues. We’re beholden to remember that none of us are more special than the rest; everyone puts on their pants the same way in the morning. more »»

Editor's Note

January 24, 2015 Millions of Americans do their shopping online. This week, I decided to join their ranks. more »»

Cirneco Dell’Etna Is A Newly Recognized Breed

January 24, 2015 I was very excited to see that the Cirneco Dell’Etna was one of the four breeds newly recognized by the American Kennel Club. more »»

Plots, Alliances, Betrayals

January 24, 2015 BUFFALO — Shakespeare suggested that all the world is a stage, and each of us plays a number of roles, which we have to fit together in order to survive. more »»

Reincarnation Of A Senescent Superhero

January 21, 2015 When I was a child, I played with the things of a child. Then I became a man. I put away the things of a child. more »»

I’ve Got Your Back: Officers Need To Have Elected Officials In Their Corner

January 18, 2015 At the recent funerals for two New York City police officers tragically ambushed and killed by a protester of two civilian tragic deaths in separate altercations with police officers, a number of... more »»

Do You Have An Inner Voice Telling You What To Do? You May Want To Listen

January 18, 2015 Synchronicity. Many of us have used ‘‘coincidence’’ synonymously. Books on the subject have been written, workshops performed to help more clearly define the often expressed unexplained phenomena. more »»

Cod Fish And Libraries

January 17, 2015 You’ve heard of the cod fish. It’s a long white bottom feeder that lives in the North Atlantic waters and has been a coveted commodity for eons. more »»

Editor's Note

January 17, 2015 With a cup of coffee and a hammer, our bathroom renovation began with a bang last weekend. more »»

When A Stranger Calls

January 11, 2015 A recent subject I introduced spoke to a matter of connecting with strangers. A prime example proposed was merely smiling or saying, “Hello, how are you?” to a stranger. more »»



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