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Editor's Note

February 13, 2016 There was a column written in 1997 by Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune titled “Wear Sunscreen. more »»

Clean House, Clean Mind

February 10, 2016 This year is bringing small, but good changes to my life, dear reader. more »»

Be In Charge Of Your Joy

February 7, 2016 My most recent article invited the readership to rise above the daily dose of negativity that envelopes us. “Easy to say, hard to do,” some may respond. more »»

Could Life Be A Video Game?

February 7, 2016 I’ve returned to a hobby I picked up during my college years: designing computer games. As I’ve learned more about how to make a great game, I’ve also learned a thing or two about human nature. more »»

Entertainment Or Disrespect?

February 7, 2016 In the early days of the television channel TV Land I was extremely excited as the channel included many old-time television programs I watched growing up, some of them shown in black and whit. more »»

A Blast From The Past: ‘Grease’ Brings Back Memories

February 7, 2016 Somehow I heard about the live recreation of “Grease” that aired on Sunday, Jan. 31 so I set my auto tune to enjoy it. I was not disappointed. So many memories flashed back from that era. more »»

A Closer Look At Murphy’s Law

February 6, 2016 There is a switch in the universe that can be turned to one of two positions: “difficult” or “not difficult. more »»

Editor's Note

February 6, 2016 I have expressed my love of food in this column several times. Inches of ink have consisted of prose about pizza or my favorite local restaurants. more »»

Don’t Listen To The Lies

February 3, 2016 Have you ever had something happen where you thought, “Oh, no! How is this ever going to be OK?” I’m a little dramatic and a bit of a worry wart, so these things tend to happen more often than not b... more »»

Diagnosing ‘The Promised Land Complex’ — The Itch To Hitch

January 31, 2016 It is around this time of the year — when temperatures plunge below zero, the wind bites at your face, and snow piles around the roads in towering muddy ramparts — when I consider my choice to remai... more »»

Giving Words Of Wisdom

January 31, 2016 As a preface to this week’s piece, last week I added an R.I.P. after the name of a former instructor of mine, Dr. Pat Damore, as I thought I read a few years ago that he passed away. more »»

Yoyo Weather Is Not Good For Anyone

January 31, 2016 Think back one month ago today. Our idyllic snow covered trees were nowhere to be found. Currier and Ives was the only thing that reminded us of the white Christmas that we usually have. more »»

Here’s To Planet X

January 30, 2016 A famous physicist proclaimed recently that we are reaching the limits of what we can know and understand about the world through science. more »»

Editor's Note

January 30, 2016 I had a childish fit after putting my coat on before work one day this week, right before I put on one pair of boots in place of another which were soaked from trudging through slush earlier in the... more »»

Video Games: Sometimes A Needed Escape

January 27, 2016 My husband and I have created a monster — or at least, a video game nerd. We recently went to the local video game store to peruse some nostalgic video gaming options for our household. more »»

You Can Drop Your Medicare Advantage Plan Before Feb. 14

January 27, 2016 Question: I read your article last time about the difference between a Medicare Advantage Plan and a Medicare + Medicare Supplement Plan. I am thinking I would like to change my insurance. more »»

As Easy As Ordering Pizza? Not

January 24, 2016 Over the past few months, I have been receiving what I consider the greatest example of spam email as there can be — notices of how I can earn a degree in teaching (obviously they don’t know my age)... more »»

Home-Cooked Meals Are The Best Way To Eat

January 24, 2016 Yesterday I made myself a chef salad to go with some pasta. I used homemade vinaigrette that I happened to have in the refrigerator and the salad tasted delicious. more »»

Songs Of Joy

January 24, 2016 This article is inspired by the current state of worldly events. I’m especially driven to shed light on the rampant violence, destruction, oppression and negativity that prevails. more »»

Are You Tired Of The Opinion War? Why The Heart Rules The Head

January 24, 2016 You may have noticed that this column took a hiatus; it wasn’t just because of the hectic holidays. more »»



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