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Why Are Some People So Mean?

December 6, 2015 How come you’re so mean? What makes you so mean? Have you ever had those thoughts, those feelings about anyone in particular? Perhaps a family member, a work colleague or someone you’ve observed fro... more »»

Editor's Note

December 5, 2015 I saw an article this week on about all of the shootings that have happened this year in the United States. more »»

Where’s Charlie Brown When You Need Him?

December 5, 2015 This holiday season, I’m reminded of a story about the Native Americans and their confusion over the Europeans’ obsession with gold. more »»

Gingerbread Houses: A Matter Of Perspective

December 2, 2015 I am currently listening to Pentatonix “That’s Christmas To Me” and I’m sure if everyone in the office could hear it, they would throw something at me. more »»

Stuck In A Web Of Three Different Generations

November 29, 2015 “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” featured a song and dance routine called “The Time Warp,” which I sometimes find myself in at certain times in my daily routines. more »»

Advent Begins This Weekend

November 29, 2015 This weekend the season of Advent in the Christian church will begin. What exactly is the advent season? It is the four Sundays that immediately precede Christmas Day. more »»

Thinking About Dog Food

November 28, 2015 Christmas arrived early for my dogs with a large box of dog treats, sent from more »»

A Chat With The New Mayor-Elect Of Lakewood

November 28, 2015 Residents in Lakewood decided it was time to make room for some new energy and elected Cara Birrittieri as its mayor. more »»

Editor's Note

November 28, 2015 Earlier this month, my sister asked me if I’d like to run in a Turkey Trot on Presque Isle in Erie on Thanksgiving Day. “I don’t know,” I kept telling her. more »»

Giving Thanks

November 25, 2015 I have always loved Thanksgiving, but not always for the right reasons. When I was a kid, I always focused on the gathering of relatives and the awesome turkey my mom made. more »»

Time, Once Again, To Be Thankful

November 22, 2015 I like to think that I am what I am today, I have what I have today and what I’m able to do and have done in my life has been through hard work, perseverance, sometimes stubbornness and determination. more »»

Time For Another Gathering Of The Clan

November 22, 2015 This week, two of my cousins and I met for lunch. We do not get together that often even though we live only 50 miles apart. I had not seen my cousin since she lost her husband to cancer this summe. more »»

Going Into Retirement

November 22, 2015 My first article, written some long time ago, addressed retirement. I was in that new chapter, that new phase of uncertainty in my life. more »»

Those Crazy Pilgrims

November 21, 2015 You might remember that Gov. William Bradford — the second governor of Plymouth Plantation — kept a diary — a tell-all of the harrowing story of the Pilgrim’s settlement in the New World. more »»

Editor's Note

November 21, 2015 I’ve been angry at myself for not writing about veterans in my column on the Saturday before Veterans Day. How could it have slipped my mind? I’ve long had a passion for those who serve this countr. more »»

Big City Lights, Small Town Hope

November 18, 2015 They’ve lit up the lights downtown on the trees and lampposts, which makes it look like a much bigger city than it i. more »»

Sunkmanitu Tanka Ob Waci

November 15, 2015 During a recent free HBO and Cinemax preview through Direct TV, they were showing a number of fairly popular, and good movies, some Sally and I hadn’t seen on the big screen. more »»

Holidays Mean Different Things To Different People

November 15, 2015 Years ago someone had the bright idea to change as many of the holidays as practical to occur on a Monday, thus creating numerous long weekends. more »»

Dear America: Please Stop Policing The World

November 15, 2015 President Obama has, as usual, fallen short on one of the seminal promises of his candidacy — the withdrawal of United States forces from Afghanistan and an end to the 14-year war — when he announce... more »»

Editor's Note

November 14, 2015 I’ve been picking up extra serving shifts lately in order to save money for Christmas. I prefer to spend the cash instead of swiping a card and facing the dreaded bill later on. more »»



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