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Camp Onyahsa: It’s The Only Place For Me

May 14, 2016 I took a ride around the lake the other day and what I liked most was visiting the places that loom so large in my memory. more »»

Editor's Note

May 14, 2016 For those of you who don’t know, Scott Shelters, city editor, has left The Post- Journal. He was hired in 2011 as a reporter and became an editor in 2012. more »»

I Have Learned To Not Detest Cats

May 11, 2016 How would you feel if you suddenly grew a third arm? I did not grow a third arm. But I no longer detest cats. more »»

The Zen Of The Johnson Aunts

May 8, 2016 Throughout my life, I would visit my three paternal aunts who lived in adjacent houses on a Southside hill in Jamestown. more »»

Calling For Mother

May 8, 2016 “Mom, Mom, Mom, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mama, Mama, Mama, Ma, Ma…” That’s one of Sally’s ringtones on her phone that she sometimes uses notifying her that our son, Jon, is calling her. more »»

When Mother Is A Best Friend

May 8, 2016 Think about your relationship with your mother. How do you view her? Is she your best friend and ally? I think when children are young they do not fully appreciate the concept of motherhood. more »»

Editor's Note

May 7, 2016 The seven-month-old niece of my co-worker Sallie Walker made a special visit to The Post-Journal on Wednesday. more »»

One Word For A Mother

May 7, 2016 I was trying to think of a word that perfectly exemplifies motherhood, but how do you wrap up a lifetime of love and commitment and put it into one little word? But then I stumbled upon the word... more »»

You’re Not A Hobbit — Don’t Live In A Hole

May 4, 2016 Have you ever had a bad day that left you feeling like you’ve been dropped into a deep, deep hole that seems to be a million feet down? I’ve had one of those days. more »»

Some Conspiracy Theorists Mentally Ill, Others Not

May 1, 2016 Conspiracy theories ... real or contrived? Perhaps President Kennedy’s assassination opened up the doors for conspiracy believers to have a place at the table. more »»

The Legend Behind Our Local Legends

May 1, 2016 Over the past year or so, Jamestown has sadly bid farewell to Jim McCusker, Jim Roselle, and most recently Post-Journal sports editor Jim Riggs. more »»

It All Began With An Old Silver Trombone

May 1, 2016 When the children were in elementary school, they each in turn opted to learn to play a musical instrument. Todd had to choose first, since he was a year older. more »»

Editor's Note

April 30, 2016 I’ve been thinking a lot about death lately, but not in a doom-and-gloom sense of the word. more »»

The Two ‘H’ Words: Husbands And Home Improvement

April 30, 2016 My mother kept telling me to watch the HGTV show “Fixer-Upper,” saying what a cute couple it is that runs around Waco, Texas, making masterpieces out of houses most of us would drive by. more »»

The Time Is Now, Not Later

April 27, 2016 Did you ever eat the candy, Now and Later? For those of you who haven’t, the candies come in little squares and are in a variety of colors. It’s a chewy, salt-water taffy kind of candy. more »»

Remembering My Father

April 24, 2016 My father loved stories. As far back as I can remember, he was reading stories or telling stories. He was the youngest child and the only boy born to Ben Johnson and his Finnish wife, Martha. more »»

We Did Survive

April 24, 2016 Gloria Gaynor hit the record charts in the late ’70s with a song titled “I Will Survive” that eventually became a featured song in one of my favorite movies, “The Replacements,” starring Keanu Reeve... more »»

Learning To Lighten Things Up

April 24, 2016 Everyone in my family has an interest in lightening up the food we eat. When I read a recipe or see something made I think about how I could make it lighte. more »»

It’s Still The Taxes, New York

April 23, 2016 I just read about a family in New York City looking to buy a house and the whole story is indicative of what’s going on out there in real estate. It isn’t pretty. more »»

Editor's Note

April 23, 2016 A reader who commented on Thursday’s question of the day (Have you ever planted a tree?) wrote: “Plant, cut, burn, paint, photograph, trim, clean up after, eat the fruit of and climb. I love trees. more »»



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