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Does Progressivism Lead To Progress?

October 17, 2015 Progressive ideas have a certain appeal to a wide swath of people. more »»

For The Good Of The Nation

October 11, 2015 Now is the time for all citizens to participate in national service as a coming of age and a coming of responsibility from adolescence to adulthood. more »»

Should We Compel Volunteerism?

October 11, 2015 Volunteering our time and donating money to moral causes is part of America’s DNA. more »»

Help, My Smartphone Has Me Hostage

October 11, 2015 Increasingly, we often expect each other to be smartphone-available nearly 24/7. Or we act as if this is the case. Over time, this can lead to feelings of exhaustion and a sense of entrapment. more »»

Addressing Chautauqua Lake’s Algae Issue

October 11, 2015 Recently, I had lunch with Courtney Wigdahl-Perry, an assistant professor at the State University at Fredonia. Dr. more »»

Dreamers Hold The Future

October 10, 2015 The current rate of progress in technology is astounding. more »»

Fasten Your Seat Belts, Chautauqua County Is ‘On The Move’

October 4, 2015 Just over one year ago, I presented my first budget as your County Executive with an opening slide which said: “Approaching the tipping point; moving from surviving to thriving.” On Sept. more »»

Did We Learn Anything From the Solyndra Debacle?

October 4, 2015 As if Solyndra’s monumental failure was not enough of a blow to taxpayers, a new report from the Department of Energy inspector general four years in the making finds the infamous solar company... more »»

Bernie Sanders Seeks Infantile America

October 4, 2015 The raucous welcomes and thundering applause that have greeted America’s newest (and oldest) political rock star, the septuagenarian Bernie Sanders, have launched a cottage industry of puzzled... more »»

How The Unseen Effect Of Regulation Harms Economic Growth

October 4, 2015 The 2015 Economic Freedom of the World report was recently released and out of the 157 countries ranked the United States fell from the 12th slot in 2014 to 16t. more »»

Why We Are Seer Suckers

October 3, 2015 Scott Armstrong from the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania gave us the Seer Sucker Theory: “No matter how much evidence exists that seers do not exist, suckers will pay fo... more »»

Is Political Polarization Really So Bad?

September 27, 2015 Political polarization is a serious problem for the United States because it impedes steps necessary to solve mounting national problems. more »»

The Positive Side Of Political Polarization

September 27, 2015 Three weeks before Halloween in 2002, the chambers of Congress considered House Joint Resolution 114. In non-Congress-speak, that meant the U.S. more »»

Shale Revolution Revitalizes US Manufacturing

September 27, 2015 Quietly but unquestionably, the shale revolution has jumpstarted a U.S. manufacturing sector long thought in terminal decline. more »»

Improving Data On Higher Education

September 27, 2015 A little over a week ago the Obama administration released version 2. more »»

Common Good Is Not The Goal

September 26, 2015 Pope Francis is a nice enough guy, described as a lovely and good man. He talks a lot about the poor, says compassionate things, and kisses little children. more »»

What Do We Mean By ‘Representative Government’?

September 20, 2015 With a presidential election year fast approaching, we’re in for a lot of public talk about the state of American democracy. more »»

The Unseen Casualties Of EPA’s Climate Agenda

September 20, 2015 Since the Environmental Protection Agency, unilaterally and without congressional authorization, conferred on itself the power to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant, many changes have taken plac... more »»

Your Life Expectancy And Your Social Security Are Intertwined

September 20, 2015 According to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, life expectancy in the United States is the longest ever, approaching 79 year. more »»

In The Heat Of Election Season, Universities Left In The Cold

September 20, 2015 With the surprising emergence of a boisterous Donald Trump and the growing concerns about truthfulness surrounding Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, a dozen leaders from significant state... more »»



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