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The End Of QE: Now What?

November 9, 2014 The end of October also marks the end of one of the greatest financial experiments of our time. more »»

Rethinking Hillary 2016

November 9, 2014 WASHINGTON — Now that two of the last three Democratic presidencies have been emphatically judged to have been failures, the world’s oldest political party — the primary architect of this nation’s... more »»

Harry’s Miscalculation

November 9, 2014 Some of the lessons from our recent election are subtle. One is that Senate leader Harry Reid made a gigantic miscalculation. more »»

Veterans’ Job Retention Remains Puzzling

November 9, 2014 For a business, attracting, recruiting and hiring veterans are the right things to do. After all, it is patriotic, has community appeal and can carry tax incentives up to $5,600. more »»

Dropping In On The Veteran Down The Street

November 9, 2014 A few weeks ago, I dropped in on Russ Post, an 89-year-old war veteran who happens to live on my street. more »»

The Kumbaya Temptation

November 8, 2014 Nov. 4 was a national vote of no confidence in Barack Obama. Had a British prime minister received a vote like this, he would have resigned by now. more »»

The Economics Of Ebola

November 8, 2014 Ebola is a terrible disease, killing a significant percentage of people who are infected. more »»

Time To Dust Off My Reproductive Freedom Flag

November 7, 2014 The morning after the Republicans won, well, just about everything, I spent a good half-hour staring at a favorite piece of artwork that hangs in a prominent place in our home. more »»

Scholar-Athlete Charade

November 7, 2014 Last year’s column “Dishonest Educators” (1/9/2013) reported on the largest school cheating scandal in U.S. history. more »»

Voter Fraud And Voter ID

November 6, 2014 One of the biggest voter frauds may be the idea promoted by Attorney General Eric Holder and others that there is no voter fraud, that laws requiring voters to have a photo identification are just... more »»

Hey, Baby. What About Manners?

November 6, 2014 Never before have so many people watched an expressionless woman in a nondescript outfit traipse through New York Cit. more »»

Cruz Is The Republican Who Needs A History Lesson

November 5, 2014 WASHINGTON — Sen. more »»

When Money Speaks, The Truth Is Silent

November 5, 2014 Let’s hear a round of applause. This year’s last negative TV ad has been aired and the last check, from an anonymous donor, has finally been cashe. more »»

The Stakes On Tuesday

November 2, 2014 WASHINGTON — Mix a pitcher of martinis Tuesday evening to fortify yourself against the torrent of election returns painting a pointillist portrait of the nation’s mind. more »»

Candidates At A Saloon

November 2, 2014 The gabfest of our election campaigns carries me back to my ol’ man’s saloon. Late on a Saturday night we heard solutions to every problem facing humanity. more »»

Can We Trust Voters To Make Informed Decisions?

November 2, 2014 Counting down the days to this year’s idterms, we implicitly trust voters are prepared to make an informed decision at the ballot box. more »»

We Need Business- Friendly Energy Policies

November 2, 2014 Although you wouldn’t know it anywhere but here in Oregon, we’re having an election for United States Senator. more »»

Breaking News: WMD’s In Iraq

November 2, 2014 Two weeks ago, the New York Times ran a piece on U.S. soldiers who were tragically injured in Iraq by decaying chemical weapons leftover from the days of Saddam Hussein. more »»

Firing Of JHS Track Assistant Coach Is Unfair

November 2, 2014 The firing of an assistant high school coach may not seem an important matter. more »»

The Coming November Wars

November 1, 2014 As it stands today, Republicans will add seats in the House and recapture the Senate on Tuesda. more »»



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