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Affordable Care Act Not Working As Intended

November 22, 2015 When the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” passed five years ago, government prognosticators and private research organizations projected between 21 million and 27 million exchange enrollees in... more »»

The F-Word Versus The S-Word

November 21, 2015 The horrors of fascism have been pounded into everyone’s heads for decades, with visceral reactions of disgust and revulsion being carefully cultivated through visions of the German holocaust. more »»

Debating Common Core

November 15, 2015 Common Core is the latest in a series of failed federal education reforms. The goal was for individual states to adopt these national academic standards and tests. more »»

More Agreement Than Disagreement On Raising Common Core Standards

November 15, 2015 The irony of the controversy over the Common Core is that proponents and opponents actually agree on much more than we disagree on. more »»

Immigration Nourishes Our Nation, Is Supported By Majority Of Americans

November 15, 2015 Thanks to the presidential candidates, immigration is once again at the forefront of the national agenda. more »»

The Real Question About Fantasy Sports Gambling the GOP Debate Missed

November 15, 2015 In this clown-car of a GOP primary, it’s inevitable that the discussion will sometimes veer onto more superficial avenues of questioning. more »»

Speak His Mind? Sure, If He Has A Brain

November 8, 2015 If the Republican presidential primary were held today, and if I were going to vote for Donald Trump, I would tap the check-it ballot box with a finger of my left hand. I am right-handed. more »»

Discussing Social Security

November 8, 2015 The following are the facts about Social Security’s finances, according to the trustees of the system who include high officials in the Obama administration: First: Under current law and absent... more »»

Strengthen Social Security As Key Protection Against Rising Economic Risks

November 8, 2015 Social Security provides critical income security at a time of rising economic risks to almost every American family. more »»

Though Our Wars Are Dying Down, Remember America’s Veterans

November 8, 2015 While we can all rejoice this Veterans Day that the steady flow of U.S. more »»

Why Do My Property Taxes Keep Going Up?

November 1, 2015 “I would really like to see my town and county property taxes go down.” That is the statement that many people utter when they get their tax bill each year or when the topic of taxes comes up. more »»

A Matter of Trust — Slowing Wall Street’s Revolving Door

November 1, 2015 The revolving door between Wall Street and Washington once again threatens our nation’s financial health. more »»

Let Doctors Negotiate With Big Health Insurers

November 1, 2015 The recently proposed consolidation of health insurance giants Anthem and Cigna, and Aetna and Humana, is cause of great concern to the medical profession in New Yor. more »»

Mommy And Daddy, Who Did You Vote For?

November 1, 2015 This Tuesday, Nov. 3, is Election Day. This is the opportunity to exercise our voice for the future of our communities. The polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. more »»

What Will You Give Up?

October 31, 2015 We all have hopes and dreams. For some people, those dreams stay off in the future and may be called permanent potential. Others achieve their dreams and go way beyond. more »»

Back To The Future’s Future

October 25, 2015 We’ve been waiting for this for the last 30 years: Marty McFly and his time-traveling DeLorean have finally arrived in the future, October 2015. more »»

Staying Warm In The Winter

October 25, 2015 As New York State begins to look at another winter heating season, it is timely to take a look at recent developments for natural gas, the primary home heating fuel consumed in the state (56% of all... more »»

Raising Everyone’s Retirement Age Undercuts A Key Goal Of Social Security

October 25, 2015 Social Security faces a big hole in its finances. The program takes in too little money to pay for its long-term obligations. more »»

Yes To Increasing The Retirement Age

October 25, 2015 Bumping up the Social Security retirement age is fair and reasonable. It can help shore up the program’s shaky solvency without saddling younger generations with excessive payroll taxes. more »»

The Irony Of Affordability Programs

October 24, 2015 A funny thing happens when politicians are determined to make a good or service more affordable: It becomes less affordable and/or less available, depending on the approach taken. more »»



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