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Broadband Internet’s Elephant In The Room

May 3, 2015 An ancient parable is worth retelling since it illustrates that many who refer to broadband are not taking the necessary holistic view of our broadband Internet ecosystem. more »»

The Brownback Experiment

May 3, 2015 Sam Brownback was elected Governor of the state of Kansas in 2010. He took office in 2011 and was narrowly reelected in 2014. more »»

Building A Strong Chautauqua County

May 3, 2015 In my February State of the County presentation I explained in detail the current financial picture of Chautauqua County and my plan to put us on a path of solvency with lower property taxes going... more »»

Opt Out Movement Exemplifies Civil Disobedience

May 3, 2015 The opt out movement that has blossomed in recent months strikes me as fascinating; it is a superb example of citizens understanding something better than the politicians that are supposed to lead... more »»

The Next Privacy Fight Will Happen In The Cloud

May 2, 2015 Like the mythical Hydra, the serpent-like creature of Greek lore known for regrowing two heads when one was cut off, threats to the freedom of the Internet appear to be growing quicker than they can... more »»

Taking Another Step For Sewers Around Chautauqua Lake

April 26, 2015 Despite some controversy, the Chautauqua County Board of Health took action recently to require old septic systems within 250 feet of the five lakes in the county (Bear, Cassadaga, Chautauqua, Erie... more »»

The Anti-Business Agenda Of The Obama Administration

April 26, 2015 Anti-business policies have unfortunately become the norm for the Obama Administration. more »»

O’Reilly’s Version Of Inequality

April 26, 2015 Fox News veteran Bill O’Reilly used his Monday night show to discuss a topic that is sure to be a big part of the 2016 campaign season. more »»

Sons Act Like Fathers; But Vice-Versa

April 21, 2015 “I am becoming my father! This is horrible!” I am delighted whenever I overhear one of my children doing or saying something that I did or said when I was raising them. more »»

Don’t Seize The Raisins

April 19, 2015 WASHINGTON — In oral arguments Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear the government defend its kleptocratic behavior while administering an indefensible la. more »»

Women And The Election

April 19, 2015 Let’s drop in on a big party. We see a mob of guys gathered ‘round the barbeque on the patio. There’s a bouquet of women relaxing under the big tree. Now let’s lob a subject into each group. Weddings. more »»

Is The World Really Falling Down Around Us?

April 19, 2015 You may not agree, but I, for one, am tired of being told that the world is crumbling all around us. more »»

Pay Equity Remains An Issue

April 19, 2015 Pay Equity remains in the forefront of AAUW Public Policy issues. And, if you watched the Oscars, Hollywood agrees with us! Equal Pay Day this year falls on Tuesday, April 14t. more »»

Fix The Lack Of Access To Diabetes Education

April 19, 2015 Diabetes is a significant problem for the people of New York. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the rate of diabetes in the state has more than doubled from 4. more »»

Congress, President Need To Consult — And Not Just On Iran

April 19, 2015 Congress has developed a fondness for open letters when it comes to Iran. First came the warning shot signed by 47 Republican senators that touched off a storm of criticism. more »»

The Obama Doctrine

April 18, 2015 At the Summit of the Americas where he met with Raul Castro, the 83-year-old younger brother of Fidel, President Obama provided an insight into where he is taking us, and why: “The United States wil... more »»

Chasing Economic Growth

April 18, 2015 People want to be better off tomorrow than they are today. While their views of what it means to be better off may vary, a higher level of prosperity is an important component for most people. more »»

Michelle Knight — Call Her Lily, Please

April 17, 2015 Her name is Lily now, named for her favorite flower. more »»

Reality May Be Optional

April 17, 2015 One of the wonders of modern times is that reality is often seen as a social construct and therefore optional. Thus, if one finds a particular reality offensive or inconvenient, he just “changes” i. more »»

‘Little Boy’: A Classic Modern Film

April 16, 2015 There are classic films, like the ones on TCM and AMC, and there are modern films. There are few modern classics. “Little Boy,” in theaters April 24, could be a modern classic. more »»



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