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Glib‘Happy Talk’

February 19, 2015 When Alfred E. Neuman said “What me worry?” on the cover of Mad magazine, it was funny. more »»

Another Reluctant Warrior In The White House

February 18, 2015 WASHINGTON — President Obama’s latest war strategy makes one wonder: Is another Woodrow Wilson in the Oval Office debating with himself about how to meet the existential threat that faces him? In... more »»

Sleaze In A $5,000 Suit

February 18, 2015 When he was secretary of state, Henry Kissinger was often — and deliberately — seen in the company of attractive actresses, including Jill St. John and Candice Bergen. more »»

Now It’s Time To Focus On Growing The Economy

February 15, 2015 Recent economic news has been broadly reassuring. more »»

United States: America’s James Bond Complex

February 15, 2015 Today, American politicians of both major parties — conservatives, “moderates,” and so-called liberals alike — insist that the United States is an “exceptional,” even “indispensable” nation. more »»

Grade School Conditioning Could Save Children From Poverty

February 15, 2015 Spent much time around grade school kids these days? These youngsters can come from virtually anywhere in the United States, from varying economic backgrounds and of any race or ethnic background. more »»

Divide New York State? Hey, It’s Worth A Shot!

February 15, 2015 There might just be some gumption and political initiative in the legislative branch of the New York state government after all. more »»

Curb Your Pessimism

February 15, 2015 WASHINGTON — Barack Obama’s tone of mild exasperation when tutoring the public often makes his pronouncements grating even when they are sensible. more »»

Do Lies Matter?

February 15, 2015 Assorted thoughts that surfaced during the kafuffle over Brian Williams. He is the NBC News anchor who likes to lie. First, NBC has been really, really, really slow to sack him. more »»

The Ultimate Enemy Of ISIS

February 14, 2015 The president’s request for the authorization to use military force against the Islamic State has landed in a Congress as divided as the country. more »»

A Little Humanity, Please

February 14, 2015 The last few centuries have brought amazing advances in our knowledge of how the world works, with increasing understanding of physical and biological processes, human health, economic phenomena, an... more »»

Why I’m Pulling For Brian Williams

February 13, 2015 Newsrooms are snake pits. I say this with great affection. Newsrooms are tribal and competitive, fueling pettiness in the most honorable people. more »»

Fairness And Justice

February 13, 2015 Oxfam reports that the richest 1 percent of people in the world own 48 percent of the world’s wealth. Many claim that we should be alarmed by income inequality because it hampers upward mobility. more »»

Sixty-Third Annual National Prayer Breakfast... Let Us Pray

February 12, 2015 There was a time when the 63-year-old National Prayer Breakfast was a rather mundane affair. It rarely made news. more »»

Measles, Vaccines And Autism

February 12, 2015 The current controversy over whether parents should be forced to have their children vaccinated for measles is one of the painful signs of our times. more »»

Brian Williams’ Fib And Credibility In The Anchor Chair

February 11, 2015 WASHINGTON — Back during the Vietnam War, CBS news anchorman Walter Cronkite was judged in the polls to be “the most trusted man in America” for his straightforward nightly reports. more »»

A Mixed Papal Blessing

February 11, 2015 When the Gallup poll last asked, Pope Francis was rated favorably by 76 percent of Americans (including 78 percent of Protestants and 73 percent of those with no religious affiliation) and... more »»

Education Is The Business Of The States

February 8, 2015 WASHINGTON — In 1981, Tennessee’s 41-year-old governor proposed to President Ronald Reagan a swap: Washington would fully fund Medicaid and the states would have complete responsibility for primary... more »»

Taxes Are A Joke

February 8, 2015 Will Rogers said that when Congress makes a law it’s a joke. And when it makes a joke it’s a law. These days when the President makes a budget it’s a joke. Because Congress won’t even read it. more »»

Now Is The Time To Rethink Education

February 8, 2015 The education policy world is buzzing. Universal pre-k for all 4-year-olds. Free community college to anyone who wants to attend. Major changes to the No Child Left Behind Ac. more »»



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