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Somebody Notices Dairy Farmers’ Plight

July 24, 2016 On Friday, July 15, 2016, U.S. Senator for New York Kirsten Gillibrand released a letter drafted to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack. Therein, Se. more »»

American Greatness On The Auction Block

July 23, 2016 Politicians are hawking their own majestic visions of what will make this nation great (again), even while they obviously don’t understand what it means or what causes it. more »»

August Is Time For Lake Answers

July 17, 2016 The county, again this summer, will be holding a Chautauqua Lake Rally which is really a “summit” meeting to discuss all issues facing the lake, including where we are with constructing sewers aroun... more »»

It’s Time To Work Together

July 17, 2016 Our kids deserve a world in which they can thrive – they deserve a fair chance to live the American Dream. more »»

The Politics Of Dangerism

July 16, 2016 Dangerism is a term introduced by Gever Tulley in his insightful book called Beware Dangerism! It is primarily about parents being overly protective of their children. more »»

Septic Systems Needed Until Lake Sewers Are Built

July 10, 2016 Beginning this year, 2016, the County Health Department is requiring that septic systems around all of the lakes in the county, including Chautauqua Lake, be inspected if they are within 250 feet of... more »»

Courts Must Do More To Protect Political Speech

July 10, 2016 EDITOR’S NOTE: This week’s theme at Chautauqua Institution was “Money and Power” and included the regulation of political speech. We present the following by the local resident who, since the U.S. more »»

The Elitism Of Politics

July 9, 2016 The Brexit vote has generated a lot of skepticism about the viability of the democratic process, because the ignorant, unwashed masses didn’t vote the way the educated, political class thought they... more »»

Political Speech Must Be Protected

July 3, 2016 (EDITOR’S NOTE: This week’s theme at Chautauqua Institution is “Money and Power” and includes the regulation of political speech. We present the following by the local resident who, since the U.S. more »»

The Frailty Of Human Institutions

July 3, 2016 It wasn’t that long ago (the 20th century) when Europe was consumed twice by war which resulted in the deaths of millions. more »»

Too Many Jamestown School Children Are Failing

July 3, 2016 Remember Eliza Doolittle, the Cockney flower girl in My Fair Lady? Sheer frustration with Henry Higgins prompted her to sing, “Words, words, words, I’m so sick of words!” We can add, “We’re sick of... more »»

Area Resident Is Grateful For Ralph Stanley’s Musical Abilities

July 3, 2016 Ralph Stanley died June 23. He was nearly the last of the first generation first rank bluegrass music artists. I am one of a handful of local people who knew him personally. more »»

Love America, Promote Amerexit

July 2, 2016 With the Fourth of July around the corner, many people are feeling patriotic. more »»

It’s Time To Discuss Library’s Future

June 26, 2016 Questions have come up regarding the future of the James Prendergast Library since the failed funding initiative vote on June 7. The library’s Board of Trustees hopes to answer these questions belo. more »»

Sewers On The East Side Of The Lake

June 26, 2016 The current plan is that sewage collection lines would extend from Galloway Road in Hartfield (where the North Chautauqua Lake Sewer District now ends) down to Midway State Park. more »»

The Three I’s Of Federal Regulatory Reform

June 26, 2016 House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., recently unveiled an ambitious regulatory reform agenda. more »»

Ryan’s Anti-Poverty Program An Excellent Start

June 19, 2016 Before becoming speaker of the House, Paul Ryan set out to show that he cared about poor Americans. more »»

Why Obama Refuses To Acknowledge ‘Islamic’ Terror

June 19, 2016 “A Brutal Reminder that Intolerance exists” in The Post-Journal 6-14 makes a point. more »»

Sewering Important For Entire Lake Perimeter

June 19, 2016 As mentioned last week, improved sewage treatment on the west side of the lake has taken a big step forward with the new tertiary treatment plant construction now underway at Chautauqua Institution. more »»

Village Of Westfield Should Change Election Date

June 19, 2016 On May 16, at the joint request of the Westfield Democratic and Republican Party committees, Westfield Mayor Mike VandeVelde began a public discussion concerning changing the date of future village... more »»



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