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Former Clerk Gets Probation

March 9, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: As a taxpayer in the Town of Ellery I was outraged to learn that Sharon L. more »»

Defending Paid Family Leave

March 6, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: In your recent article “Paid Family Leave ‘Not Business Friendly’” (Fe. more »»

Resident Opposes Sports Merger

March 5, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: Section VI is right to oppose the continued merger between Chautauqua Lake and Maple Grove’s (CLCS/MG) football teams. A merger is meant to allow athlete participatio. more »»

Come Join The School Board

March 4, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: Think things need to change? Then be the change. It’s time to become a school board member. Contact your district’s business office and find out how. more »»

We Cannot Enforce Smoking Laws

March 3, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: I don’t know why New York state or any other state that has laws on the books regarding public smoking — smoking in restaurants, within certain distances of buildings, etc —... more »»

Minimum Wage Hike Will Have Consequences

March 2, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: Governor Cuomo’s proposed minimum wage increase, while well-intentioned, would have devastating consequences for New York’s home care industry. more »»

Citizens Are Fed Up With Congress Polarization

February 28, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: It seems that a majority of our citizens are fed up with the political shenanigans of Congres. more »»

Thomas Jefferson Predicts This Election

February 27, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: Perhaps some of the zeal in the populous during this election season springs forth from “our” (not including the characters in Washington D.C. more »»

Resident Mourns Termination Of Lee Harkness

February 26, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: I was shocked to read of the termination of Lee Harkness as general manager of the Jamestown Gateway Train Station. more »»

Resident Expresses Gratefulness For Community Altruism

February 25, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: On a sunny snowy day this week I was shoveling my walkway when a couple stopped by in their car and asked if they could help with the tas. more »»

Beheading Takes Place In America

February 24, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: Another series of beheadings occurred recently; only this time they were done by the President. more »»

Poverty Is Different For Everyone

February 21, 2016 To the Readers’ Forum: According to Gov Cuomo, if you’re working a full time job, you shouldn’t be living in in poverty. I agree. Poverty, however, is different for everyone. more »»

Resident Praises City Services

February 20, 2016 To the Readers’ Forum: As a resident and senior citizen of the pearl city of Jamestown, I want to say I am proud and happy to be a part of all that is happening here. more »»

Reader Praises Local Columnists

February 19, 2016 To the Readers’ Forum: The Jan. 24 ‘‘Living Section’’ of Sunday’s Post-Journal calls for a praise letter. Marshall Greenstein’s ‘‘Songs of Joy’’ caught my eye first, then, Ann R. more »»

Help Your Neighbor Out Of The Snow

February 18, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: Yep, winter is back and we’ve had a pretty good dump of sno. more »»

Let’s Invest Wisely On State Funded Drug Facility

February 17, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: It was exciting to hear the news that New York State is planning to invest $200 million dollars to build a pharmaceutical facility in Dunkirk. more »»

A Word To The Wise

February 16, 2016 To the Readers’ Forum: What could have been a simple fix turned into a real and costly mess. Perhaps everyone else out there already knew this, but no one ever told me. more »»

Protect Your Children Online

February 14, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: Another week has passed, and three more defendants have been charged by this Office with producing or receiving child pornography. A 14-year-old girl murdered in Virginia. more »»

In Flint, There Is No ‘Sharing’ The Blame

February 13, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: I would like to respond to the February 10, 2016 P-J Editorial “Playing The Blame Game,” which concluded that the blame for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan should be share... more »»

Minimum Wage Reflects Entitled Generation

February 12, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: I’ve heard businesses squabble that the government has too much say in their business. Take minimum wage. more »»



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