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Can We Really Afford This Possible Change?

July 27, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: Rep Mike McCaul, R-Texas and chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has proposed the lifting of the U.S. Crude Oil Ban on exports. more »»

Amish Horse Waste: A Simple Solution?

July 25, 2014 To the Readers’ Forum: In regards to the recent controversy about horse waste on the roads in the city, there may be a simple solutio. more »»

I’ll Fertilize My Own Garden, Thank You

July 24, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: Please, my flower bed is not a toilet for your dogs/cats or for that matter their lazy owners/non-owners who also litter. The Bible states: Ye shall reap as Ye sow. more »»

Ashville Community Day A ‘Success’

July 23, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: Ashville Community Celebration Day was held on July 19 at the baseball field in Ashville. more »»

Telehealth Bill Could Be A ‘Triple Win’

July 22, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: We are blessed in our communities with excellent health care and access to highly-qualified professional. more »»

Littering Becomes Everyone’s Problem

July 21, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: I am writing in response to a recent letter regarding the “road apples” left by the horses of our Amish neighbors. more »»

Amish Horse Waste Isn’t A Big Problem

July 20, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: Regarding the woman’s chagrin with the Amish horse waste all over the road I’d like to state that: 1. More human waste remains on the road than Amish horse poo does. more »»

Chautauqua County Holds A Special Place In My Heart

July 18, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: My home is now in Florida and this is a special place and home, but my first home and the one that shaped my beliefs and ideas was Falconer and Jamestown and the villages of... more »»

Farewell, Western New York

July 17, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: I woke up with more freedom this morning as of yesterday I am no longer a resident of New York state. more »»

A Novel Idea

July 16, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: This may sound a bit “off” to some of you, but check this out. When the U.S. more »»

Pro-Fracking Writers Have It Wrong

July 15, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: This is in response to two recent letters in support of fracking from Donald Beaujean and Rolland Kidder. In each letter, numerous factual errors were made. more »»

Natural Gas Leaves More Than Just Water

July 14, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: In a recent letter to the Readers’ Forum a writer wrote: ”Most of the studies I have read about concerning CNG, show that when set up properly is 100 percent efficient and... more »»

Parents: Teach Your Kids To Respect The Flag

July 14, 2014 To the Readers’ Forum: I attended the July 2 band concert in Allen Park. I happened to be sitting at the top of the hill and saw Pete Carlo giving out flags, which was very nice. more »»

Amish Should Clean Up Their Horse Waste

July 13, 2014 To the Readers’ Forum: Why can’t the Amish be required to pick up their horse manure instead of leaving it on the roads and in front of driveways and the mailboxes of their neighbors? The Amish are... more »»

Care Must Be Taken On Area’s Beaches

July 10, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: Please share my story so that another child does not get hurt like my son did this summer. more »»

Committee Members Deserve Praise

July 9, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: I feel compelled to add a bit to Katie Atkins’ article in The Post-Journal dated July 5, 2014. While Ms. more »»

U.S. Flag Makes Trip To Guam Thanks To Carlos

July 8, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: I’d like to acknowledge my appreciation for a gift my husband and I received in the mail from Pete and Mary Ann Carlo, residents in your hometown. more »»

Thanks For Supporting IVAWA, Rep. Reed

July 7, 2014 To the Reader’s Forum: Everyone has the human right to live free from violence. more »»

Majority Of VA Does Great Work

July 5, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: It’s a real shame the way the media always portrays the negative side of the news. more »»

Residents Of Jamestown: We Can Help Stop Crime

July 4, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: I have been listening to friends and neighbors as well as reading Facebook postings lately about how tired our residents are of the crime in our city. more »»



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