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What Has Happened To Sunset Hill Cemetery?

June 15, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: Following a beautiful, meaningful service at Jamestown’s new Veterans’ Park in observance of Blue Star/Gold Star Mothers, I decided to visit family and friend’s burial sites... more »»

Reduce Antibiotics In Your Diet

June 14, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: Last Tuesday, President Obama directed federal agencies to serve antibiotic-free meat and poultry in government cafeterias. more »»

William Cohen Should Be President

June 13, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: If former Defense Secretary William Cohen was nominated to be president of the United States, I would surely vote for him. I take him to be very honest and intelligent. more »»

Cameras Will Prevent Motorists From Passing School Buses

June 12, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: Its’ time to protect our children! The state Legislature has before it legislation that would equip school buses in New York with camera systems that would facilitate the... more »»

Zero Percent Tax Cap Will Damage Economy

June 11, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: Before state leaders make the property tax cap permanent, let’s make it right. There is little question that the cap has changed expectations. more »»

Coldspring Memorial Day Insults Veterans

June 10, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: I am writing in regards to Memorial Day in the town of Coldsprin. more »»

Home Mold Victim Expresses Gratitude

June 9, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: It was Dec. 29 — A landmark day for my family. The beginning, the end, and another beginning for each of us. Dec. 29, 2013, we lost everything. more »»

If You Can’t Fix Your Pet, Don’t Get One

June 8, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: I recently wrote a letter to The Post-Journal that appeared on May 24. I have gotten some nasty feedback concerning my letter. more »»

What Kind Of Love Is That?

June 7, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: Here’s a question for Mr. Bliss (‘‘Shoe On Other Foot, James Bliss, May 24’’). What if an atheist owned a bake shop. more »»

Organizers Thank Supporters Of Lorena Bernoudy Benefit

June 6, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: We want to take this opportunity to thank the many businesses, family, friends and the community for all their support in making the recent benefit for my wife, Lorena, a big... more »»

No Will To Fight, Or Poor Leadership?

June 5, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: Defense Secretary Carter publicly blasted the Iraqis’ will to fight at Ramadi, a key city that recently fell to ISIS. more »»

Religious Freedom Threatened By Fallacy Of Equivocation

June 3, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: In his commentary (5-24), James Bliss failed to differentiate discrimination by a private individual from sanctioned discrimination by government as in the South 50 years ago. more »»

Utility Customer Scam

June 2, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: I recently got a solicitation for electric service by mail giving me the option “to ensure that all of the electricity that we use will be replenished with renewable energy... more »»

Ripley Considers Highway Superintendent Reform

May 28, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: The Town of Ripley is considering a change for the Highway Superintendent position to go from elected by the people to appointed by the Town Board. more »»

We Have Become A Country Of Entitlement

May 27, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: To those who want minimum wage to be $15 an hour: Why should you make as much as our military people or our auto manufacturers? We’ve become a country of entitlement. more »»

National Debt Hurts Country

May 26, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: Taxes paid to the federal government in 2014 were greater than any time in the history of this natio. more »»

Fast Food Workers Don’t Deserve $15 Wage

May 25, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: My question is why do fast food workers think they deserve to make $15 an hour? Why does anyone think minimum wage should be $1. more »»

Feral Cats Pose A Growing Problem

May 24, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: I live in a section of the city that is predominantly rental properties. The home owners here take pride in their homes. The landlords do not. more »»

Community Helping Hands, Praise Fellowship Pamper Women In Need

May 23, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: Thanks to all who helped to make ‘‘Treasured Gems — A Women’s Makeover Event’’ possible. more »»

Neither Tarnished Nor Afraid

May 22, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: When asked why the local police force ran errands for the elderly and took in citizen’s laundry, Deputy Barney Fife of the Mayberry, NC sheriff’s department replied with, “in ... more »»



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