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Two Adirondack Amendments On Election Day Ballot

October 25, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: When voters head to the polls this upcoming Election Day, they will have a unique opportunity to vote on two ballot initiatives that are specific to the Adirondack Park. more »»

Tired Of High Taxes In Jamestown

October 24, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: In response to Mayor Sam Teresi’s proposed budget for 2014, my husband and I are very opposed to any increase! We are angry at the lack of regard for the average homeowner wh... more »»

Nothing Scarier Than An Uninformed Electorate

October 23, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: I was appalled today by two items in the Jamestown Post-Journal. First and foremost by learning there will be yet another tax increase. more »»

Government Shutdown: A Teachable Moment

October 21, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: This is a teachable moment. Unfortunately all our political leaders are too busy insulting each other to get to the point. more »»

Ten Steps Republicans Should Follow To Govern

October 20, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: 1. Government is the solution, not the problem. Note, if government “is” the problem the simple solution would be to get rid of the government. more »»

Thanks From The Busti Historical Society

October 20, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: I want to express the great appreciation the officers and members of the Busti Historical Society have for the many friends, organizations, and businesses that contributed to... more »»

Debt Default Would Cause Harm To Everyone

October 20, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: The discussion of the nation’s debt ceiling and growing talk of a potential default on U.S. debt obligations is not just an issue for Wall Stree. more »»

Few Must Stop Ruling Many

October 19, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: 100 years ago Woodrow Wilson signed the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. A few years later he wrote: “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. more »»

Debt Reduction Idea

October 19, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: To encourage investment in this nation’s future, reduce the national debt and help out the USPS, may I suggest a series of “Obama Action Stamps. more »»

Tears Of Happiness

October 18, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: At the end of August, my doorbell rang and the lady said ‘‘Let me in.’’ The lady was Virginia Maloy, my sister. Following her was my grandson Adam, his wife and two children. more »»

Caring Community Warms My Heart

October 18, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: To all the great people in the vicinity of Gifford Ave. in Lakewood who helped look for my new dog Thursday, Sept. 26 — thank you. more »»

At The Mercy Of Special Interest Groups

October 17, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: A government shut down. A government that does not govern. A representative government that does not represent. The United States was founded on several unbending concepts. more »»

Why Build The Dunkirk Repowering Project?

October 16, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: I read with interest two recent articles written by executives of National Grid, a United Kingdom-based regulated monopoly that operates in New York, New England and the Unite... more »»

Safety Gets Recognition

October 15, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: Central service professionals are being celebrated for their important role and commitment to patient safety during the annual International Central Service Week, which begins... more »»

Active Recess Isn’t Just Time To Play

October 14, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: I coordinate the Tri-County Healthy School NY Program. more »»

National Resolution To Gun Issue?Not Possible

October 13, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: On Saturday morning, Aug. 31, 2013, The Post-Journal printed a letter in their Reader’s Forum about me. more »»

Debt Is Destructive

October 12, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: Debt is the most destructive force that we face. Seventeen trillion dollars in debt and absolutely no plan to repay one red cent; that is our national policy. more »»

Take A Stand For The Taxpayers

October 11, 2013 In my opinion, if the taxpayers of Chautauqua County are paying the bill, whether it’s providing tax incentives to businesses, or paving our roads, we owe it to them to keep our money in the area. more »»

Bike Riders Are Not Exempt From Following The Law

October 9, 2013 To the Reader's Forum: I think it’s heart wrenching when you hear about those who get into accidents, and then you hear how it happens, and then it makes you cringe. more »»

Veterans Benefits And Services Threatened Again

October 8, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: The following I would like to express to our Lawmakers in Washington : Here we go again. more »»



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