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‘Equality Of Outcome’ Philosophy Dooms US Economy

March 1, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: If you are over forty, you’re fine with people making the most of their (equal) opportunities... but I suspect you’re very much opposed to “equality of outcome. more »»

Global Jihad Is On The March

February 28, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: Chiding Christians for hypocrisy during the crusades centuries ago, President Obama strangely stays silent on what Islamic jihad has always been doing since the 7th century in... more »»

American Diet Affects Climate Change

February 27, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: The U.S. Advisory Panel on Dietary Guidelines has finally mustered the courage to recommend that Americans eat less meat and dairy products. more »»

Tisch, Cuomo Carry On With Common Core

February 26, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: Alert! Chancellor Tisch and Governor Cuomo want even greater power over teachers, boards, and educating children. Common Core isn’t working as they anticipated. more »»

Veteran’s Tax Exemption Quandary

February 25, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: I read with interest your Friday, Fe. more »»

Obama Loves America?

February 24, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: Is this some kind of joke — the flap over a couple of public figures questioning whether President Obama loves America? Obama grew up in a stridently anti-American family. more »»

New York State Takes The Lead

February 22, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: It’s not often that I pay much attention to the State of the State speech. It’s, at best, full of half truths and pipe dreams. more »»

Washington — A Man For All Seasons

February 21, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: As the birthday of the eighteenth century “Father of our Country” approaches, some recollection of this complex man seems appropriat. more »»

Sheldon Silver’s Departure Could Lead To MMA Legalization

February 20, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: I love Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). As a citizen and an MMA fan, I’m very happy that New York State Senator Sheldon Silver is on his way out. more »»

Say It Ain’t So

February 19, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: On February 11, 2015, Little League International stripped United States little league champions Jackie Robinson West of it’s US title. more »»

Plans To Recycle Pizza Boxes, Electronics Hindered

February 18, 2015 To the Editor, This letter is in response to the article in the Sunday Post-Journal concerning the inability of Slab City Organics to meet the requirements of the DE. more »»

Mysterious Benefactor Pays For A Meal Of Eight

February 14, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: We wish acknowledge the person who gave us a wonderful gift this morning at WJTN’s Breakfast Club Party with Dennis Webster at Friendly’s Restaurant. more »»

Obama Brings Up Inquisition At Prayer Breakfast

February 13, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: At the recent Prayer Breakfast in Washington, Mr. more »»

One Bad Apple Does Not Spoil The Bunch

February 12, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: Two thumbs down to Rev. McGinnis’ letter to the P-J on Feb 4. more »»

Secretary Of Justice

February 8, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: Rather than “attorney general,” I think that the leader of the Justice Department should be called “Secretary of Justice. more »»

Salvation Army Brightens The Holidays

February 7, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: The Jamestown Salvation Army is very grateful to area residents who contributed so much to help the Army provide a bright holiday for those less fortunate in our community. more »»

Reed’s Plans For SSD Are Not Long-Term

February 5, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: Rep. Tom Reed is reportedly seeking to “fix” a shortfall in the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund (SSD). Unfortunately, the Feb. more »»

We Must Name Terror Before Combating It

February 4, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: Being confronted with the passages of offensive and bloody jihad standing out plainly in the Koran, especially chapter 9, Paul Demler 1/25 took issue with the verses by... more »»

A Shining Example For All Of Us

February 3, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: On Saturday, Jan. 17, just a few minutes before 10 a.m. more »»

A Burst Of Warmth And Light

February 2, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: Friday evening, Jan. 23, there was a burst of warmth and light in the midst of this cold, dreary winter. more »»



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