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Thank A Vietnam Vet

October 18, 2014 To the Readers’ Forum: It happened again, in September, another friend of mine who had been in the Army during the 1960s and who served in Vietnam passed away. more »»

I Love Lucy!

October 17, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: I want to compliment the many talented people behind the effort to successfully break the Guinness Book of World Records – Grape Stomping! A few of us tromped downtown on... more »»

SAFE Act Imposes Authoritarian Rule

October 16, 2014 To the Reader’s Forum: The Post-Journal has a daily survey on page one with results on page four. more »»

Drawing From The Well

October 15, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: It has been said that whatever is down in the well comes up in the bucket. This statement of course is an analogy of our live. more »»

The Auction Is About To Begin

October 14, 2014 To The Readers’ Forum: The 2010 Citizen’s United Supreme Court (5-4) ruling set up the future of political elections and funding of those elections to nothing less than a Political Auctio. more »»

Tractor Run Is A Success

October 13, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: Just a small thank-you for the big turnout on September 6 for the fifth annual Jack Carlson Tractor Run. more »»

Nostalgia Creeps In Due To Special Edition

October 12, 2014 To the Readers’ Forum: I am writing this to congratulate The Post-Journal for the special section on the pictures and memories of Jamestown’s past. more »»

Changes Need To Be Made Before Adding Businesses

October 11, 2014 To the Readers' Forum: On Sept. 11 I read that certain people wanted the Lakewood board/zoning officer to remove the “Red Tape” concerning building another car lot or two on Fairmount Avenue. more »»

Unemployed Deserve To Be Counted

October 10, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: Bad data is worse than no data at all. Every time I see “According to the state Labor Department” it makes me sick. I lost my job after 38 years last September. more »»

Reed Pursues National Relief Bill

October 9, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: At a time when Congress cannot agree on much, Congressman Tom Reed has introduced and garnered support for something significantly important for our region in particular and... more »»

Rome’s Cincinnatus

October 8, 2014 To the Readers’ Forum: I present this information for your consideration. Over 2,500 years ago, Rome was under the leadership of Cincinnatus. Cincinnatus was the archetype of the citizen soldier. more »»

The Newspaper Boys And Girls

October 7, 2014 To the Readers’ Forum: I started getting my papers at home and I want to thank the young man who is delivering them. more »»

Thanks For Making Baseball Work In Jamestown

October 6, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: Labor Day signaled the end of 75 years of minor league baseball in Jamestown. more »»

Thank You To Those Involved With ‘Defender Of Freedom’ Project

October 5, 2014 To the Readers’ Forum: I had a very pleasant experience recently when I was interviewed by Greg Peterson and Phil Zimmer for the Robert H. Jackson Center’s “Defenders of Freedom” project. more »»

Winter Poses Problem On Main Street Bridge

October 4, 2014 To the Readers’ Forum: I know that the construction on the Main Street Bridge won’t be completed until next year and I don’t have a problem with that. more »»

War Cycles Are Troubling

October 3, 2014 To the Readers’ Forum: The rising war cycles are painting a very bleak picture going forward — civil disobedience and war in Europe; civil and international war in the Middle East; war between Russi... more »»

Local Crime Connected To Housing Projects

October 2, 2014 To the Readers’ Forum: The increase in local crime is directly related to the drug trade, but there are other causes. more »»

Sierra Club Suit Is ‘Hypocritical’

October 1, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: As chairman of the County Planning and Economic Development Committee, I am outraged by the lawsuit that the Sierra Club has filed against the Public Service Commission. more »»

Veteran’s Memorial Park Is Spectacular

September 28, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: If you are a veteran and you haven’t seen the Veterans Memorial Park on West Third Street shame on you. more »»

Tobacco Should Not Be Sold In Pharmacies

September 25, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: I am very happy to read about CVS’s bold decision to stop selling tobacco products in their stores. more »»



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