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Common Core Mathematics Is Terribly Inefficient

January 25, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: Boards of Education, did you know that when children learn a math algorithm it allows for efficient and fast computation, freeing up precious cognitive brain space for... more »»

Great News, Fellow County Taxpayers

January 25, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: Our county top administrators announced in the recent past that our 2015 property taxes are on the decrease — significantly! I must live in the wrong county because my latest... more »»

Jamestown Resident Praises Pink The Rink

January 24, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: It takes a team to have a successful event. Thank you Brian Cersosimo and Brittany Mason for providing a perfect venue. more »»

White House Apologizes For Absence In Paris Parade

January 23, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: I have to comment on your Monday, Jan. 19 editorial in reference to the U.S. not being represented at the Paris march. You stated “the U.S. was not represente. more »»

A Lonely World Of Difference

January 22, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: I read an article in The Post-Journal recently about how some are now studying the connection between bullying and poverty. Perhaps I can be of assistance. more »»

The Koran And Charlie Hebdo

January 21, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: Atheist and ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born American citizen, commented that it’s impossible to divorce the mass murders in France from the Koran and the religion of... more »»

Sidewalks Need Clearing

January 20, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: First I’d like to say Happy Winter and it’s been a doozy of a season, too. I’d like to ask a few questions though. more »»

Fracking Ban Leads To Better Energy Choices

January 18, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: As much as some landowners are not happy, I feel equally relieved with the state decision to ban the process of “fracking” to extract natural gas. more »»

Common Core Conspiracy Fueled By Blood Money, Lawbreakers

January 17, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: The Post-Journal’s editorial (“Board Of Regents To Choose...” Jan. 2, 2015) was correct in referring to “the unsatisfying taste left from King’s tenure. more »»

Meat Industry Suppresses The Press

January 16, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: We join the rest of the world in mourning the brave staff of the magazine Charlie Hebdo, gunned down by religious fanatics for defending freedom of the press. more »»

Infinity Dance Flourishes Thanks To Lynn Development’s Generosity

January 15, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: In 1998, Jamestown resident and Chautauqua Striders founder Ron Graham had a vision to create an education program that would help young musicians develop and enhance their... more »»

Signs Of A Society That Is Losing Its Way

January 14, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: A writer’s opinion started my New Year with thoughts about the responsibility of parents for their students. Parents do have the responsibility for their kid’s actions. more »»

Thank You, Kind Neighbors

January 13, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: Saturday, Jan. 3, was not a good day for walking your dog, driving ... just walking! I was not able to change my car to the opposite side of our street until late afternoon. more »»

Republicans’ Ideal Agenda For This Term

January 11, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: So the feds transfer trillions of dollars in unearned wealth to the rich, then try to drive up consumer prices for the middle and lower classes. more »»

Johnson Foundation Donation Comes With Drawbacks

January 10, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: Front page news! While indeed it is a good thing to make a donation for nearly any improvement; there can be a couple of unspecified drawbacks within. more »»

Job Well Done, Renaissance Program

January 9, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: All too often we read about the many problems facing the city of Jamestown. more »»

EMS Constantly At Work To Keep You Safe

January 8, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: While you sleep, while you eat dinner with your family, while you watch TV, while you attend your child’s soccer game — whatever it is that you do — something is going on... more »»

$15 Minimum Wage Will Wreck The Nation

January 7, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: There have been recent talks about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. This is raising the minimum wage for retail jobs and many other small-part time jobs. more »»

Professors Provide Evidence Against Humanity’s Influence On Climate Change

January 5, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: I stand with Deann Nelson and Capt. Wysard on their assessment of “Man-made climate change AKA ‘Global Warming.’” I found Samuel Alessi’s defense of the subject rather curiou. more »»

Common Core Is The “Big Brother” Of Our Nation

January 4, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: With regard to the letter in the Readers Forum on December 22, I should like to make the following comments. more »»



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