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Optical Scanners Are Troublesome

November 22, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: I went to vote on the new machines that are mandated because the citizens, and some not citizens, of Florida were incapable of using paper ballots. more »»

A Day Of Remembrance

November 21, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: The 50th anniversary, of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination and untimely death on November 22, 1963, inspiring our hearts forever. more »»

Tea Party Rejection Continues

November 20, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: We’ve seen an array of extremist tea party candidates during election cycles recently. They have for the most part been soundly rejected by the voting public. more »»

A Veteran’s Thank You

November 19, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: After attending the 11 a.m. more »»

Thanks For Voting, Napoli Residents

November 19, 2013 To the Readers’ Forum: We would like to thank the overwhelming volume of voters who took the time out of their busy schedules to turn out and vote for the candidates of their choice in the town of... more »»

County Home Vote Was Too Political

November 18, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: I was flabbergasted when I learned that our County Legislature had turned down the sale of the county home by one vote! Even was more confused when I read the objections the... more »»

The Real Cheaters

November 17, 2013 To the Readers’ Forum: For years now, everyone seems to be blaming the Federal government for being financially wasteful. Well folks, lets turn that gaze on the true cheaters in this country. more »»

Postcard Mailings Unlike Croscut

November 16, 2013 To the Readers’ Forum: I have known Fred Croscut for over 40 years. more »»

Too Few Flags

November 16, 2013 To the Readers’ Forum: While riding uptown on Nov. 11, I was very disappointed to see how few American flags were displayed on houses and buildings, including our. How soon they forget! Phyllis E. more »»

Thank You, Kallie’s Krusaders

November 15, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: Since our daughter, Kallie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia it has been an emotional roller coaster! Some days we feel on top of the world and like nothing can... more »»

Taxpayers Spoke Loud And Clear

November 14, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: The failed County Home sale vote is a classic example as to why our county taxes are so high. Not one of the naysayers who voted no had an intelligent reason for doing so. more »»

Casinos: Money Takers, Not Makers

November 14, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: “Yipee!” is the cry from the Big Apple. “Yipee, we are getting some casinos over our way.” We should be crying “ahh, ugh,..sigh”. more »»

Shame On Cattaraugus County

November 14, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: On September 7, 1914, more than two hundred Civil War veterans gathered on Court Street in Little Valley to dedicate the Cattaraugus County Memorial and Historical Building. more »»

Relevant Words From 1961

November 13, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: Archbishop Fulton Sheen wrote truths in 1961 that are just as relevant today. “Socialism is the antithesis of Christianity. more »»

WCA Saved My Life

November 12, 2013 To the Readers’ Forum: Through the years I’ve heard many bad stories about the WCA Emergency Room, long waits, poor care, etc. I want to share a different story with a happy ending. On Friday, Sept. more »»

A Letter To The People Of Cattaraugus County

November 11, 2013 To the Legislators, Administrators, and People of Cattaraugus County, and the Descendants and Friends of Cattaraugus County’s Civil War Soldiers and Sailors: Cattaraugus County is on the verge of... more »»

Great Work, Panama Students

November 11, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: Last Thursday night I had the privilege of watching a 2¢ hour variety show at Panama Central School for grades 5th through 12th. And, I must say, what a show. more »»

Hook Family Thanks Community For Help

November 10, 2013 To the Readers’ Forum: I would like to place a thank you to all who helped with the benefit for Stephen Hook which took place on Sunday, Sept. 15. more »»

Open Up Medicaid To Those?Who Need It

November 10, 2013 To the Reader’s Forum: Most everyone hates Obamacare. It would have been simpler just to put those uninsured/under insured on Medicaid. This way, many already pay into it someway or another. more »»

Welfare Provides Better Way Of Life Than Work

November 10, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: Want a raise? You can stop looking! In 35 states, welfare benefits pay more than a minimum wage job, according to a new study by the libertarian Cato Institute, and in 13... more »»



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