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Observing Two Types Of Atheists

March 20, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: I am writing to make some observations about atheists. It seems to me that, generally, there are two different types. more »»

War On Drugs Is A Lost Cause

March 19, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: We’ve lost the war on drug. more »»

Actions During Netanyahu Speech Were Deplorable

March 18, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: I haven’t witnessed such lack of leadership, spiteful comments and downright childishness, as was exhibited by Obama, Biden, Pelosi and their political “courtiers” as was... more »»

Is Congressional Reform Really Necessary?

March 15, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: To The Hon. Rep. Tom Reed, In the Tuesday, Feb. 24 edition of The Jamestown Post-Journal, reporter Jimmy McCarthy reported that you feel the Senate needs to be reformed. more »»

Prevent A Stroke Before It Happens

March 14, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: This letter is directed to the residents of the tri-counties. more »»

A Rebuttal To James Bliss’s Article Of Feb. 1, 2015

March 13, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: Contrary to James Bliss’s opinion, the T.E.A. party (movement) does not support “corporate governance”; furthermore we reject “crony capitalism” and “corporate welfare” (G.M. more »»

‘I Came Not To Bring Peace, But A Sword’

March 12, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: Clint Eastwood comes out with a brand-new 2015 John Wayne type hero movie (of true stories) and right away Michael Moore is at it again (no, not the all-you-can-eat buffet lik... more »»

A Shocking New Poll

March 11, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: A newly released Huffington Post poll asked 1000 Americans if they believe that president Obama loves America. more »»

Compensation For Landowners Is A Flawed Idea

March 9, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: It’s funny how the very people who typically complain about government handouts now have their hands ou. more »»

Obama Is NOT Anti-American

March 8, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: I am writing in regards to a recent ‘‘letter to the editor’’ from Norman Carlson. more »»

Increase Property Tax Instead Of Sales Tax

March 7, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: The county executive would like to raise the county sales tax from 3.5 percent to 4 percent in order to raise about 7.1 million dollar. more »»

Relocating DPW Offices Is A Mistake

March 6, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: The old saying is ‘If it works ... don’t fix it!’’ This can be said for Jamestown’s Department of Public works. more »»

New York Considers Costly Dredging Law

March 5, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: Hundreds of people had great entertainment this past summer watching the dredging of the Barcelona Harbo. more »»

Hoops For Hospice Raises $6,000

March 4, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: On behalf of everyone at Hospice Chautauqua County and the patients and families under our care, I wish to thank to the Falconer Girls Basketball team and everyone that helped... more »»

‘Equality Of Outcome’ Philosophy Dooms US Economy

March 1, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: If you are over forty, you’re fine with people making the most of their (equal) opportunities... but I suspect you’re very much opposed to “equality of outcome. more »»

Global Jihad Is On The March

February 28, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: Chiding Christians for hypocrisy during the crusades centuries ago, President Obama strangely stays silent on what Islamic jihad has always been doing since the 7th century in... more »»

American Diet Affects Climate Change

February 27, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: The U.S. Advisory Panel on Dietary Guidelines has finally mustered the courage to recommend that Americans eat less meat and dairy products. more »»

Tisch, Cuomo Carry On With Common Core

February 26, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: Alert! Chancellor Tisch and Governor Cuomo want even greater power over teachers, boards, and educating children. Common Core isn’t working as they anticipated. more »»

Veteran’s Tax Exemption Quandary

February 25, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: I read with interest your Friday, Fe. more »»

Obama Loves America?

February 24, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: Is this some kind of joke — the flap over a couple of public figures questioning whether President Obama loves America? Obama grew up in a stridently anti-American family. more »»



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