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Visitors Bolster Chautauqua County’s Reputation

November 10, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: Last week I had two visitors in my office from Missouri who were in Chautauqua County looking for information on their ancestors. more »»

What A Lovely Sight

November 9, 2014 To the Readers’ Forum: As I have been driving around Jamestown. I have noticed the many lovely flowers, greenery and garden ornaments. more »»

New York Is At Economy’s Tail

November 8, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: This is from the October 27th Wall Street Journal. more »»

Need A Doctor? Call A Lawyer

November 7, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: President Barack Hussin Obama has picked Ron Klain, a beltway insider, to oversee and fix the messed up federal government response to Africa’s deadly Ebola outbreak. more »»

Is ‘Climate Change’ Based On A Math Error?

November 6, 2014 To the Readers’ Forum: So often one reads or hears the fears of “environmental scientists” regarding the devastation to our planet if the CO2 parts per million goes over 350 ppm. more »»

Let’s Appoint A Gun Czar

November 5, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: Ebola is a terrible disease I wouldn’t wish on anyone, even my enemies. We must be vigilant in our pursuit of public safety. more »»

Amphitheater Project Is A Commitment

November 4, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: Three and half years ago, Chautauqua Institution’s board of trustees and administration began a process to ensure an amphitheater that would accommodate Chautauqua programming... more »»

Webbs Proposal Is A Hybrid

November 3, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: I read your October 21 article “ZBA To Determine Use of Webbs’ Proposal.” Without a doubt, the business proposed on Water St. in Mayville is a hybrid hotel and condominium. more »»

SAFE Act Rendered Moot

November 2, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: In September 2013 The Jamestown Post- Journal reported an incident about a man who was apprehended fleeing from a domestic dispute. more »»

Make Alzheimer’s A National Priority

November 1, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: On April 9, more than 800 people living with Alzheimer’s, caregivers and advocates from across the nation will gather in Washington D.C. more »»

Kallie’s Krusade Thanks The Community

October 31, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: The Board of The Kallie’s Krusade Foundation would like to thank the Jamestown and surrounding communities for the great response to our Kallie’s Krusade event on October 4,... more »»

Pull Out The Parasite Businesses

October 30, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: If the economy has become so great during the last four years in NYS as some politicians claim, why would we want businesses that pay no sales tax, no property tax and no... more »»

It’s The World’s Gone Crazy Cotillion

October 29, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: Waylon “Waymore” Jennings once recorded a song by that name. I should know, I named a son after him. more »»

Ebola: Healthy Immune System Helps

October 27, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: Ebola! It fills us with fear as polio did more than 50 years ago. Both are viral diseases as is Enterovirus D68. Fears about Ebola were not allayed when Dr. more »»

Education Needs Technology

October 26, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: Direct communication is a fundamental component of teaching and learning. more »»

America's Choices

October 25, 2014 To the Readers’ Forum: Arrogance, entitlement and complacency are leading to the undoing of the United States of America, a country that only a century ago was considered the best place on earth to... more »»

Climate Change Exists

October 24, 2014 To the Readers’ Forum: Awhile ago, I wrote a piece that this paper kindly published on the long term dangers of climate change. On Oct. 19 that was answered by M. more »»

A Modest Proposal To CEO Of Monofrax

October 23, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: I was moved to write this article after following local media coverage on the ongoing strike, with daily picket lines at Monofrax. more »»

The Mislegacy Of Reagan

October 22, 2014 To The Reader’s Forum: Last Sunday Mr. James Bliss wrote one of his excellent articles in this column about the adulation wrongfully placed on President Reaga. more »»

Campaign Ads Can Be Distressing

October 21, 2014 To the Readers’ Forum: I was brought up in a home to respect others, regardless of race, color or creed and to adhere to the admonition of the 13th chapter of I Corinthians, but when I have to liste... more »»



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