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Iowa Fifth-Grader Calls For New York State Items

May 11, 2016 To the Readers’ Forum: Hello! My name is Sam S. I am in the fifth grade at Harlan Intermediate School in Harlan, Iowa. more »»

Bernie Sanders Talks Nice, But That’s All It Is

May 8, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: Mr. Sanders stance on free education at a rally was that our youth should be entitled to a tuition free education. more »»

Just A Mistake

May 7, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: We all know the boring statistics. Every year about 18,000 people are killed by drunk drivers, accounting for almost half of all traffic fatalitie. more »»

Bernie’s Stance On Gun Violence

May 6, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: If the electorate is at all concerned about gun violence, Bernie Sanders fails miserably. His voting record on this issue is troubling and crystal clear. more »»

Celebrating National Teacher’s Week

May 4, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: May 2-6 is National Teacher Appreciation Week, with Tuesday, May 3, being designated as Teacher Appreciation Day. more »»

Chautauqua County Does Not Impress New Resident

May 1, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: As a relatively new resident of Chautauqua County living in the Bemus Point area, I have been stunned to find how hostile living in a declining community can be. more »»

It Is Time For A Change In Leadership

April 30, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: I hope that Chautauqua County Democrats and Republicans offer up candidates for County Executive in 2017 with a vision of Chautauqua County that is not based upon low paid,... more »»

Airport Lacks Leadership

April 29, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: Over the years I have read several articles in this paper relating to the Jamestown Airport. I have used the airport often when it was services by United Airlines. more »»

Counting Down The Days Until Election

April 28, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: I don’t know about anyone else, but I am glad we’re nearing the end of the ruckus otherwise called election day. more »»

Harmless Minimum Wage Hike? Yeah, Right

April 27, 2016 To the Readers’ Forum: I’m glad to see some people live in a total utopic society where nothing happens when you make adjustments to laws. more »»

Jamestown Needs Shared Services

April 24, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: I just wanted to write to try and explain how shared services actually works. All the municipalities in Chautauqua County have entered into a Shared Services Agreement. more »»

Recent Changes To Student Testing Are Still Not Enough

April 23, 2016 To the Readers’ Forum: A recent P-J article on Common Core test opt-outs in local schools reported one of the changes in this year’s tests is that NYSED terminated its contract with Pearson... more »»

Maple Grove High School Play Brightens Up Headlines

April 22, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: We recently had the privilege of attending the school play at Maple Grove High School. more »»

Community Should Be Proud Of Andrea Swiderski

April 21, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: Kudos and many thumbs up to Ms. more »»

Constitutional Convenience?

April 20, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: It’s interesting how anxious this president is to “do his constitutional duty” after virtually ignoring the same constitution for most of his term. more »»

Libertarians Dissent Against Sunday Morning Alcohol Law

April 17, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: As a staunch libertarian I disagree with the state law which prohibits serving alcohol before noon on Sunday. In my opinion, what this law really prohibits is “choice. more »»

Obama Gets It Wrong About Al Queda, ISIS

April 16, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: President Obama said Osama bin Laden was dead and al Qaeda was defeated. He was also quoted as saying ISIS was like sending in a JV team. more »»

Unhappy With Politics And Religion

April 15, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: If the general election were to be held today, none of the candidates would be elected by me. That’s right. more »»

Non-Voters Have The Right To Complain About Government

April 14, 2016 To the Readers’ Forum: When people say they don’t vote and then you have others who jeer them because they don’t vote, saying they have no right to complain, this is so wrong. more »»

Raising Minimum Wage Would Relieve Taxpayers

April 13, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: The amount of bonuses on Wall Street two years ago was more than the amount earned by all full time workers who were paid minimum wage. more »»



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