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Letters To The Editor

The ‘Darth Vader’ (Dark Side) Of School Sports

February 7, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: Recent articles printed in The Jamestown Post-Journal have highlighted school sports programs claiming the many positive attributes for students participating. more »»

Local Commentaries

Better Education Is A Better Plan Than College For Inmates

January 24, 2016 Taxes in New York state are already exceptionally high, and are a deterrent to both existing business continuation and to new job creation. more »»

Letters To The Editor

Resident Proposes Two-Year Term Limit For Mayor

January 31, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and that is why we have in these United States the separation of powers and checks and balances built into the Constitutio. more »»

Local Commentaries

Donald Trump Is Responsible For The Decline Of Conservatism

January 31, 2016 Conservatism is in decline and Donald Trump is the beneficiary. Despite important and significant victories at the state and local level, a coherent national message eludes conservatives. more »»

Letters To The Editor

Misplacing Blame Will Not Solve The Problem

February 3, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: Mr. Demler, in response to your previous letter, let’s examine how our “gun debate” might go: You say gun violence is up. I say it’s down. more »»

Local Commentaries

An Edifice Producing Beggars

February 6, 2016 Martin Luther King Jr. was an influential personality in American politics. He was a man on a mission to elevate the status of blacks in this country. more »»

Letters To The Editor

Christians Must Stand Up

February 6, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: Isn’t it ironic that Hillary Clinton accuses Donald Trump of being “ISIS’ best recruiting tool?” After all, it was Clinton and Obama who shook the bottle and popped the cork. more »»

Local Commentaries

BPU Needs To Stay Clean Of Politics

February 7, 2016 Many years ago, for a college political science course, I had the pleasure of interviewing the mayor of Jamestown, Fred Dunn. more »»

Letters To The Editor

Jamestown Busing System Needs Reform

February 7, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: I’ve been curious as to why local busing system around here is much more expensive as compared to other areas. more »»


Herbs R 4 U Herbal Hour- Heart Health February 16, 2016

Relieving the Pressure and the Emotional component of Heart Health. Causes and natural solutions to blood pressure imbalances as well as the emotional component of heart health. FREE to the public - 7-8 p.m. more »

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Pro = BIG

September 10, 2015 It’s been rumored for many months, but the iPad Pro finally sprang into reality yesterday at Apple’s ‘Hey Siri’ press event in San Francisco, CA. more »

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